Small Audience- 


Hey guys! How are y’all? So I’m going to be gone for the rest of the week so I did another short story for you guys. I really like it but I would love it if you like it too! Comment below what you think!
He was six when he first started playing. A small whistle his father had whittled for him. He was too poor to afford anything else. So he played on the wooden whistle. He had no audience. No stage. He simply had the step that led to his house and the stray cat that watched him with green eyes. It took him hours to figure out the sounds. He strived for it to sound pretty. He struggled to impress himself. And the cat. He expected the kitten to walk away after a while. For her to be distracted by a butterfly or a breath of wind. He thought she would go to catch a mouse or steal some food. He never excepted her to listen. But she did. Everyday. She always came. Even when he played in the mornings instead of the evenings. She would walk up, her soft pads of her paws leaving prints on the dusty floor, her black fur catching the sunlight and the wind, her ears ready to listen. And he was there, hands running over the familiar holes, mouth blowing softly, eyes in the cat.A few years passed. The boy continued to play. The cat to listen. The world to ignore. The boy had managed to gather enough coins to buy a cheap whistle. A small step up from the one his father made. He got better and better each day. The cat had grown up. She wasn’t a bumbling kitten fulfilling her curiosity anymore, she was now a regal queen watching her jester. They grew up together. He grew into his long limbs and she into her big paws. 

Soon the boy was playing on the streets. Getting small change for his performance. The cat still sat with him some days. Some days she was busy though. Ruling her kingdom. 

Soon the boy was a man. He played in a theater. He could play any instrument you handed him. He would smile at the large crowd, remembering the steps and the cat. He wondered where the cat was. Little did he know, she came every night. To hear his music. 


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  1. This is SO ADORABLE. ❤ Nice work!

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    1. I’m glad you liked it! I was waiting in the airport while I wrote it so it might have a few spelling errors.😂

      Liked by 1 person

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