Oh my gosh I cannot keep up can I? I’m so sorry guys, school has kinda swallowed me.


Yea, basically how I feel. Anyway, I’m working on another As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees. But for today, I have a surprise for you all! Yay, surprises!tumblr_no51u0owcf1sy4x1so1_500

I’m going to do a 10 day challenge, starting tomorrow. I know it’s supposed to be thirty days but I don’t want to commit to this that much.


Mine will probably be different than everyone in the world’s. That’s ok though? Right?

Here’s a basic outline of what I’m planning to do:

10 day challenge 

1. Write a story off your favorite song. 

2. Write about your favorite character you created. 

3. Write a fan fiction off the last book or movie you watched/read. 

4. Write a narrative

5. Write off a writing prompt 

6. Write a blurb off a story you are currently writing. 

7. Make a character based off someone you know. 

8. Go to page seven of the book you’re reading for school and write a story off that page. 

9. Write a short story off a house hold item. 

10. Write a good bye scene. 

Also! This is my 100th post on Winters Falling Fast! Yay!

I’m super excited for the ten day challenge, I will try an keep up! If I disappear for a day… That probably means that school ate me, something like that. Have a good day!



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