Day Two~ 10 Day Challenge

Hey again! Day Two! So for this one, I’m supposed to write off my favorite character that I’ve created.

Well. Let’s get started. *cue evil laugh* I love all my characters… But a few hold a special place in my heart.

Name: Kace Carter
Nickname:  None really.
Age: 21 years old
Gender: male
Job: Is an insanely good hacker. He’s the one that starts the Whispering Stars
Social Status: Has gone underground with the Whispering Stars because his sister was accused of murdering  her parents.
Appearance: lentes_oliver_peoples__880514070_900x664

((Yea… My obsession of Spiderman leaked into my writing.))
Stance/Walking Pace: Is usually thinking while he walks so he stops in the middle of a room to figure things out.
Personality: Is probably the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet. He’s not a door mat though. He’ll defend what he thinks is right and will protect anyone he’s close to.
Impressions: Most people think of him a little strange, he doesn’t fit in except with the Whispering Stars. He often stops in the middle of a sentence because he figures things out when he’s talking.
Hobbies/favorite pastimes: He loves motorcycles and coke. Otherwise he spends most of is time hacking things.
Goals: To find his sister, when he does that, it’s to get her memory back again.
Strengths: Hacking
Weaknesses: Sometimes he blows his cover when he zones out to think about any problems.
Family Living/Dead:
Dead: His parents.
Living: His sister, Ellis
People Relations:
Him and Camo are really close but not anything romantic at the moment.
Important Past Moments:
When he sister was taken for the experiment.


So that’s my favorite character right now. Until tomorrow, good bye all my fellow waffles!


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