Day Four~ 10 day Challenge


Grandma, it’s me,


You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to start a post like that… That movie is so good. If you haven’t seen Anastasia, I recommend it 100%. Well, it’s late here. And I’m trying to think of a good narrative for today. While we’re thinking let’s thank the Lord that we made it to day four right? I pushed through all my bio assignments to write this, it was a rough journey. But anything you make you guys happy. 😉 Let’s get started hm? 

You walk slowly through the house. How strange it is to be the only one awake. It may happen every night but you’re always surprised how quiet it can be. How a single sound rings throughout the house. How any light is bright and harsh on the eyes. How you’re afraid if your dog won’t recognize you in the dark. You can barely make out a conversation from the house next door. As you fumble down the stairs, you’re careful not to turn on the light. Light would ruin the magic. Light would scare away the gentle night. Light would make your eyes water and squint as the shadows retreat into the corners. You try to prefect your quiet stepping, you try to lighten yourself as you ease yourself onto a step. You hope your parents don’t awake. That they don’t think your an intruder. You open the fridge quietly, reaching in and grabbing an apple. A red one. Doesn’t matter which one. As long as it’s red. You walk back through your kingdom of darkness, glancing at the neighbors house through your window. The moon is just above it, the soft light framing the house. You wish you had a decent camera to snap a picture. But apple phones don’t cut it so you mentally save it. Then you sit down at your desk and start to write your next blog post.

Yay! Hopefully you like that, it was honestly extremely fun to write. I’m a night owl, I don’t sleep very much so this felt natural to write. I love the night, if only every one was awake during the night instead of the day… Comment below what you think. See you tomorrow! 


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  1. Ooh, this is really good! I love the second person POV. 🙂 And I can relate. I’m a night owl myself. ❤

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    1. Thanks! Me and my friend were talking about and I decided to stick it in. Yes! Night Owls are the best!

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