Day Five- 10 Day Challenge-

Hey. So I’m writing this off my phone. I’m at theater and I’m waiting till my part… So if spellcheck decides to be evil. I have no power against it. 

Alright so today I’m supposed write off a writing prompt. I have no shortage of those. Lemme go through the 2 trillion that I have and find one. 

I made my writing simple and neat. Making sure the paper could read the small letters. She was careful not to shift, fearing the needle would fall out. The long black chord snake around on the table. The pen leaked red “ink” onto the paper. The red ink being blood of course. I have heard that some people don’t have to leaked their blood onto paper. I have dreamed of being one of them. At the end of the day, not having to write down each and every sin with your blood. To be able to just live life. Not to worry so much. Oh I would die for that. Well maybe not. Because if I was dead I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. But I’m not one of those people. Instead, I go to bed each night with a small hole where the needle was and a fear that I missed a bad deed. If I missed one. I would start to rot. It would take over me, the bad eating away at the good. So I drain my sinful blood every evening, hoping I didn’t forget anything. 

Alright! I’ve been waiting to use that picture forever. I love it a lot. See you tomorrow! Have a good day! 


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    1. Right?!? Pinterest is the best things I’ve seen in a while… 🙂 I really enjoyed writing it. Maybe I could put in a story someday. *shrugs*

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  2. Amber says:

    Cool 🤡your sis amber


    1. Thanks.
      – Your sis Laurel. ❤


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