Day Six~ 10 Day Challenge~

Hai! I’m kind of excited for today’s post so let’s get started. I’m really enjoying this to be honest. Maybe I’ll extend to 20 days…. We’ll see. Today’s challenge is to write a “blurb” of a book/story I’m working on. 

What I did with it:

Two people. Same accusations. Same verdicts. Same punishments. Same experiments. Different reactions. What happens when you lose two years of your life? What happens when you stay in one room with no light for two years? That’s what the government needs to know. And the have found their lab rats. Ellis, a girl with the perfect optimistic personality. Phoenix, the perfect person to see reality. But something goes wrong. They escape. And suddenly their not alone. Ellis and Phoenix join a gang of misfit teens, to hide. But when everything goes wrong and people get hurt. Ellis and Phoenix must figure out their place in their world, for better or worse. 

That’s basically it. I’m really excited on how it’s turning out and I’m hoping to publish it sometime next year. See you tomorrow! 


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  1. Ooh, this sounds super good! That would be awesome if you could get it published! 🙂

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    1. I would love it but I’m the slowest writer everrr… 😂

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