Day 8~ 10 Day Challenge~

Hey friends. SO I know I was supposed to do something else for day 8 BUT I have started a story and I like it and I’m posting it because I’m not patient. It’s pretty good… Well I like, not how sound my judgment is though… I like weird things ok? Anyway, read it and tell me what you think. This is the first part. 


What happens when you find yourself in the middle of a murder plot? What happens if you are the one who has to carry it out?  If you find the answer, let me know. Because right now, I’m in the middle of training for an assassination and I have to pull the trigger. Also, it’s someone I know. I have to kill someone I know. Lovely.


I should probably tell you how this all started. And my name, you should probably know that too. My name is Kali Angela Dasher. I’m 19, sarcastic and smart. Also humble, I’m that too. The humblest person in the world. I say 19 because that’s my age. I say sarcastic because I am, it’s an art I’ve learned to prefect. I say smart because I’m incredibly clever. I say humble because I’m sarcastic.


I’m wrapped up in this whole murder plot thing because I got curious. It’s really not my fault though. It’s my brother’s, he’s the one who made me curious. See the thing about my brother is, always needs to be watched. He may be 21 but I’ve been his babysitter since I was 5. And recently, I’ve been neglecting that duty. Well, actually ever since I got out of school, I’ve ignored him. I’ve been focusing more on college more than anything. I’m graduating this year, or will be once I get my brother and I out of here. It wasn’t smart to forget about him, I should’ve known he would get in troule.


I’m currently in a dark room. Dimly lit by a single bulb. Decorated with one of those

one-way mirrors that give you so much privacy. One of those typical bad guy places. All my senses are over whelmed. By what? I’m still trying to figure out myself. I feel jumpy, like I had a latte with 7 shots. Something’s going to happen, I can tell by the way the whole ocean is roaring in my ears. There’s a slight noise at the back of them room. A foot step. I turn and find someone pouncing. I try to step out of the way but it’s too late. I go with the next best thing. Dropping to the floor before he can reach me.  Then I raise my hand up, balled into a fist. The person falls right onto it and while my arm feels like it’s breaking, the attacker is in more pain than me.

“Not good enough.” I say, daring him to fight back. “Try better next time hm?”

“First time in a while.” My attacker hisses. His name is Fell. Strange name, I know. I’ve been working with him for a week, he’s my training opponent. He always seems to hide in a room with nothing in it. So I just listen for him, not look. It finally worked.

“You’ve gotten better Kali.” A man says. I know the voice well. I spin around. “Very nice.”

“Cool. Is my brother busy right now? I’d like an hour of free time.” Everything was a barter with this man. I’d only known him for two weeks and I already had learned that.

“I’ll give you a half hour if you come back and win again.” He said. I nod and mock salute him. He glares slightly then turns to Fell, probably telling him how to beat me. I leave the room and walk down a hall way, toward the room my brother’s staying in.

My brother was in the spot I was in roughly three weeks ago. See this group of conspirers are auditioning for an assassinator. Of course my brother signed up on a dare and failed to meet their levels of fighting skills. That’s where I come in. I had to sign up to find him. And now I have to kill the president. And my dad’s best friend with the president. Lovely. I’m absolutely giddy. I don’t know why I have to go through this training though, I just figured I would have to know how to fire a sniper from a far distance. Instead I’m being taught self-defense. I don’t mind, I’m not actually going to kill anyone. I just have to make it look like I did. So I can get my brother out of here. These people have used my brother as a bargaining chip, I kill the president, my brother walks free. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy right? Right. If you think murdering the leader of one of the best countries in the world is ok. Which I don’t.

“Hey scrub.” My brother says when I open the door.

“Hey turd.” I shoot back.

“Training go well?” He asked. My brother is staying in what I think used to be a closet judging by the smell of bleach that lingered there. The floor is stained with water and he walls have chipping white paint on them.

“I’m doing a lot better than you could ever do.” I snap at him.

“Fighting’s not my thing.” He holds up his hands.

“Yet you signed up.” I roll my eyes.

“I already told you it was a dare.” He defends.

“And I already told you that you’re an idiot.” I shake my head, “That’s not what I’m here to talk about though.”

“Oh really?” My brother isn’t in any kind of chains or restraints. The door doesn’t have a special padlock. That’s the smart thing about these people. He can’t escape but they make him think he can. He tired and he still has the bruises from it.

“Yes really, Tere.” I say, his name almost feels foreign on my tongue. I haven’t used it in a while I guess. I haven’t been able to see him in a while. Fell has been beating me up in training, therefore I had no free time. “Look, I have 15 minutes, listen up.”

“Kay, shoot.” He said, leaning back on the wall.

“How do we not kill the president?” I ask, “You know how dad likes his friend, preferably not dead.”

“Yea, he’s such a curious fellow.”  Tere nods. I rub my forehead, trying to think. What could I do to make it look like the leader of this country is dead? I have no clue. “I don’t have anything.”

“Tere you sit in here all day and can think of nothing?” I ask.

“Sorry, I just don’t have anything right now.” He shrugs. Suddenly there’s a muffled song. I pull out my phone. Yea I’m one of those people who have songs for their ring tones, sue me. For some reason they let me keep it for training, to contact me.

“Well, we better think of something fast.” I sigh, running my hands through my hair as I stay at the bright screen. “It’s happening tomorrow.”


Yay! Comment below and we can have a super awesome party! ((With waffles and white mochas. Or whatever else you want. 😉 ))tumblr_inline_o81zjlp1yp1sh8jun_500


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  1. Ooh, suspenseful! I really liked it! 🙂

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  2. Thanks! I’ll be posting more parts once I write them. Have some waffles!


  3. Mother says:

    Will the waffles be gluten free?

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