Day Nine~

I told you guys the would happen. It was only a matter of time… Oh well. This weekend was kind crazy… Don’t even get me started on Halloween and school. But I’m here, that’s what matters.


ANYWAY, let’s get started. Shall we? The prompt is, to write a short story off a house hold item… Kay I changed it, you know me, always changing things… But this will be good I promise. Ok so recently, I wrote a short story of another short story. Kinda like fan fiction but not. You can find the link to the short story, here

This is what I wrote:


I Took Over


I walked through my new house. Explored my new rooms. Took inventory of my new property. Tried on my new clothes. Counted my new money. It was nice to have things. To actually own a house, to have clothes, a bed. It was nice to have these small comforts, even if they weren’t really mine. Even if I stole this large house with the oak doors. Even if I borrowed this knitted blue vest. Even if I found the pesos in the closet of the owner I scared away. But it’s acceptable. I needed it more than them.

I should explain myself. Describe who I am. What I do. I don’t truly have a name. Most people have picked names for me. The boogie man. Ghost. Wraith. Anything in that genre of nicknames. The names make sense. They make sense when you understand what I do.

I take over. Taking over is a delicate job. Something that I’ve worked my whole life to perfect. It’s an art. To take over a house. To scare people out of their own homes. To make people feel unsafe in the one safe spot in their lives. It takes some talent. Some determination. Mostly an eye for detail. All of which I have. Usually I live in a house until I become bored with it. Then I move on to a new one. Which is how we got to now. Me, in a new house with everything. Them, in the street with nothing.

The house is nice. Not as nice I’ve taken before but still nice. Velvet chairs, cherry wood tables, oil paintings, and an exceeding amount of framed trinkets. My favorite part of the house is the dust. So eloquent. So refined. I could tell if any one came in the house. If anything came in the house. It floats in the sun, giving the illusion of snow. The only downside of the house is the smell. It smells old. Not new. Old. It smells of old books and rotting trees. An echo of a soul and a creaky door. Of a weak ray of sun and a large pile of wet leaves. But the smell is not too strong and only reveals itself when a western breeze comes to confer with it.

I choose this house because of the people. They’re horrible people. If you think I’m horrible for stealing all they have, I promise they’re worse. The façade the people puts on is not to be trusted. The masquerade of human society is far more complicated than the mask. It goes far beyond the skin. The faces they put on in public are not only for the people around them, it’s also to convince themselves that they’re worthy of being alive. They convince themselves that the crimes them have committed are redeemable. These are the people I steal from. These are the people I push off their thrones.

Human beings are strange things. They put their faith in things like houses and weapons instead of each other. They believe they can keep themselves safe. I use this. I choose the people who don’t trust anyone. Not even the people they live with. I choose them because they are easy to scare. All I have to do is bring up reminders of their past sins. A certain word whispered through the house, a single object placed in various spots that seem out of place, it all gets the job done. The people always leave and I always take over. Once I move out, new people move in. These new people are often young, desperate enough to buy a haunted house. They usually don’t have such horrible pasts but, those mistakes will come soon enough. Then someone like me will take over. It’s a never ending loop, a symbiotic relationship. I get rid of people who have no place in society, they give me a place to live.

For now, I will live in the house with the oak doors and old smell. For now, I will watch the world go by as I stay warm and safe. For now, they will be on the street, surviving the real world. I took over.

I hope you liked that. Anyway, comment below what you think and I’ll see you tomorrow!




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  1. Ooh, that was really good! It puts an interesting spin on ghosts and the like. Love it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you like it! I actually had to write it for a class so I just figured I could put it there.

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  2. Mother says:

    How you do this I will never know. You amaze me, but I say this every time. Keep it going babe.

    Liked by 1 person

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