Blogiversary~ One Year~


What? It’s been a year…? ((Technically I’m a day late but i was tired last night.)) I think that was way to short of time to be a year. Where did the time go! I was going to finish my book this year… *glares at that one scene that refuses to be written* So I know a lot of you have NaNo right now so I’ll be quick so you can get back to writing. ūüėȬ†

¬† ¬†It’s been quite year… lots of stuff being written. Let’s compare 2015 to 2026 shall we?¬†

In 2015 we had….

83 views, 31 visitors, 21 posts, 34 likes, and 2 comments. Considering I started this last November, that’s not horrid…¬†

In 2016 we had…

622 views, 234 visitors, 111 likes, 90 posts and 96 comments. Not bad…¬†
*Claps for everyone who commented and actually looked at this.)) 

So, we all know why you’re actually still reading this. You’re looking for two things, writing and… cake. Let’s start with cake.¬†

Good. That blue one looks amazing… And that one with the flowers… Dang, I wouldn’t even want to eat those. Just frame them. I’ll just have¬†Costco¬†cake or something… XP ((Quick note, I’m¬†starving so I’ll probably have a lot of pictures of¬†food in this post…)) Now that we have had cake. We can go to the writing. I think I’m going to do the music writing¬†exercise. I’m going to take song lyrics and write something off that. I’m doing the song¬†Alice¬†by Bianca Ryan. Let’s get started shall we.. *rubs hands together because… reasons*

My name is Alice. I’ve lived a complete life. Most people would see it as a horrible one but I see the brighter side of life. Or try to. There was a time when I fell into depression. But not anymore. I’m happy now. Even if I’m alone. I’m happy. I guess I should start from the beginning. Or near to it I guess. I grew up on a small farm, away from the world. A small house of innocence and childish wonder. A perfect place for a young girl with a large heart. I had animals of all sorts that followed me around the yard. I had clouds to protect me from the sun and the sun to protect me from the clouds. It was magical each and every day. In summer, the sun would lure the flowers from their stems and the newborn woodland creatures would come out to play. In winter, I had a large family to sit around a fire with as the snow swallowed our home. We would tell amazing stories. My sister was the best at it, Sarah. She could weave words to create an image in my mind. But my mother was the joke teller. She would always make us laugh. Even if our toes were numb from the cold that crept under the door. Even if we were so sleepy we couldn’t keep our heads up much longer. We would always laugh. The first bad thing in my happy little world was the fire. The fire that started because of a knocked over candle or run away ember. No one would know where or how it started. It just did. And no one could get out until it was too late. Until Sarah with the words, Mother with the laughs and Father with the lessons were memories polluted by smoke. The only reason I survived was because I was feeding the animals. I tried to go in for them. But I was only 12, not someone who can do much. That was my first taste of those depressed feelings. I’ll admit, I let them swallow me for a month or two. I gave in. But then I found my new world.

The next good thing in my life was a friend. I had been moved to the city, where I was to grow up. I met a boy. The boy with golden hair and green eyes. The boy who didn’t have to be there to make me smile. I was young at the time, too young for love. So we were friends and it was almost as wonderful as the cottage in the woods. He showed me the city, we cause some trouble, we acted out fairytales. Everything was almost perfect until the second bad thing came. Growing up. Suddenly, running in the streets wasn’t allowed. I was forced to be a lady. To present myself to young men with money. I never did. I always thought about the boy with golden hair. When we got married, we could play and no one could tell us what to do. That is what I told myself. I had to wait though, to wait for him to save up for the ring. To help me sneak away from the family that took me in. We ran away together. WE loved each other. But in a different way than most people love. We never expressed our feelings to each other, never said I love you, never said what we thought of each other. We both knew what we thought. Another thing we never did, was kiss. Our lips never touched. It was an unspoken rule between us. We didn’t want anything complicated. Just wanted happiness. And we were happy. And that’s what mattered.

Time went on. Which is how we get to here. Me. Alone. The boy with the golden hair somewhere else. Someone I couldn’t go. Not yet at least. I believe that’s what kept me going all that time. Was the thought that I could find the boy again. That I could find him. I just had to live out my life. Maybe that’s why I’m always happy. Always smiling. Because I want to find him. And maybe when I look down into the water that reflects my face, I try and see him. Or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t know what’s at the end of my life. I don’t know what’s coming, so I might as well be the best person i can be. So I can prepare for the next thing that happens. Good or bad.

Ok, so what do you think? IT was really random but I hope you¬†like it!¬†Comment below, I¬†want to¬†know what you¬†enjoyed and what you didn’t!


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  1. writefury says:

    Awesome! Happy blogiversary! ūüėÄ

    Liked by 1 person

      1. writefury says:

        also those cakes… 0.0

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh I know! I was so hungry last night… that did not help.


  2. Yay, happy blogiversary! That cake is tempting me…*drools*
    And that little writing exercise was fabulous! ‚̧
    So happy for you and your blog! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I promise cake like every post so I finally got myself together and gave it to you ūüėČ Yea. I really like it. But sometimes I see song lyrics different than other people so it’s harder with some songs…

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