I’m Still Alive


Hello guys! How are you? Hopefully good, if not have some coffee or tea. Whatever floats your kayak. I’m really sorry, life got busy and I couldn’t think of anything to post. SO I found this cool prompt and here I am. 300873

There Used To Be Six:

There used to be six of us. Now I’m alone. The world passing by, the lights tinkling and the people singing. It’s Christmas, again. I’ve spent the whole year trying to avoid it but I couldn’t. There used to be six, smiling, innocent faces. Now I’m here by myself looking at lights so I remember them. Remember the way here face lit up as bright as the lights. Remember how she liked petting the fake deer. Remember how he would blast the music from his beat up old truck. Remember how he would sit on the top of the car, the pedestrians giving us looks. Remember how she would fix any of the lights that were broken, even if it took hours. Remember how he always brought the hot chocolate. Remember every small detail. Write it down. Never forget because if I forget, they’re gone. I’m the only one to hold these memories of these amazing friends, this family that kept me alive through the crazy. I blast the same songs and look at the same streets, I write down everything I can remember. And I’m not even close. Every time I think I’ve captured everything, I remember more. I fear I don’t have enough time. To write our story. To tell the world each and every story, every quirk, every quote.  But I might have a vague outline of them by the time I’m old. I will eventually have them down, I will remember the way her eyebrow arched. The way his lip twitched. The way his hands alway drummed a beat. The she alway sang to the beat. The way he noticed the important. The way she blinked like a cat, with friends, slowly, when nervous, quickly.

Heh, I feel evil. Sorry, I’m in a experimental mood with my writing and today, it’s to hurt readers. Comment below on what you thought and let me know what you would like to see next. 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!200_s

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  1. So SAD! *sniffs* But really good too! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you too! ❤

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    1. Thank you! I hope you have a good one!

      Liked by 1 person

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