~Yay, I did something~

It was the night after Christmas and all around the clock,

Not a gift was unopened, not even the socks.

The paper was thrown away with care,

In hope that a West Coast snow ball fight* would not be there.


The children were in their rooms, playing with toys,

Each one making its own unique noise.

And Mother and Father, new dishes unwrapped,

Were ready to settle on the couch for a nap.


Don’t ask why but I wrote that. And I’m slightly proud for no reason. Now you guys get to read it, be proud of me. No just kidding. If you made it this far, you’re a wonderful human being and you deserve puppies. *Goes into back room and grabs puppies* 

*Hyperventilates at cuteness* Anyway. I hope you guy shad a good Christmas and New Years and all those Holidays that are crammed into one month for no reason. ((I personally think there should be more holidays in May and September but what do I know.)) Comment below if you made it this far in my weirdness and random ramblings. And yea, I know it’s not Christmas. 

*A Californian snow ball fight is what happens when it is not cold enough for you to have snow so everyone throws balled up wrapping paper at each other. Parents do not often like these snow ball fights because A) It’s a pain to clean up and B) It knocks things over inside and breaks them. I speak from experience.


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  1. Haha, this is great! XD

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    1. These are what I come up with at Three in the morning after writing for a couple hours.

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