~ Why Am I Here? ~ Part Five~

AHHHH okay. I’m here. Hello, welcome back my fellow bloggers. Or readers. Or, whatever you are… If you’re actually a vampire, call me and we can be buddies. Anyway part number five! Finally… 

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“So now we get to the fun part,” Legend grins. Her long brown hair is now completely dark blue and the amount make up she has on should be illegal. I think if we put her through a lie detector, it would start beeping before she even spoke.

“Yea, super fun, breaking the law,” I mutter as she gather up all her stuff and dumps it in the trash can. We clean up our things and walk back to Legend’s car. She grabs a packet of gum and sticks it in the backpack that we are now using as our supplies backpack. Then she pulls her hair into a ponytail and looks at me, squinting her eyes.

“You look really good,” She nods, “Like really, really good. If you want to ditch and find a girl-”

“We need him,” Ellis cuts her off. I cough a little, trying to hide my surprise. Legend bites her lip and nods. I can she her little match making eyes lighting up.

“Okay fine, we need him.” She winks in my direction. I throw on a hoodie and stick my hands in my pockets, trying not to think about that comment. A world of possibilities has been opened to me with that comment. “So we know the plan. More or less.”

“Less,” I nod. They have a plan. And since I’m a guy, that’s the reason they gave anyway, I wouldn’t understand the plan. I’m assuming this means I’ll have to of something I don’t like. Which has happened more than once.

“Whatever,” She throws a peice of gum into her mouth and chews on it, thinking. “So, we should all sleep right now. Because we won’t be sleeping all night.”

“Unless we get caught, I’ve heard jaili s a really nice place to sleep,” I sigh. I climb into the passenger seat and prop my feet up, pulling on my hood. Ellis climbs in the back and Legend in the driver seat. My sister falls asleep in about three seconds flat, guess 7 cups of coffee wasn’t enough to keep her awake. I don’t though. I keep looking back at Ellis, whose pretending to be asleep. She looks so strange, blonde isn’t really her color either. And yet… she looks beautiful. Because she’s Ellis. And even if she changed her face completely, I would still love her.

“Phoenix,” She mumbles.

“Yea?” I ask, taking the chance to look at her again. She’s still laying down, on her back now.

“I’m sorry,” She says, not making eye contact with me.

“Why?” My voice is soft, whispery since I’m trying to wake Legend up.

“Just am.” She matches me tone. She looks over at me, making eye contact for a split second, then biting her lip. “I’m sorry you met me.”

I start to respond. But she rolls over and it’s clear she doesn’t want a response. Sorry that I met her? Why? Because I love her? Becuase… why? I puzzle over it for about an hour. And I’m no closer to an answer by the time it gets dark. Legend springs awake, like a machine being turned on.

“Goodness,” She yawns and stretches, hitting my face with her arm, “I need coffee.”

“You make me sick,” I murmur. I’m still jittery from the last infusion. “So, do we have a plan?”

“Mhm,” Legend nods. She checks her face in the mirror. She messes with some of the makeup and reapplies lipstick then snaps the mirror shut. I turn to see Ellis waking up. Her eyes are half closed as she sits up and her hair is frizzy now. She yawns, looking like a kitten. I almost smile but stop myself. Legend taps on the steering wheel a couple times then nods. “Let’s go.”

“We’re so spending the night in jail,” I mumble.

“What happened to your sense of adventure?” Legend steps out of the car, “Oh my gosh I love the night air.”

“Legend be quiet,” She’s talking way too loud. Ellis flattens her hair and steps out of the car.

“C’mon Phoenix, did you really loose it?” She laughs. I start to ask her but her and Legend already are off. I follow, wondering whose gonna bail us out.


When we get to the building. Ellis does her thing with the computers and manages to loop the camera. We have to unlock the door to the first floor next. It takes me a while but I eventually manages to get the lock to turn. Legend goes in first. She’ll check the garage for anyone. Me and Ellis wait in the silence, hiding in the bushes. Ellis checks every few minutes to make sure the cameras are still looped.
“Where is she?” I check my watch, she has two more minutes and then I go in after her.

“Let her do her thing,”   Ellis murmurs. I take this chance to talk to her.

“Elis what did you mean in the car-”

“We’re not talking about this right now,” She says, “I think I hear Legend.”

“So we will, talk about it?” But she’s right, Legend is coming. I hear her heels clicking on the concrete. She appears in the doorway.

“Sorry, these guys were messing around there,” she sighs, “I managed to get them to go away.”

“Alright,” Ellis murmurs, “You know where the car is?”

“Yea,” Legend nods. And then grins. “And I got the keys already.” She holds them up.

She has not lost any of her talent, that’s for sure. She’s always been good at charming people. Just a nice smile and a little bit of flirting, could get her a long way. Just as we start to go in, a siren and flashing red and blue lights make us stop dead in our tracks.



Why Am I Here? ~ Part Four ~


Look! I’m not dead. Funny how that works out isn’t it? Anyway, if you don’t know what this is, read the parts below. If you do know what this is… You should probably still read the parts below because I haven’t posted in so long, you’ve probably forgotten. Enjoy!


Part One

Part Two

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“So um, how are we doing this?” I ask, I hand my laptop to Ellis and she rubs her finger tips over the keys. Her thin brows twist together and I stare at them for a second. I blink a couple times and rub my hands through my hair. I shouldn’t have called her. I knew I’d get distracted. I knew I’d start missing her all over again. All though… I never really stopped. I take a sip of the coffee that’s been cold for a while now. It makes me frown, I lick my lips.

“I’ll need to hack the cameras first. Usually a place like this is a easier than a government network but it depends on the place.” She shrugs, “I can do it but only hold it for an hour or so. Which should be plenty of time for you guys. At least I hope so.”

“Should be good,” Legend nods, three cups of coffee sit next to her. All triple shot. She shouldn’t be alive right now. I’m jittery and I’ve only had half a cup. “We can’t let this girl see my face. I’ll grab some stuff from the nearest Walmart for all of us. Just make up and what not. I wish Camo was here…”

“Yea right,” Ellis scoffs, “Camo always made us look really bad. Totally different. But really ugly.”

“Ha! Remember that one time she made me look like a girl,” I shake my head, “That girl is crazy.”

“Oh yea, we had to pretend to be besties and we we’re talking about our boyfriends and…” Ellis trails off, then shakes her head, “We should get to work.”

“Yea,” I murmur. I understand why she trials off. That night didn’t end well. A couple laughs sure. But a whole lot more tears. A couple people in jail. And too many risks. “Go out and get your stuff, Legend. I’ll see what I can find out about the basic locks and what not.”

“Alright,” She waves goodbye, “I’ll just get another coffee to go.”

“It stunts your growth you know!” I call after her.

“Yea well then I can be a gymnast or jockey or something,” She laughs, “See you two in an hour. Meet back here?”

“See you,” Ellis waves slightly. Then goes back to the lap top, all her concentration on it. I wonder for a few seconds if I should say something. I play with the cardboard sleeve on my cup. After a couple minutes Ellis glances up at me. “Thought you were going to check on security?”

“Right. Right,” I nod slowly. my brows furrowing ever so slightly. “I guess I’ll go do that.”

“Be careful,” She mumbles and starts typing again. I walk outside and heave an epic sigh.  My hands tie themselves in my hair and I lick my lips again. She’s been able to get over me. Why can’t I get over her? I walk to the hotel. There’s not much I can check on without looking suspicious. I end up just circling the building for an hour. Reconsidering my whole life. I’m 18 and already have no more future ahead of me. I head back to the coffee stop. Saying a prayer of thanks when I see Legend already there. I would probably make a fool of myself if it was just Ellis and I again.

“Get the stuff?” I ask, Legend holds up a giant bag. “How do you have the money for that?”

“My boyfriend was dating a super model and has a Ferrari, ya think he might just be rich?” She takes a sip of what I assume to be her fifth coffee. “Just used his credit card. He most likely won’t mind.”

“Alright. Well. I guess we go into the bath room and become new people?” Ellis says. Legend and I nod. We sneak into the bathroom and Legend starts with me first. She dies my hair black and makes it look like I have sharper cheek bones and longer lashes. She gives me contacts that change my eyes to green. I don’t look bad. But I do look weird. She dies Ellis hair blonde and changes her eyes to blue. She adds a whole ton of freckles to her cheeks and makes her hair into tight curls. It helps a lot. With her looking different, I can almost convince myself that she’s not Ellis. That she’s some other girl. But then she laughs when she sees herself and I can’t ignore that smile or the small snort she always lets out when she giggles. “I look so ridiculous. Thanks Legend.”

“No problem girl. I think you look hot,” She starts to die her own hair.

“You always say that,” She laughs. “Come on Phoenix, let’s wait outside.”

I follow her. She grabs the laptop and starts to put it in her bag. I just watch her.

“You seriously need to stop staring,” She mutters. Giving my a look.

“Why does it make you uncomfortable?” I scoff, a small smirk creeping onto my lips, “And I wasn’t staring, I was admiring.”

“Oh please,” She rolls her eyes. “There’s nothing to admire.”

“Depends on your perspective,” I shrug. I sit down, grabbing all of Legend’s coffee cups. I stack them then throw them away.

“Phoenix,” She sighs, “I’m not doing this again.”

“Doing what?” I ask, although I know exactly what she’s talking about. “What are you doing?”

“We already did the sappy dating thing once…” She picks at the paint on the arm of the chair. “It didn’t work out. I don’t want to do it again.”

“I wasn’t trying to-” She cuts me off.

“You were still doing it. Let’s just get the job done and we’ll part ways, no broken hearts alright?” She licks her lips and gets up.

“Alright,” I murmur. But I know that’s not going to work. I won’t be able to go any other way unless it was hers.

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