Lost is not lost.

Lost is being momentarily in an unexpected place.


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  1. RubySky says:

    Lost is lost, that is true.

    But found is lost losing its hold on you.

    Found is a hand grabbing yours as cars go whizzing by.

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    1. Dang. Why you just run my blog??

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      1. Amber says:

        This poem and reply was EPIC! I wish I could leave as profound a reply, but I still just leave you guys with saying that was a joy to read!

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      2. RubySky says:

        Thanks 🙂

        (And Ikr? I always love the poems she posts ^-^)

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      3. Awww thank you Ruby!!❤️❤️😍

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      4. RubySky says:

        You’re so welcome 🙂

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      5. Haha she always does such amazing replies. And I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!


      6. RubySky says:

        Psh. It is you who inspire this. I am merely trying to speak your language, my friend. Your posts always invoke the poet inside me, and who am I to smush it? ;D

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      7. Haha you just always come up with such insight full things. But I’m glad I inspire it.

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      8. RubySky says:

        Thank you ❤

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