Part Six~ Why Am I Here~



Yooooo. I’m here. And I will be posting more because I don’t have school and I’m so sorry I disappeared, that wasn’t nice of me. Anyway, please enjoy this next part of the story and feel free to read the rest. ❤

The second we hear the sirens, both Legend and Ellis sprint into the garage and lock the door behind them. As the plan, the one I wasn’t aware of, calls for. I sigh and check my bag. A small flask sits inside. I start to hear footsteps. I open the flask and pour most of its contents down my throat. I throw the bag in the bushes as I try to look as drunk as possible. My throat burns and my mouth tastes awful  but it should work. Looking like a lost drunk kid in the middle of a big city is like looking like an grape in the middle of vineyard. I could just say I set off the alarm by accident and the cops will probably let me off easy. They come around the corner and I make my eyelids heavy, my stance confused.

“Hey! Hands up!” One of them yells, there’s only two. I slowly put my hands up, peering at them. “What are you doing here?”

“I…” I look around, “I don’t know.”

“Name?” The man barks, I blink rapidly. Name? Name? What’s a good name? I cuss silently, I usually have a list of good fake names but nothing is coming up.

“Um…” I slur my words, “Max Daye.”

“Right, come on.” He mutters. “Where’s your house?”

“What?” I almost forget to slur, why does he want to know my address?

“I’ll bring you home, you’re drunk,” He looks tired, bored. Like he’d much rather be doing something else. Yea well, I feel about the same way buddy.

“I’m not… d-drunk,” I mutter. Fact, drunk people don’t really ever admit their drunk. Another fact, this guy most likely had a kid who gets drunk a lot. An extra fact for your pleasure, I don’t have an address anywhere near here.

“C’mon kid, let’s get you home,” He pats my shoulder. I nod dumbly. Then shake my head. No wait. I have a better plan. I stop dead in my tracks and look up.

“I uh…” I stumble over my words. I am an actually idiot. Maybe more of an idiot than the dunk kid I’m pretending to be. “I uh, live up there. ”

“For real?” HE scoffs, looking up. “That’s quite  a place.”

“Well… It’s my sister’s I live with her.” I mumble. “She’s rich.”

“Oh. Um, okay,” The police man nods then turns toward the door. “I guess we’re going up there.”

“I can do it…” I murmur. “I can make it up, it’s floor 9.”

“You sure?” He asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Really… sure,” I stumble purposefully over my words then start to walk into the building.

“You need help kid?” He asked again. I shook my head.

“My sister is waiting for me. I gotta go,” I walk through the door before he can answer then get into the elevator. If he follows, he won’t be able to find me in the elevator. Hopefully. After a few minutes, I go back to the bottom floor. The building is dimly lit and there’s no one at the front desk. Which is a miracle, because they would ask questions. The police officer is gone so I make my way back to the garage. Just blindly looking. After almost an hour of looking for the garage, I find it. I run inside and start looking for Ellis and Legend, trying to avoid any cameras in case Ellis hadn’t;t disabled them. I started to run. I needed to find them. What if they got caught? This was bad? Why did I let Legend rope me into this? Why did I ask Ellis to do this? I was a jerk. Worse than a jerk. I was a- a-

“Phoenix!” Ellis exclaims as we fall onto the floor. Relief floods every vein in my body and I take a deep breath. “Oh my god I could kiss you.”

“Feel free,” I chuckle, heaving air in and out of my lungs. “Where’s Legend?”

“She’s watching the car. I was gonna come look for you,” Her cheeks are red as she pulls herself off me. She helps me up. “Oh my gosh, I thought you were arrested.”

“No, but I could be if you aren’t quieter,” I roll my eyes. I can’t help but smile a little. Her hair is scattered everywhere and make up smudged around the corners of her eyes.

“Why do you smell like whiskey?” She asks suddenly, head cocked.

“Doesn’t matter. Let’s go,” I grab her hand and we go back to the car. It feels so natural, her hadn’t in mine, her voice whispering in my ear, my voice whispering back. Both of us out of breath and flushed.

“Hey! You’re back!” Legend golf claps, her hands making virtually no sound. Her eyes go from my face to our hands and then she smiles. “I couldn’t get the lock myself, can you do it?”

“Yea,” I nod vigorously and drop Ellis’ hand. Legend hands me the lock picks and I get to work. It only takes a few minutes until the lock pops upward and I open the door. Legend grins. “Almost done.”

“Ellis, get in. Phoenix, you drive. I’m in the back because I’m taking a nap.” She opens the back door and slides in. The car is ridiculous. The seats alone probably cost more than my life. Not to mention the paint job. It’s covered in a million different colors, splattered on. Not really classy but… hecking cool. Ellis climbs in the passenger seat and looks at me, smile tugging at her lips.

“Ready?” She asks. I look at the steering wheel. This is probably the only time I will be able to drive a car this nice in my life.

“SO ready.” I grin at her, she grins back and I step on the gas.


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  1. Yay, I missed you! 🙂 And this is great!! Phoenix is so awesome. ❤

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    1. Aww I’m glad you liked it!! And I missed y’all too

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