1. A crumpled dollar bill, a perfectly tuned violin, a shop window

And so much more will be in our story. Yea, so today’s three words are in the title, but I will include them below. Let’s begin hmm?

1. A crumpled dollar bill, a perfectly tuned violin, a shop window

Disclaimer: I’m doing most of these with my characters from my novel that you’ve been reading about because making up whole new characters is a little too much work. (DO you know how hard naming people is??)

“Legend, you better be on time tomorrow or I’m gonna-” I have no urge to stick around and find out what’s going to happen to me. I can take a wild guess. My boss can’t fire me, not enough people work at the little coffee shop anyway. But he can lower my pay. Which would suck but… sleep is probably more important. Of course if I don’t get paid I don’t get my extra shots in my free coffees so I either have to have one or the other. Sleep or over caffinated brain, hard decision.

I push my wire rimmed glasses up my nose and start walking faster. I should probably get home, I have a final to study for. My white converse almost land in a puddle but I carefully evade it. And by carefully I mean with little or no grace. By carefully, I mean I tripped and started falling. I let out a small yelp and struggle to keep myself upright, that goes extremely well. I fall right on top of something. Or… Someone. I get up as fast as I can, apologizing as fast as I can, trying to help the other person up well. 

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorr- Are you al- Are you hurt- Did I break anything?” I say everything so fast, even I can’t understand it. 

“I’m fine.” The person says, with such a soft voice it makes my heart flutter. Stupid heart. I take a second, actually looking at them. It’s a guy. A freaking hot guy. With a violin. 

“Crap, I didn’t break that did I?” I look at it, biting my lip.

“No its all good, you’re fine.” His voice is so calming, so deliberate. Like he knew what he was going to say ever since he was born, maybe before that. 

“Oh okay. Good.” I hold out a hand, “Legend.”

“Roan,” He takes it, his fingers are callused, worn. 

“So uh, what are you doing here?” I ask a second after the awkward silence stretches too long. 

“What are you doing here?” He asks back, blinking slowly. 

“I asked first,” I raise a brow, again pushing my glasses further up my face. It’s pretty much a miracle they didn’t break. 

“I’m playing the violin, trying to raise money,” He shrugs. That makes sense. He’s right in front of the place I work at. Right in front of the window too, how did I not notice him before?

“Raising money for what?” My eyes look at the violin, it’s gorgeous, soft curves and tight strings. 

“Myself,” He runs his hands through his long dark hair, the curls flying everywhere. He has this beachy vibe about him. Like a surfer or an islander or something. 

“Why? “I scoff. 

“I’m a music major.”

“How’s that going for you?” I chuckle, just a little. 

“I’m playing for tips on the street when I should be studying, how do you think it’s going?” He asks dryly. 

“Right, uh…” I pull out my wallet and grab a twenty. I throw it in the violin case. Sorry for running you over.”

“You haven’t even heard me play yet,” He says quickly, is he offended…?

“Well then, play, I’m sure you’re good,” I shrug. He puts the violin under his chin and drags the bow across the strings. He plays a song that’s similar to his voice. A song made for playing, a song that carried into my ears and never left. Even after I say goodbye and walk away, his music is still ringing in my ears, and I don’t think it’ll ever leave.


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  1. Ooh, I love it!! I’m a mite jealous of Roan’s musical skills on the violin… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!! Yea I am too…

      Liked by 1 person

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