2. Tiles, clacking of heels, herbal tea


Okay guys, day two. I’m excited, are you? Yes, the right answer is, yes. Take notes for the test. Okay also, random update. I saw Spiderman Homecoming and it’s so good like, don’t even read this, go see it. Anyway, if you can’t go see Spiderman right this second, let’s do this.

2. Tiles, clacking of heels, herbal tea

When your mom asks you for green tea because she’s sick, you usually listen, right? But when you’re in ridiculous high heels and in a huge fight with your mom, it’s totally acceptable to ignore her. She can get it herself. No, I’m not petty, quit asking.  I stomp across the tile and reach over the island to grab another cookie. My heels make a lovely, defiant noise of the tile.

“Cameron!” My mother yells loudly I roll my eyes. “You’ll never be a model if you keep eating those cookies!”

I roll my eyes, how does she even know I’m eating one. I grab another, just to spite her. Besides, I don’t really want to be a model. I mean, I love clothes and stuff but… Chocolate is a lot better. I look down at the heels I’m wearing. My mom bought them, which would usually mean me not wearing them but… their yellow. And yellow is my weakness. Especially since they make me a normal person’s height, so I don’t have to worry about getting run over. 

“Cameron!!” My mother’s voice is so hoarse, she’s in bed claiming a stomach-ache but I assume it’s hangover. She was pretty drunk at the house party she had last night. And I guess she can afford to be, with all the money dad makes and gives to her.

“Stop making me cookies and I’ll stop eating them!!” I shout at her, in a way I know will make her head hurt more. 

“Make me tea!” She yells. “And I’ll stop making cookies.”

I freeze… In what universe does that actually make sense? I take a deep breath and let it out quickly. 

“Cameron!” She yells one more time. “If you don’t make me tea right this,”

“Mom, quit calling me Cameron, that’s not even my name!” I yell back. I can hear her getting more and more confused by the second. I actually managed to legally changed my name last week. I haven’t really told her yet. 

“What does that mean?” She shouts, after a few seconds. 

“I’m going out!” I grab my back and another cookie, my heels click on the title that was shipped from some company that is in a far away company. Each one of them have pictures of different fruits, not exactly what I call classy but okay. I want to say my father picked them out. Becuase he has even more awful taste than my mother.

“Cameron, come back here and tell me what that means!!” I can hear her stating to get out of bed. Before she can even set foot on the heavily carpeted floor, I’m gone. In the car, driving away from her and eternal need for green tea. 


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  1. Aw, kinda sad…but really good!!


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    1. Laurel says:


      Oh my gosh I know!! Its my favorite movie by far!!

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