3. Pamphlets, an old door, a blue hat


Okay so, you all probably noticed the few changes on my blog. Good job, you noticed things, I do not have that ability. Anyway, I updated it because I was looking for something new on here and that satisfied my need for unnecessary change. So, onto day three.

3. Pamphlets, an old door, a blue hat

I scan the crowd and try to find someone, anyone to give these pamphlets. Because the more I hand out, the more people will come to this event and the sooner I’m done. I spot a guy, same age as me. I run over to him, holding onto my blue beanie that’s about to fall off my head. It’s way too big for me. But it’s warm and a french blue. Which is my favorite. 

“Here!” I shove a paper in his hand. He jumps like I hit him. 

“The heck is this?” He asks. He looks grumpy, his tanned face is bent into a frown. His hair sticks up in the front in a way that is almost comical. I wonder if he uses gel to do that or if it’s an unfortunate cow lick or something. It’s a funny color too, like he dyed it the wrong shade of brownish red.  His whole appearance is kinda… rusty. With the color of his brown eyes and freckles. His eyes are bloodshot too, what is wrong with this kid?

“Come to it, because I need people to come, because the place I work needs money, and if they don’t get money, I’m out of a job.” I say it all quickly. I work at the local animal shelter. Their holding an event, a dinner sorta. But they told me to hand these out at my college classes, which makes no sense. Everyone knows college students have zero dollars. 

“I can’t go.” He says automatically, handing me the flyer back, “Sorry.” 

“No! Take it! Otherwise, I have to talk to someone else!” I shove it back in his face. 

“You’re insane,” He says, forcefully. “Do this correctly.” 

“What?” I cock my head slightly. 

“Have you ever handed these out before?” I shake my head. He rolls his eyes like he can’t believe he’s taking time to talk to me. “You can’t just throw them everywhere. You have to act like you care, and not in a desperate way. Say something like, ‘Hi, my name is Phoenix and I’m here to ask you about whatever this dumb event is.'”

“Hi my name is Phoenix- why am I saying Phoenix?” I ask with peered eyes. 

“No, that’s mine name, say your name,” He groans. 

‘Ohhh, got it,” I nod. I hold out my flyer in his direction and say, “Hi, my name is Ellis and I’m here to ask you about whatever this dumb event it.”

THe face he makes me laugh so hard I double over, my beanie falling off and my waves falling out from it. He nodded. 

“Also, you’re pretty, don’t tuck your hair up in a beanie, it looks weird.”

“DO you have a girlfriend?” I ask with a scoff.



“How is this relevant?”

“Just… continue with your little tutorial.” I waves him on a little. 

“Okay, what I was saying. Is that your pretty, so use that to your advantage, because people like doing things for good-looking people.” He grabs the flyer from me, “Okay, I have to get to class now.”

“Thanks,” I sigh. 

“You’re welcome, you needed it.”

“Yea, your truly making the world a better place,” I grab beanie off the floor and sigh. He starts to walk away but I stop him, “Wait! Can I ask a question?”

“You already did,” He turns slowly. 

“Well fine, can I ask you two questions?” I roll my eyes. 

“You just did,” He smirks. 

“OH my lord, can I just go on?” I moan.

“Go ahead,” HE nods. 

“Why do you look so awful?” 

“DO you have a boyfriend?” He mimics my voice.

“Shut up and answer my question.” 

“I had a late night, lots of papers and tests and stuff, why do you care?”

“”I dunno, just asking.” 

“Whatever, bye Ellis.”

“Bye Phoenix,” I wave as he turns and leaves again. 


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  1. Ellis is absolutely hilarious! XD

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    1. Laurel says:

      Aww thanks you!!

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