4. Marigolds, triplets, a mischievous twinkle in a young eye

So, if I can, I’m going to try and make collages for this because… I can? I dunno, it’s fun. I’ll add colleges to the other three when I have time and I hope you guys enjoy today’s post.


I pluck a single flower off its stem. Hundreds of them surround us, a sort of ocean of golden petals, of natural perfume, of pollinators surrounding us. I mean bees, there were millions of bees. And the buzzing was driving me insane. Kell liked it though, said it was worth it, getting stung occasionally so she could see the flowers. It was her birthday, who am I to argue? Oh wait, actually, my birthday too. Since we’re triplets, Kell, Asher and I. I heave a great sigh and get up, the flower falling to the floor.

“Kay, I’m bored,” I sigh. Kell opens her eyes. The sun hits them, cause them to light on fire. The rays revealing different layers of her brown eyes.

“Mmm, too bad, we still have another hour,” She smirks lazily, her arms folded behind her head, her curls acting as a pillow. Every inch of her soaking the sun. Her freckles covering her nose and cheeks, her long legs that stretch on top of the marigolds.

“We haven’t even seen Asher in like thirty minutes,” I point out. She blinks at me then scowls.

“Fine, let’s go look for him,” She gets up, grabbing her backpack and another flower. As we walk, she picks at it, letting the petals fall and fly away with the breeze. She mimics my voice, making it too deep, “Hi I’m Roan and I’m a freaking mom…”

“We can go back to napping after we find our brother who’s probably gotten himself killed,” I roll my eyes. Every year we give each other a couple of hours to do what we want on our birthdays. For Kell, it’s usually napping in some pretty place where we could be doing some actual thing. For Asher, we usually went to a book store, he reads for a couple hours, buys the book he read and talks about it for the next like… year. Nerd. For me we go to the beach, I like the water, the sand. I would kill to surf every year but I couldn’t afford to buy a board even if I sold my soul to the devil.

“Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised,” She snorted. “Asher!”

“Yea?” His voice is faint, like he’s far away. We reach the edge of the flowers and find a circle of trees.

“Where the heck are you?” Kell yells back.

“Over here!” For some reason, Asher is the baby of the three of us. He’s not younger, well, maybe like by a few minutes but even then. He just have this innocence about him that makes him seem so much younger. He tries to make everything to go away by reading, tries to understand everything by writing and thinks he’s on the verge of putting the pieces of the world together. We don’t try to change it, don’t try to push the world on him. Just let him live in his own world, let him figure it out the way he wants.

“Helpful,” Kells glances at me. “What are we doing for your time?”

“Take a wild guess,” I give her a look.

“He’s going to the beach again,” I frown and turn around. We somehow ended up with Asher behind us. He’s still reading, almost tripping on everything on the floor. “We’re probably gonna get ice cream too, but he’s in a more sorbet mood than cream mood…”

He looks up, his hair falling in his eyes. His eyes are different from Kell’s and I’s, his are lighter. More… playful, always letting me know exactly what he’s thinking. Right now, those eyes are looking a little too smug for my taste.

“How did you guess?” I laugh a little. My hand slowly pulling away his book. His let’s it go and I stick it in Kell’s backpack.

“You didn’t want any of Kell’s chocolate this morning,” He mumbles, without his books his eyes have nowhere to go. They wander from tree to tree.

“Well you’re not wrong,” I laugh a little. Then turn to Kell, “Ready to nap again?”

“Oh heck yes,” She smiles and we head back to our spot.


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  1. Hahaha, I love Kell! XD

    Also, that’s a super cool collage!! ^_^

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    1. Laurel says:

      Me too!!

      I know I love it!!

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