5. Nail polish, silver rings, boots made for jumping in puddles

Hey guys!! For today’s, sorry it’s late. I was super busy today, but here it is. I hope you enjoy!! Also, more collages. I couldn’t really make one that would work for the whole thing but I made some for the characters featured. 


This is Kace annnd that’s Camo.↓↓↓


I watch as Camo adds the last layer of top coat on, sealing the pictures onto her nails. Sun flowers cover them, little circles of brown surrounded by yellow. Her brush is like small than anything I’ve ever seen before. Because I can’t even see it. I have to bring it next to my eyeball and squint to even glance at it. She examines them.

“Okay, we can go now,” She turns towards me, “What are we doing?”

We’re going on a date of sorts. And I was to plan. It’s kinda cheesy, the whole idea but maybe… maybe she’ll like it. Camo told me she was ready over an hour ago, then decided she wanted to paint her nails. I don’t mind, not really. She’s always beautiful when she paints.

“Super secret stuff that you’re don’t need to know about,” I wink at her. She rolls her eyes.

“How am I supposed to dress for it?? Can you at least tell me that?” She gives me big eyes and small smiles.

“Do you care if that shirt gets dirty?” I ask, she shakes her head. “Kay then we can go.”

“Are we going to get dirty?” She bounces up from her chair and follows me out the door.

“No,” My tone is the tiniest bit sarcastic, “I’m just asking you random questions to throw you off from my true plan.”

“Shut up,” She punches my arm and runs out to the car. Her silver hair flies behind her, looking like a star in the dusky night. I grin. I love her so much. I unlock the car and she slides in. “Can I drive?”

I give her a look.

“Ohhhh, right, I don’t know where we’re going,” She rolls her eyes and climbs into the passenger seat. I get in next her.

“Open the box,” I hand her a shoe box, she raises a brow.

“You got me a present?” She chuckles, “I have you wrapped around my little finger, don’t I?”

“Sure,” I scoff. But she does. She has me wrapped around her silver clad fingers. She opens the box, her silver rings catching on the paper. She grins.

“No way,” She looks at me with wide green eyes, “Are we doing what I think what we’re doing?”

“If you’re thinking that we’re jumping in puddles… then… maybe,” Her eyes light up, she’s a five year old. I love it. I put the car into gear and back out of the driveway. She takes the rain boots out of the box and takes off her shoes. They’re covered in sunflowers too, because she loves them so much. She pulls them on and tries to kiss me. “Don’t distract the driver.”

“Brat,” She kisses my cheek anyway.

“Yes you are, a very spoiled one with a smoking hot boyfriend,” We pull up to the park. She pulls up her hair and I grab my own rain boots out. They’re just black, because I am not a spoiled brat who has a smoking hot boyfriend. I get out and she kisses me, full on, our faces crashing together. “Geez, calm your face.”

“Whatever,” She grabs my hands and we find a puddle. She jumps in it, mud going everywhere. She giggles. “You are a wonderful human being for thinking of this.”

“You’re a wonderful human being for being easy to please,” I smirk at her, joining her in the mud.

We spend a few hours doing this. By the end, completely brown. She smile is worth it.




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  1. Aww, how sweet! ^_^ Love the collages too!

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    1. Laurel says:

      Thanks!! Me too honestly.

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