I gave you

I gave you my affection

And you let the flames of my love reflect in those wonderful deep eyes.

I gave you my heart

And you made a little origami crane with it,

letting it fly away into the dangerous waters of passion

it would’ve been lovely, except you watched it sink and now I feel nothing but pain.

I gave you my promise

And you gave me yours,

expect my promises mean everything and yours

yours mean nothing.

I gave you my belief

And you returned it with doubt,

You let my belief die with my heart.

And I’ve finally got it through my head,

I finally understand that,

You’ll never return anything that I,



And spare.

Because I gave you my soul

And you gave me an empty house with a thick layer of dust.


6 thoughts on “I gave you

  1. So I walked away from that skeleton house
    I scattered your lying words on the wind
    I will never hear them again
    And that’s fine
    A farewell that was too long put off
    And a broken heart
    But I will rebuild
    (Your style of poetry is so captivating I just had to try my hand at a little snippet of it. πŸ™‚ )

    Liked by 1 person

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