10. Interlocked hands, snow angels, a deck of cards


SO, we have come to a close, we are at the end. Actually no, I think I’ll continue this for the rest of the summer. So don’t freak out man. I’ll still be here. In the meantime enjoy…


“Okay so if I have like, these ones, do I win?” He asks, I arch a brow.

“You don’t know how to play poker?” I scoff. His face goes bright red. “Also, I can’t tell unless you show me your cards.”

“Not really,” He shrugs, “And honestly, I think one of these is an uno card but I haven’t said anything because I thought it was apart of the game…”

“Oh…. my… gosh,” I start laughing, doubling over. “You don’t know how to play poker, you idiot.”

“Okay, I feel like that’s a little harsh, I just never learned,” He looks at me, his lips pursed together.

“But you never told me that, how many games have we played, how much money have you lost?” I giggle. “You prideful little brat.”

“Shut up Ellis,” He sighs, rubbing his hands together, “Whose idea was it to play outside?”

“Yours?” I point out. He face falls.

“I hate you,” He gets up, “I’m done with poker.”

“Phoenix!” I yell, getting up. My shoes catching on the table leg. I trip and go sprawling into the snow. He runs over to me, his face full of concern.

“You okay?” He asks, grabbing my hand and pulling me up. I pull him down into the snow. He cusses me out. I giggle again and hold tight to his hand. They’re rough, like sandpaper. “I still hate you, you know that right?”

“No, you love me,” I sigh, “Do you not know how to do snow angels too?”

“No, I have no clue what that is,” He says dryly. I kiss his cheek and scoot a little bit father away from him. My hand still wrapped around his, I kick my legs out and my hands over my head. The snow soak through my jeans and soon I’m shivering but it’s worth it. Because Phoenix joins in after a while and we make a wonderful snow angel. And he has  wonderful smile.


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  1. RubySky says:

    I love this. ;D

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