His Kiss Was Like His Cassette Tapes


his kiss was like his cassette tapes.png* * *

Hey my loves, I don’t have a full character sketch but here’s a short little clip from my story. It’s told from Elles’s point of veiw (shes another one of the expeirments) about Callum who is Bryn’s brother. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think in the comments, have a wonderful day my friends.

* * *

Callum’s hands me the left earbud of his Walkman, the bright purple color of it flashing up at me. I grab it and push it in my ear as he gently grabs a tape and sets it in the Walkman. It’s ancient, the plastic dented and chipped. He closes it then presses play, the button making a loud click. I make a mental note to get him a new Walkman. Or maybe just new cassettes I general.

The music is familiar. The beat the same one he always taps out on his knee. The lyrics the same ones he mouths on his lips. But there’s something new. Something different. Every time. I’ve listened to this song almost every time I get in the car with him. But I always find something that I missed within the sound of the instruments. Something that had escaped my ears.

We listen to the end of the song. Our feet tapping along to it heads nodding to it and lips moving with it. The music slowly dying out, along with our tapping nodding and mouthing.

But then a new one starts and so do we. This is my favorite song on this cassette. It’s the one he’s put on every mixtape he’s given to me for my birthday or Christmas. It’s the one that never ceases to give me something new every time I listen.

We get up and dance because, what the hey, why not? We dance badly, making sure not to pull the headphones out of each other’s ears. That would break the magic.

We dance badly and laugh loudly and soon we’re hugging each other, just swaying along. He looks down at me and I look up at him. His face is tired, worry lines deep and cavernous, the circles under his like craters on the moon. But his eyes are so awake. So alive. So full of wonder.

He bends down and I reach up. Our lips meet and I close my eyes as the song continues through the headphones.

His kiss is like his cassette tapes. It’s the same one I smile about every day. The same one that I would give anything for. But it’s different. It’s something new every time. It’s the way my heart stops beating and all I can hear is his. It’s the way his lips are so perfectly fit to mine and the way his hands reach into my hair as if I’m giving him answers to all of life’s questions. Those things, always catch me by surprise. Those things, always are the ones I can never quite remember correctly.

His kiss was like his cassette tapes. The same but different.


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  1. GAH, I LOVE IT. Walkmans are so awesome. šŸ˜‰

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    1. Laurel says:

      Thanks! They are tho!!

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