*Part 20* *When We Met*

WOW. PART 20 AMIRIGHT?? This is kinda crazy. I feel accomplished. Hope you enjoy this part, let me know what you think. 

If you’d like to catch up want to reread, click here.

* * * 

The forest was creepy as well… hell? Huh, I guessed that fit. Since it was in hell. It pulsed with a soft bluish glow and the trees seemed to rearrange every few minutes when I wasn’t looking. As we got closer, the sound of a soft hum increased. The hair stood up on my arms and I shivered. Erlik glanced over at me and gave me a questioning look.

“So… pomegranate farms are always this creepy?” I asked as we approached the first tree. The bark was dark blue and the leaves a dark purple. They rustled above us, gossiping with each other. I felt the urge to stick my middle finger up at them but I know it wouldn’t make a difference, they’re leaves. I wrapped my arms around me tightly. This is his friend or something. He helped her out once, she was gonna help us out. Well, she better anyway. Erlik’s was getting kinda annoying about this whole, ‘saving my life and sending me home thing.’ But I was trying to be understanding.

“It’s not a pomegranate forest,” He tapped one of the trunks, it shivered, leaves spilling onto us. They tangled in my hair and I could practically feel them talking about how they didn’t like the color or how it’s too long or whatever. Stupid leaves. I pursed my lips and continue walking. The forest got darker the further we walked. Also, the blue turned into a pulsing lilac.

“Well whatever it is, it’s creepy as you,” I muttered, avoiding a branch, reaching for my hair. What was it with these plants and my hair?

“Hey,” He turned quickly, his voice low and warning, “Be nice. This is a friend. I can’t have you scaring her away, she’s very sensitive.”

“Okay, okay. Sorry,” I fought the urge to roll my eyes and followed him, my mouth firmly shut.

We walked further and further and the trucks turned midnight blue and the leaves white.

“She really likes blue,” I murmured, he turned to look at me and I quickly added, “Not that’s a bad thing, just being observant.”

“Glad you like it,” Someone said, not Erlik, not me I didn’t think. I quickly faced the direction of the voice and I felt my breath slowly drain out of me.

A girl stood there. Maybe 14 or 15. She was made of moonlight. Well, that was my first impression. Her skin was pale, translucent, so thin her blue veins apparent. Her hair was silver, pouring from her head and onto the dark grass. It’s got more leaves tangled in it that I had. Almost every shade of blue wrapped into her hair like they were jewels. They didn’t gossip about her hair. Her eyes were the most extraordinary. They were a dark grey, but they glinted in some unknown source of light. She just stood there for a moment, letting us soak up her beauty. I reminded myself to breathe then looked at Erlik, he seemed unfazed. Which was comforting but I wasn’t really too worried about it. He said he loved me, I didn’t think I had any reason to be jealous.

“Can I ask why you’re here?” She asked, looking us up and down. I hold out my hand,

“Strange forests of hell regulations enforcer,” I held out my hand, “This is my partner, Julian Johnson, we’re um…”

“This is Percy,” Erlik said, offering a warm smile. They already knew each other, I should’ve known that. He was literally the ruler of the place… “Your pomegranates in season?”

She nodded slowly, “They always are.”

“Good, I need two.” I shoot him a look and he adds, “Please.”

“Can I ask why?” She raised a brow.

“Just…” He bit his lip, why wouldn’t he tell her? Why hide anything from this moon girl? She seemed trustworthy to me.  “Please.”

She stared at us for a full 30 seconds, I counted, before saying, “Follow me.”

* * * 


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