*Part 27* *When We Met*


Hey guys, I’m back for real this time and although this is a day late, please enjoy. Love you all very much. ❤

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Oh my gosh. Who knew running away from your mother to join your boyfriend from hell was a bad idea? Crazy right? Super crazy. 

I would like to say I wasn’t crying right then but, I’d totally be lying. Although, I was just crying a little. Just a couple of quick tears and no snot or anything. So maybe I get some points for that. 

I didn’t understand what changed so fast. For the past two, three, however many hours I’d been here for, he had been extremely adamant about getting me out. I didn’t even want to at first. But now, he was making it seem like I was forcing him. Which was seriously annoying because I had given him over a hundred chances to opt out. 

Whatever, it was fine. I could do it on my own, right? I just needed to find those pomegranates and then…

Dang it. He didn’t tell me what to do with them, just told me that we were looking for pomegranates. 

“You suck,” I yelled, figuring the dumb trees will bring my dumb message to my dumb boyfriend. Although, is he really your boyfriend if you haven’t held hands with him? You tell me. 7604d5b333ae3601452e1531bdb34cfb.jpg

I just followed after him, my eyes still leaking tears. I felt like a puppy dog,  unable to tell when they weren’t wanted. 

“Erlik!” I shouted it echoed into the darkness because of course, the trees don’t carry anything of importance. “Erlik, I’m sorry!”

No answer. 

I was alone. 

In a forest. 

A forest in a different world. 

One that I had no knowledge of. 

Holy crap I’m such an idiot. I stop running, the tears coming faster. I bit my lip and wiped them away. 

I was fine. It was fine. It would be fine. 

I just had to find the stupid pomegranates and then probably just eat them. What else was there to do with Pomegranates? 

But the tears kept coming so I started walking again, legs tired and vision blurry. 

I was never going to leave my house again. I would get a cat and just people watch out my window for the rest of my life. And I’d be perfectly content. 

I was looking for some kinda clue, some sorta sign for this special fruit. If the trees were so smart, they would have markers somewhere, right? I also kept looking for the moon, vine, forest keeper girl. Because I really didn’t want to see her again. She was scary. Really scary. 

“C’mon, C’mon, C’mon,” I murmured, looking at rows and rows of bark and vines. My heart roared in my ears, my breath joining it. “C’mon, it’s not this hard. Just look.”622e0d747c688f02ff2267cbed4af5ec.jpg

Then, just for a half second. I spotted a flicker of a rich red light. Subtle but, an intoxicating color. That was it. That’s what I needed to follow. That light was my trail maker. I’d follow that, then I’d find the fruit. Then I could go home. 


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  1. That opening line though… XD

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    1. Laurel says:

      I do it all for you 😂😂😂 honestly Persephone is an inner monologue queen.

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