*Part 29* *When We Met*

Okay so I ended up not doing NaNoWriMo this month but I’ll talk about that a bit later. Here’s the next part of When We Met and I’ll have the final part up soon so yeah, enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments. 😉

Catch up, here. Have a good day!9149e7b3b350edd55d24fa99756f3db9.jpg

One hand clawed at the floor, creating a dizzying maze of miniature trenches in the ground. 

The other held a pomegranate. I should’ve been glad. The fruit is what we came here for. Except, she wasn’t supposed to eat it. She wasn’t supposed to ever even touch it. 

I was. I was supposed to eat the whole thing and tie myself to this world, leaving her to be free in the other one. The better one. Now she had eaten the pomegranate and I didn’t know how to fix it. At least not entirely. I tried to think of the book, of what it said. I tried to conjure a mental image of the page but all I could remember is the page number. 

“Persephone?” My voice was soft and weak and I tried to steel it. I was the king of the underworld, at the very least I could be brave. At the very least I could save her, “Persephone?” 

My voice was only a little louder. She continues to shake. Her eyes still terrifying. My stomach clenches painfully as I try to think. 

I looked at how much was left of the pomegranate. There was only a small bite out of it. Only a couple seeds gone, at the most there were ten missing. So maybe it would be fine. Maybe I just had to wait it out. 

That sounded like the worst idea ever why would I even think that? I set the pomegranate next to me and try to get her out of the state she was in. I shook her slightly. She didn’t really react at all. I really should’ve followed the rules. This was all my fault. 

I stared at the pomegranate, now holding it like Macbeth the skull. 

What if I ate it?a6e082f7b8b5da7aef02982e13585be1.jpg

The whole thing? 

Would that help?

Or would that make it worse?

I need to make up my mind. 


I break the rest of it open and start eating the seeds, pulling off the pulp and spitting out the seed part. 

I was less than halfway through when I started to feel a tight pinch at my core. I felt like I was growing smaller and I struggled to breathe. I kept eating the seeds, not even stopping to spit them out anymore, just swallowing as many I could, gasping for breath. 

By the time I was done, my vision was gone and my lungs were screaming for air. I sucked in a final breath, lay down on the rough forest floor and tried to listen for Persephone, for any movement coming from her direction.

I thought I heard a faint gasp. 

And I let go, sinking into the dead leaves and soft dirt. My work was done. My mission, of sorts, was finished. She wouldn’t be tied to this hell anymore. She could go do as she pleased in the other world, the better world.  


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