sailor’s song (sorta cheesy but i refuse to apologize​ v sorry)

“Lillian, I look like the first boyfriend in a dystopian novel,” Colt sighs, stretching on the couch so that there was no room for me. I sit down cross-legged and decide to entertain him.

“What does that even mean?” I lean my head back against the couch so that my hair was eating him and he was eating my hair. He pushes it down but doesn’t complain.

“Well in every love triangle there’s the boy that is from the girl’s hometown and then there’s the new boy. And she always chooses the new fancy boy and it’s not fair. The hometown boys are always better.”

“But why do you think you’re one?” I fight to keep my laugh undetectable but I know it’s probably visible. I feel him stretching out a curl, a silent warning.

“Because I fit the description perfectly. Hometown boys always have brown eyes and brown hair and they’re boring… While new boys have eletric blue eyes and shiney blonde hair and teach the girl a bunch of new things… I don’t have blue eyes or blonde hair or anything to teach you. Noah does though, he has all three, you’re not gonna leave me for Noah are you?”

He sounded so genuinely concerned that I started laughing, hard. My entire body erupting. “No, I’m not gonna dump you for Noah, you idiot. I’m quite happy being with someone boring and stupid like you.”

“We’re gonna have to read more then… becuase I’m not sure I believe you.”



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