Three Bookish Things Tag!


three bookish things tag

ALRIGHTY HELLO! I’ve been tagged by the lovely Madeline J. Rose to do this tag and it’s pretty straight forward so enjoy!! Feel free to use the tag as you please (I highly suggest you use the lovely graphic pictured above) and I hope you enjoy!! Also, this is annoying but, please comment below I always wish to know what you think!! :))

3 Favorite Authors

-C.S. Lewis, Till We Have Faces is my everything and I’ve read it approximately 3 trillion times.

not my picture idk whose

-Maggie Stiefvater, The Raven Cycle is so so good and every time I read it my mind is blown @ its subtle complexity.
-Shakespeare. Which is a recent development but yea I’m own of those people now? whoops.


3 Weirdest Things Used as a Bookmark

-The sticker off a cutie orange.
-A sock
-a leaf (it dried out and now there’s leaf pieces all over my bag like oof)

3 Series Binged

-Okay, I actually don’t binge series very often because if I like the books I tend to take my time HOWEVER the last two books of the Raven Cycle I read in less and 24 hours.
-One time I had to read The Chronicles of Narnia for school and I procrastinated the reading (a girl has gotta stay on brand my man) so I had to read them all in 2 weeks which was actually a really good time because they’re fun to read all in one go.
-I read the first two Lord of the Rings in a month (I was in 5th grade at the time so this was an accomplishment) becuase my friend was racing me but then he gave up and I haven’t touched them since.

3 Characters You Love

-Finn (Bone Gap) He’s good and kind and sometimes I could cry at how confused and stretched he is. Every time I see corn I think about him :,)
-Blue (The Raven Cycle) she’s just so C O O L like teach me how please and thank you.
-Kell (A Darker Shade of Magic) Also a very cool dude. I would sell all my possessions if that means I get his coat because man that’s a wicked good coat. Also, the way he narrates kills me for some reason like I find it so entertaining. Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 12.50.15 AM.png
-H A W K E Y E, this is a more recent decision cause I wanted to read some comics and I read the ones from like 2012 and man oh man do I love him so much. He’s just such a mess and the amount of coffee he consumes is relatable. The only comics I have ever remotely enjoyed and I reccommend.

3 Unpopular Bookish Opinions

-I do NOT like Harry Potter. Since I’m such a character-driven person and I didn’t like any of the characters in that series (expect Luna she’s soft and pure) we just did not do well. However, I went to Universal Studio’s Harry Potter land and it was super cool and I can respect it.
-YOU CAN DOG EAR BOOKS. as long as they’re yours and aren’t pristine copies. I tried to care about this for a while but I just cannot because it doesn’t make a huge difference to me when I own the book. However, I do have some pretty and expensive hardcover books that I don’t dog ear.
-PAPERBACKS ARE BETTER… Hardcovers are a, more expensive b, hEavY, and c, there’s too much pressure to keep them in good condition that is too much stress for me.

3 Popular Bookish Opinions
– oh, gee. well. if you kill off a dog in the book you’re basically Satan himself
– Maggie Stiefvater is the real-life personification of Kate Bishop (THIS NEEDS TO BE TALKED ABOUT PEOPLE it’s UNCANNY)

-Judge a book by its cover. Every self-respecting reader does this and we will no longer hide in the shadows. This is who we are. This is what we do. Lol the next question fits in so well w/ this.

3 Favorite Book Covers

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 Book Goals for this Year

-actually read some things. Last year I totally slacked off and read like… 3 books total. (I mean obviously more than that but it wasn’t the crisp 100 I was looking for) THIS YEAR I’m gonna read every book ever written and the joke will be on you guys.
-write a book. I’m sorta v horrible at finishing things because new projects are shinyyyyy and newww and not boring and overdone like my old projects. Hopefully this year I’ll finish one or two novels that I’m actually proud of.
-Read SmArT books. This is just becoming really important to me but if I want my writing to improve much then I need to read some good and rich literature. I also tend to be 100% more inspired when I’m reading the classics.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. I am a bookworm- and I do not judge a book by its cover- I do judge it by its cover like in a different way- like by plot.

    I am kind of a slow reader myself- but when I was still at Gardner Webb- I had to read the classics in between semesters. Now, I can read more slowly with those.

    Wait- “Paperback books are better” is an unpopular opinion- didn’t know that. I am a paperback person. Easier to read- never quickly closes and lighter and takes up less room.

    If I just to list three of my favorite book characters- wouldn’t know who to choose

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laurel says:

      Haha for me, visuals are key a lot of the time.

      Haha yea apparently so.

      And yea book characters are hard to pick for sure.


      1. Sometimes I love a character without knowing why- does that happen to you at times?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Laurel says:

        Of course all the time!!


    1. Laurel says:

      A solid tag, you should definitely do it :))

      Liked by 1 person

  2. YAY you did the tag! Oh my gosh, I just recently read A Darker Shade of Magic AND I’M OBSESSED NOW. Kell is the absolute best thing to ever grace a book’s pages. His snark and wit is what I live for. <333

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laurel says:

      YES! It was super fun. Ughhhh so good I need reread :))))

      Liked by 1 person

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