Part Four- Trouble’s Out of Town

Hello! I know this is not the usual time that I post, sorry about that! But, here she is haha. Please enjoy and let me know whatcha think in the comments below. 🙂

If you’re not a huge fan of being confused or you just loved the last couple parts click these: Part OnePart TwoPart Three


“Wait! Come back!” She yells after him, he sprints down the hill and she groans. Why did all the people she had to work with have to be such total idiots? “You’re being an idiot! And I would know!”

She’s really not putting in much effort though, she’s standing in the gaping doorway. Her bare feet curled against the cold, the hardwood floors pushing against them. “Coward.”

Is she calling herself that or him? She isn’t very sure. She grabs her converse, one green, and one blue. This way she knows it was he who is being the coward. She runs after him. Not to brag but she a very good runner. Well, she’s a very fast runner; she trips far more often than she would care to admit. Thankfully, she doesn’t trip but she does step on the aforementioned orange, juice sprays everywhere. “Killian!”

“How do you know my name?” He yells, “Why are you so creepy?”

“You literally just told me it,” The two of them are close enough to each other to not yell, Killian at the truck, Terra maybe 10 yards away. Their screaming match is not the most dignified situation either of them has been in. One of her shoes fell off at the top of the hill and she now is with one foot in the air and the other covered in citrus.

The wind gently chuckled at her, weaving through her hair. She pulls it down with both hands and almost loses her balance. The boy stares at her with an arched brow.

“No offense but you were really scary, sorta cool and hardcore if I’m honest,  like two seconds ago and now you’re just… not, just sorta weird,” He starts to open the door. She stifles a groan, she was going to have to have a no idiots as work associates rule. It would make a good tattoo, it’s certainly something important to her.

“Okay well if I’m not scary anymore, will do you help me out?” She sighs, chewing on her lip. Why couldn’t she just stay scary, that was she could spook the stupidity out of him.

“Um, no?” She let out the groan, loud and long. The handle is turned but for some reason, he doesn’t get in the car.

“Why not?” She snaps, finally putting her foot down. Instantly she feels seven trillion thorns enter her foot.

“Cause I don’t want to,” Then he rolls his eyes, how dare he? Does he under the stress she’s under?

“That’s a dumb reason,” Maybe her shoe was close by? She looks around then realizes she left the blue on the top of the hill. It sat mocking her, if only she had not forgotten him, then she wouldn’t be in pain.

“Well, that’s what I get for dropping out of high school,” then he dives into the driver seat, locks the door and speeds off. The car doesn’t even protest, traitor. She chucks her other shoe at the car. It lands in the trunk, also a traitor. She stomps up to the house, her feet now riddled with hitchhikers. Thorns and thistles. She sits down on the porch and picks them out, stewing like some soft carrots. Her stomach growls, she goes inside, and finds the monster staring at her. It looks surprisingly soft, but it’s eyes are quite the opposite.

The monster demanded more oranges.



He’s seen strange things. Mysterious things. Impossible things. He’s seen towns that disappeared after he left. He’s seen corn that seemed alive. He’s met deers with black holes for eyes. Not just like regular black holes, no they were vortexes of a void so deep he only stopped staring just in time to swerve out of the way.
The only reason he doesn’t pack up and gone home is because he hasn’t been any where. Not really. It seems to him the entire time he’s been driving, he hasn’t found what he was looking for.

His friends made fun of him constantly. Of course, he made fun right back, obviously. However, they turn out to be right this one time. When he told them he wanted adventure, they said he would run for it first chance he got.

How painfully accurate they had turned out to be. Hopefully, at least one of them becomes a sheep farmer and has to work with those demons.  Well, better his friends to be right than the creepy girl sitting all alone in a house on a hill.

Why couldn’t he just be right for once? Was that too much to ask?

He turns up the radio and it drowns him. Something jazzy with twists and turns that engage some forgotten part of his brain. He leans into it and taps along on the steering wheel, he is in the middle of nowhere.

He really just needs a place to sleep. Was that too much to ask?

He pulls over the car sharply and kills the engine. He locks the doors, struggles into the back seat and pulls his two blankets over him, one blue, one green. A forgotten sweatshirt serves as a pillow.

“I give up,” he murmurs through a yawn. Dreams weigh down his eyelids and regrets make his breaths deep and steady. “You win.”

A ray of moonlight shines through the window. It’s not too sure it believes Killian.



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  1. I love this immensely. Killian is so clueless and it’s wonderful. XD Also, deers with eyes like black holes? I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED THAT IN MY LIFE. I LOVE IT.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Laurel says:

      thank you!!
      ALSO LOL its inspried by the TANIS podcast which i HIGHLY reccomend

      Liked by 1 person

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