Part Five- Trouble’s Out Of Town

Hello!! Happy Saturday!! Hope yours is going well 🙂 Mine’s been dreamy, my friend and I are learning to embroider (she’s stellar @ it. i’ll… get there one-day ahaha)

Anyway, here’s the post! enjoy! Let me know what you think in the comments!!

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A Short Guide to Raising Monsters:

  • Let them live in the walls just don’t let them eat the wires. When they shock themselves they’ll cry. Crying is very loud and painful.
  • If they’re young, give them little to no attention. They’re very vain creatures.
  • If they’re old. Three mentions a week will suffice. Maybe four if they’ve been particularly humble that month.
  • They will find themselves food, dreams are surprisingly filling. No need to fatten them.
  • If you do happen to feed them. Give them oranges. Citrus is calming.
  • Do not. And this can’t be stressed enough.
  • Do not give them any peel. It awakens them
  • If awakened…


She had awakened a monster. She had thought she had removed the peel sufficiently but apparently, that was not the case. Because at this very moment, the monster is standing in front of her, fur or hair or feathers or whatever they were puffed out and his teeth bared. It was most definitely a him. Terra sighs, this day was not going well. She pulled the note out of her pocket and of course, the paper had fallen into a puddle last week so now, she was on her own.

Its eyes are so yellow. Pure molten gold. It’s fur (it looked a lot like fur) was thick and dark, the color of ash. Its tail is long, like as long as she is tall. His massive paws make the floorboards creak as it shifts his weight.

“How the heck do you fit in the walls?” She tries to imagine it but it really doesn’t work. His head is very wide. It growls and starts creeping forward. She doesn’t move a muscle. Her options are one, run away and two, feed it more oranges or maybe compliments. The paper said monsters were really into themselves so… It was possible that would work. She licks her lips and reaches out a hand. He yelps and tries to run up the stairs, tripping four or five times.

“Oh, you’re just a dog,” She rolls her eyes and goes to the kitchen, not even looking back at the monster. He scrambles after her, knocking over two chairs and climbs on the table. She turns, gives him a glare and he promptly hops off. He tries to growl but it comes out as a whine so she scratches it behind his ears and pulls a crumb off his snout. “Just a big giant dog.”

The first half of the note had been very misleading. She had thought she had a problem on her hands. Clearly, it was just a nuisance. She uprights the chairs and sets herself in one, thinking. He tries to open the trash can but just knocks it over. He lets out a shriek of joy as he eats the remains of food that fell out.

Or maybe, not even a nuisance. Maybe a blessing in disguise. She pulls off her other shoe and clicks her tongue loudly, its ears shoot up and he practically flies over to her. She holds out the shoe, staring him straight into his sunshine eyes. Very gently he wraps his mouth around it and expectantly looks up at her.

“No, not chewing. Smelling,” She says, “Why’d you have to be so stupid too? I’m already breaking my no idiots policy and I made it 10 minutes ago.”

He wags his tail. She needed to come up with a name for him… Something that tells of his true nature. He sets the shoe down and starts sniffing. Every .03 seconds he looks up at her for approval. Suck up.

“Got it? You gotta find the other one.” She speaks slowly and clearly. She was not really an animal person if she was honest. In a second, he lunges out the door and lets out a series of yowls as he tears down the hill. He could run a whole lot faster than her.

She grabs a piece of paper and makes a note to grab dog food and a crateful of oranges. Then she writes, Ash and adds a question mark. It’d be a good dog name.



A voice resonates inside of him, soft but still compelling. It clashes with the ringing in his head, which is sharp and repulsive. There’s something else inside of him too, a blur. A smudge of blue light. He wants it to stay but it keeps leaving and heading for the fields. Every time he calls out for it a song escapes his lips instead. Not even a nice song. A song that plays on the radio too often and has no meaning.

The blur strays further for him. Suddenly he’s on a bus, the brakes squealing a melody of anger. The city flying by in shades of greys and browns. It smells of licorice. His dad whispers a warning but it sounds like a song. A sound that plays on the radio too often and has no meaning.

The bus is a tree. Tall and strong. It leaves play a chord of sorrow. A wave of sound crashes in his head, like a yowl of a cat. His friend makes a joke and it sounds like a song. A song that plays on the radio too often and has no meaning. He’s pushed off the tree. He falls and falls but something is standing on his chest that accelerates his fall. It’s a cat, oh no, it’s a dog? No not that either, some odd mix of the two.

He hits the ground and wakes up. His eyes snap open and he sucks in a deep breath and he tries to sit up. Oh. There is something on his chest. A cat or dog mix. This better be sleep paralysis or something. But he can wiggle his fingers and the animal seems very much real, he can smell its citrusy breath.

It doesn’t want to kill him. Which is a good thing? It actually seems happy, panting and wagging its massive striped tail. Maybe it was a mutant raccoon? Wasn’t there a superhero like that?

How did it even get in here? He looks around the raccoon, dog, cat thing and sees his shattered window, the glass on the passenger seat. Killian lets out a groan.

“Really? You could’ve just knocked, or like not have broken my window? That’s gonna cost a trillion dollars to fix,” He shoves at the animal but it doesn’t even shift its weight against him.”I can’t breathe, move.”

The animal jumps onto his legs and Killian groans again. He wiggles his legs so that he’s sitting upright in the driver’s seat. The animal next to him. He’s sitting on something. He pulls it out from under himself and it’s a shoe. A green one. Its smells like oranges. Why does everything here smell like oranges?  The dog looks at the shoe with wide, yellow eyes. He unlocks the doors and walks around so he’s facing the broken window.

“C’mon, C’mon, time to get out of my car,” He says holding up the shoe, surprising himself with how well it works. Except. The animal jumps out the other window. “NO! You idiotic… Thing.”

The mutant raccoon grabs the shoe in its giant mouth and jumps in the bed of the truck, chewing on it. Killian stares at in disbelief. This had to be the dumbest creature ever to grace the planet. Even dumber than himself.

And that was saying a lot.



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  1. Mutant creature is my new favorite character, hands down. XD

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    1. Laurel says:

      haha we love a large trash panda in our stories

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