Pary Eight- Trouble’s Out of Town-

hello, I’m back. things are going slow but what else is new? i’m currently working on another project but we’re back to weekly content on this website so stay tuned and enjoy this post.

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She had thought they were close, the deer was supposed to be a sign. The stranger things are, the closer Trouble is, that’s how it worked, didn’t it? 

“Strange is relative,” Killian murmurs, his voice straining for sleep. Vocal cords begging for rest. She’s not forcing him to stay awake, not that she’s aware of but, apparently he’s not going to sleep either way. It appears he’s forcing himself so it’s really not her fault.

“Hmm?” Even though it’s not her fault, she does feel bad. He needs a break, she could give him one. If she’s being honest, she was getting tired of how every time she turned left the horn honked. This trip was comprised of numerous lefts. Left is right and right is wrong, right?

“What is strange is relative, like all of this is send me to an institution strange but then for you, it’s just another day,” He yawns, eyes bleary with tears and his mouth turning into some sort of void. He tries to stretch his arms out but they hit the roof of the car and he grunts with annoyance, “I really do hate this car.” 

“How’d you know what I was thinking?” She asks, turning down the music and turning to fully look at him. Even if strangeness was relative, this boy was strange. Very strange. The kind of strange that settles under your skin and lives there for years. She isn’t a fan if she is honest. “No one ever knows.”

“I didn’t?” He turns up the music, a dreary tune that punches and claws with both notes and words. He closes his eyes and says, almost too quiet to hear, “Just seemed like it needed to be said.” 

She turns to look at Ash, something a little more normal, a little more grounded. The monster looks pained like he desperately needs something but is too afraid to ask. She makes the executive decision that it’s time for a break. Bathroom, breakfast and a nap for Killian and they should be on their merry way. 

Thunder rumbled a friendly hello in the distance as its long arm of lighting met the dusty ground with a flash. For a brief moment heaven and earth collided and all was still. Then everything carried on and the world stopped holding its breath. 

Terra pulls off the road and follows the left turns until she reaches a waffle house. Its broken neon sign and parking lot with crooked lines are just what she is looking for. She parks the truck and steps outside, taking deep breaths of fresh air and the smell of frying oil. Ash jumps out after her, immediately taking off into the nearby fields. He’s swallowed by the tall grass and the only evidence of his existence is the howls that sound every couple minutes. 

“Killian let’s go,” Terra says, biting her thin lips, “C’mon.” 

There’s no sign of him moving anytime soon. I poke him slightly in the shoulder, he blows a long deep breath out then he goes back to a steady rhythm of slow inhales and exhales. He’s sleeping for the long haul it appears. She shrugs, rolls down a window and goes into the waffle house, she’ll just order for him if he doesn’t awaken by then, he can eat it as they drive. Foolproof plan. She quietly shuts the door and walks into the restaurant. She’s going to need to run really fast if she wanted to not get caught. 



The second he had met Terra, everything felt like a lucid dream. So he didn’t really notice when he was actually asleep. Just that it had gotten colder. 

He is on the sea. White foam enveloping the small boat he is clinging to. The waters are rough and his rain poncho hasn’t done anything to keep the wet away. He is soaking with both sweat and saltwater. He doesn’t want to be dramatic but he’s fairly confident this is how he will die.
He’s having a hard time accepting that fact. 

It was supposed to be a simple boat ride, right along the coast. Just to clear his head and be back home for supper. He groans, he left the soup on, it was probably burning. It was a very good soup too. It was supposed to be a boat ride that lasted 30 minutes at the very most. 

He’s been on the sea for three years. Three years of constant downpour and prune-like fingers. Three years of the sky changing every night, without a constellation ever repeating itself. There’s no way to find his way home, there’s no way to figure out where he is, he’s hopelessly and completely lost. Sometimes ships pass in the night, though it’s always night on this sea, and he calls out to them, begging for help. They do the same, the both of them screaming at eachother until their voices are too hoarse and their ships are too far apart. Niether of them achieveing thier goal. 

A large wave rises up, carrying his boat with it. This is the end, this is what three years of a rainsrom has been leading up to. He watches in horror as the wave begins to swallow him and he close his eyes as tightly as possible. The wave flings him into the water, he thought it would be freezing but its… not. The water is warm and he starts to think that maybe he should’ve died sooner. As he sinks into the sea, its temperature rises until it’s too hot. It’s burning, boiling, brewing. He’s melting, he’s-

He wakes up with a start, hitting his head on the roof of the car. He cusses and wipes sweat from his brow. The car is stopped in front of a dirty restaurant, all the windows except for one which is just barely cracked. Where the heck is Terra? He pushes the door open and looks around for her, his head still heavy with sleep. He ducks inside and takes a moment to soak in the brilliant air conditioning. Terra is sitting there, eating a plate of eggs with an ungodly amount of hot sauce. 

“What the hell,” Killian says, sitting down across from her, “I’m not a dog. You don’t get to leave me in the car with the window cracked. What is wrong with you?” 

“You were sleeping,” Her mouth is full and it’s actually really gross.

“You didn’t even leave the dog in the car, you’re treating me worse than the dog. It’s really demeaning and rude and I don’t really appreciate-” 

“Can I get you anything young man?” A waitress with large hair and a broken record smile stares at him as he blinks back at her.

“Uh, no. I’m not hungry,” He clears his throat, he is actually starving but he hasn’t gotten to look at the menu so he’ll just skip it. 

“He’ll take some eggs,” Terra cut in, “You like eggs right?”

“No,” He’s still pretty pissed about the whole getting ditched thing, he doesn’t feel like dropping it. Not to order breakfast at least. He’s not really sure how to act when being kidnapped by someone half your height but he feels like he’s being fairly flexible and she’s not being appreciative of that.

“Toast then?” 


“Well, what do you like?”

“I don’t know.” His voice is tight, “I haven’t looked at the menu.”

“You don’t need the menu,” She sighs, “All these places have the same thing.”

“Fine,” He turns to the waitress, calming his tone. This really isn’t her fault no need to be angry at her, “I’ll take two waffles please, with strawberries.”

“Okay, perfect. I’ll be right back with that,” The waitress leaves and Terra snorts. 

“Waffles? Really? Are you five years old?” 

He doesn’t respond. This is getting to be a bit much. He just swipes the sweat of his brow and stares at the table, this was a huge mistake. 


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