Part Nine- Trouble’s Out of Town-

Hey Guys! Here’s part nine! They sure trickle in slowly ahah. Anyways, please enjoy and let me know what you think!

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* * *

There is exactly 11 minutes of stoney silence. She doesn’t try to break it, just let it fester and brew until he can’t hold it anymore. He is dying to talk, he keeps glancing at her to ask him a question, building a castle out of the sugar packets with a scary amount of foucus. 

“So,” She says, finally just giving in. “Why are you here?”

“Because a psychotic girl who has some secret mission she feels the need to make up and complete dragged me here, saying I was the chosen one,” He goes back to his sugar tower, looking disappointed. 

“Harsh but, probably valid.” She wishes she had ordered more food, she’s starving still. She tries to remember the last time she ate but mostly the only thing she could recall is Killian whining and the car groaning. They had only been on the road for ten hours but it is starting to get to her. “But I meant like why were you driving in your car in the middle of no where, why are you in this state?”

“Oh,” He flicks the pyramid with this middle finger and packets go flying. The waitress, her smile still stretched tight on her face, sets the waffles down with a small cup of syrup and doesn’t say a word, just stares at Terra with empty, threatening eyes. Terra offers a toothless smile with her lips and looks back at Killian. He doesn’t appear to have noticed the new  demeanor of their server. “Uh well, I hated my life so then I came here and now I hate my life so I came with you.”

“That’s all there was to it?” She asks, pushing the leftover pool of hot sauce from left to right on her plate. He starts eating his waffles, his manner surprisingly polite. The way he maneuvers a fork is oddly poised and eloquent. “Don’t you have a dark back story or something?”

“Nope… I’m pretty much as boring as they get. Though one time I broke into a movie theater. Except my friend worked there, so he had a key. And we had the owner’s permission so, not really breaking in I guess.” He shrugs, and continues eating. He doesn’t put any syrup on, which is mildly depressing. Syrup is a substance of the gods. 

“Huh, do you miss your friends?” 

“Not really,” His tone is honest, she finds that odd for him. He seems like the kind of person who holds too tight and cries too often. But maybe she didn’t know him that well at all. “Well, I don’t know. It sometimes feel like I’ve forgotten them completely. Like they’re not in my world anymore. So I just, I don’t know. If I don’t think about it then does it really matter?” 

“I don’t know. You’re my only friend.”


The statement came as a shock, he can’t lie. He wouldn’t really classify them as friends, she’s not really someone he would like, drive to the airport or anything. Also, the fact that he was her only friend is mildly depressing. She really did live in that creepy house on the hill with only her monsters to keep her company… Even his life is better than hers, which is more than mildly depressing its just straight up tragic. 

He clears his throat and eats his last bit of the waffles, not making eye contact. He had met her like 15 hours ago, not that he has counted, and now she’s saying they’re pals? It just seems a little fast. It’s not like they’ve really even bonded or anything, he doesn’t even know her. This is a lot of pressure, to be someone’s only friend. Does that mean if her mom was in the hospital, he’d be the one to go comfort Terra? Does she even have a mom? What if her mom was really weird and didn’t like him and taught 3rd graders math? What if Terra was just like her, the weird part was already clear, and loved math? How was he supposed to talk to her when-

“Why am I even thinking about this?” He scoffs, “When will this ever come up?”

“What are you talking about?” Terra is staring at him weird, biting back a laugh. 

“Uh… nothing…?” He has been spending too much time alone, he was going to end up just like her if he spent anymore time in this biome. It’s high time he should start heading home. “I’m uh, all done with my trip, er waffles. If we wanna you know, pay and go home, I mean back to the car.”

“I don’t have money.”

“Um, neither do I…”

“Cool let’s get out of here. The waitress hates me anyway,” Her tone is so calm and even it’s as if he’s not asking her to commit a crime. She’s not even looking at him, just staring out into the field across from the restaurant. 

“Yea why does she hate you?” He tries to grab her gaze but she doesn’t seem particularly interested in looking at his face, which is understandable. “Also, I don’t dine and dash. We have to at least leave a tip.”

“Because she’s a demon, they all are,” She sighs, “And I have three quarters. Maybe a water bottle cap but that’s it.”

“You have to stop that,” He groans, “I’m begging you.” 

“Stop what?”

“Stop throwing out completely bizarre, impossible statements and then pretending like its… its I don’t know, normal. Its starting to piss me off,” He cringes, “Sorry that’s harsh. You’re just very cryptic and it’s getting really hard to keep up.” 

“We have to leave,” Terra clicks her tongue, looking terribly uncomfortable. 

“Right now?”

  “Yes, right now. Like run, right now,” She flies out of her seat and it out the door before he can even stand up. 

“How do you run so fast…?” He whispers as he follows suit, running as fast as his clunky boots will let him. Loud thuds proclaiming his grand exit. He leaps into the truck and slams the door. Terra pounds the gas pedal and there’s the smell of burning rubber, “Put it in gear stupid!”

“I know, I know,” She jerks the car into gear and we get shot into the road. 

“WAIT, the dog!” Killian yells, cranking the window open and whistling as loud as possible. A grey blur streaks from the forest and jumps into the trunk with such force that it shakes the whole car, “Freaking gun it, Terra!”

“I am, I am,” She yells back, speeding onto the road. He keeps looking back, seeing what is chasing them. It appears that there’s nothing but in this moment, the running away aspect of it all was thrilling enough. He found an odd sort of contentment in it. 

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