Hey, I’m here. I realized I haven’t posted anything in a really really long time and I feel bad. I just have nothing to post right now, my creative juices are being used in someone else’s smoothie right now. Anyway, I have a snippet from the novel I’m working on and  I thought why not? So I’m sorry if it makes like zero sense but it makes me happy when I read it so, enjoy.


I take a deep breath as I walk to the locker. Every pair of eyes are on me. Maybe not every pair but enough to make me blush. I’m too old to be here. Too old to be a sophomore. A flipping sophomore. I’m too old. I ignore their gazes and look down at my feet, I just need to get to my locker. And then to my class. And then home. I only have to get to my locker. I stare at my shoes. The red converse Phoenix bought me. The shoes that are my favorite color. They stand out from the black and white but I don’t mind. I’m proud of my outfit today, I didn’t have Camo’s help. I’m wearing a red flannel over a black tank top and a pair of shorts. It’s too cold for shorts I think. But I’m so used to the cold that I wear them, even in the snow.I sling my backpack over my shoulder and decided that the school board should invest on some new flooring. I walk three, four, five more steps and I’m at my locker. My fingers fumble with the lock but it finally opens. I open my backpack and sort through what I need for the next class and what can stay. I glance at the inside of the locker door as I start to close it. My eyes catch on a picture. That’s new. I grab it, it’s a picture. Of me. And Kace. I smile slightly, we’re in the back of a pickup truck. He’s grinning like he has the world and I’m dancing around him, my hair tangled in a flower crown. He’s ten and I’m six, I cock my head in confusion. Who put this here?

“I figured you would want something to make it feel like home,”  A familiar voice murmurs. I don’t even have to turn to remember the voice. I close my locker and find Phoenix wearing a crooked grin.

“What are you doing here?” I ask, my heart beating to strange rhythm. I can’t help but grin a little more at him. His russet eyes staring back into my amber ones. His fingers rest on the locker next to mine. Absently mindedly playing with the lock.  

“Well. I was thinking, that a new school is terrifying. And. I technically never finished high school. So I figured, you would need a friend. And that’s who I can be,” He moves a little closer. My eyes drop again, my smile fully fledged. I can’t help but glance up at him again, my cheeks slightly red.

“Well. I’m thinking that, we, as two people,” I pause wondering if I should take the leap, “Are more than just friends?”

“Ah, friends don’t kiss on a regular basis do they?” He asks, dimples appearing. Memories bounce through my head, his lips around mine, my hands in his hair, his fingers on my face, the world absent around us.

“No. I don’t think so,” I shake my head, my hands hugging my books tightly. “But I’m not an expert.”

“Ok, then my proposal changes,” Phoenix grabs the books from my arms and laces his fingers with mine as he turns me to the hall.

“How so?” I arch a brow, as we start walking. I’m suddenly able to look every single student in the eye. I’m somehow not afraid, I’m suddenly ready to take them on.

“Well, maybe I won’t be just your friend. Maybe…” He lowers his head to whisper in my ear, his lips brushing the fly away hairs from my braid. “Maybe I’ll be more.”

“I like that proposal a lot more,” I say with another smile, a different one. A smile of feeling safe. Something I haven’t felt since… since before the cell.

“Me too,” He kisses my hand, very softly. Those lips that had just tickled my ears now leaving my hand tingling.  We continue to walk through the sea of people. Me, 18. Him, 19. Me, sophomore. Him, junior. Both, too old. But just the right age to know we’ll survive.


If this is you, 

Sorry. But I hoped you liked it either way. 🙂 


Blogiversary~ One Year~


What? It’s been a year…? ((Technically I’m a day late but i was tired last night.)) I think that was way to short of time to be a year. Where did the time go! I was going to finish my book this year… *glares at that one scene that refuses to be written* So I know a lot of you have NaNo right now so I’ll be quick so you can get back to writing. 😉 

   It’s been quite year… lots of stuff being written. Let’s compare 2015 to 2026 shall we? 

In 2015 we had….

83 views, 31 visitors, 21 posts, 34 likes, and 2 comments. Considering I started this last November, that’s not horrid… 

In 2016 we had…

622 views, 234 visitors, 111 likes, 90 posts and 96 comments. Not bad… 
*Claps for everyone who commented and actually looked at this.)) 

So, we all know why you’re actually still reading this. You’re looking for two things, writing and… cake. Let’s start with cake. 

Good. That blue one looks amazing… And that one with the flowers… Dang, I wouldn’t even want to eat those. Just frame them. I’ll just have Costco cake or something… XP ((Quick note, I’m starving so I’ll probably have a lot of pictures of food in this post…)) Now that we have had cake. We can go to the writing. I think I’m going to do the music writing exercise. I’m going to take song lyrics and write something off that. I’m doing the song Alice by Bianca Ryan. Let’s get started shall we.. *rubs hands together because… reasons*

My name is Alice. I’ve lived a complete life. Most people would see it as a horrible one but I see the brighter side of life. Or try to. There was a time when I fell into depression. But not anymore. I’m happy now. Even if I’m alone. I’m happy. I guess I should start from the beginning. Or near to it I guess. I grew up on a small farm, away from the world. A small house of innocence and childish wonder. A perfect place for a young girl with a large heart. I had animals of all sorts that followed me around the yard. I had clouds to protect me from the sun and the sun to protect me from the clouds. It was magical each and every day. In summer, the sun would lure the flowers from their stems and the newborn woodland creatures would come out to play. In winter, I had a large family to sit around a fire with as the snow swallowed our home. We would tell amazing stories. My sister was the best at it, Sarah. She could weave words to create an image in my mind. But my mother was the joke teller. She would always make us laugh. Even if our toes were numb from the cold that crept under the door. Even if we were so sleepy we couldn’t keep our heads up much longer. We would always laugh. The first bad thing in my happy little world was the fire. The fire that started because of a knocked over candle or run away ember. No one would know where or how it started. It just did. And no one could get out until it was too late. Until Sarah with the words, Mother with the laughs and Father with the lessons were memories polluted by smoke. The only reason I survived was because I was feeding the animals. I tried to go in for them. But I was only 12, not someone who can do much. That was my first taste of those depressed feelings. I’ll admit, I let them swallow me for a month or two. I gave in. But then I found my new world.

The next good thing in my life was a friend. I had been moved to the city, where I was to grow up. I met a boy. The boy with golden hair and green eyes. The boy who didn’t have to be there to make me smile. I was young at the time, too young for love. So we were friends and it was almost as wonderful as the cottage in the woods. He showed me the city, we cause some trouble, we acted out fairytales. Everything was almost perfect until the second bad thing came. Growing up. Suddenly, running in the streets wasn’t allowed. I was forced to be a lady. To present myself to young men with money. I never did. I always thought about the boy with golden hair. When we got married, we could play and no one could tell us what to do. That is what I told myself. I had to wait though, to wait for him to save up for the ring. To help me sneak away from the family that took me in. We ran away together. WE loved each other. But in a different way than most people love. We never expressed our feelings to each other, never said I love you, never said what we thought of each other. We both knew what we thought. Another thing we never did, was kiss. Our lips never touched. It was an unspoken rule between us. We didn’t want anything complicated. Just wanted happiness. And we were happy. And that’s what mattered.

Time went on. Which is how we get to here. Me. Alone. The boy with the golden hair somewhere else. Someone I couldn’t go. Not yet at least. I believe that’s what kept me going all that time. Was the thought that I could find the boy again. That I could find him. I just had to live out my life. Maybe that’s why I’m always happy. Always smiling. Because I want to find him. And maybe when I look down into the water that reflects my face, I try and see him. Or maybe it’s the fact that I don’t know what’s at the end of my life. I don’t know what’s coming, so I might as well be the best person i can be. So I can prepare for the next thing that happens. Good or bad.

Ok, so what do you think? IT was really random but I hope you like it! Comment below, I want to know what you enjoyed and what you didn’t!

Day Ten~

Hello! SO I sorta kinda maybe skipped a day. Sorry. Again. It’s just a had this huge Bio exam and was trying to memorize four chapters of details on mitosis. So yea, my brain was the same consistency as oat meal with too much coconut oil. ((You can say EW here, not telling you how to live your life, just a helpful suggestion.))

Today’s Challenge:

Write a goodbye story:


I walked past rows and rows of small deposit boxes. They all had the same chipped green paint and rusted locks. The only differences were the numbers. I was only looking for one in particular. 243. A number that wouldn’t matter to anyone except for me. And one other person. But he’s not here. And his absence is the reason of my presence. My fingers run over each box, a slight ping to let the empty air know I’m here. Flecks of rust remain on my fingers as I look for those three numbers. Those numbers that don’t matter to anyone but mean the world to mw.  Then I stopped. It was there. It was right there. But it was open. I rush over to it, looking inside. Nothing.

“No.” I murmur. It has to be here. He told me it would be here.

“You trust me so completely.” A voice say. A familiar voice. A voice that brings tears to my eyes when I hear it. I turn and find him smiling sadly at me. His eyes are filled with tears too. I almost break when I see him. I can barely move at first. But he comes over and wraps his arms around me. I melt into him.

“I do.” Is all I can say. I can only say those because those are the only words that stay in my brain long enough to say them. Too many thoughts flow through me, I can’t even think them, much less say them. “Where have you been?”

“I can’t tell you…” His words are filled with regret and almost… shame?

“You’ve been gone for two years and you can’t tell me why?” I ask, suddenly not happy anymore, suddenly angry.

“I’m sorry Legend. I just can’t tell you. But I do have something to say.” He said, his eyes told me that it was breaking him to say that. But they were also telling me that he was doing what he thought was right.

“What if I don’t want to hear it? We’re siblings, yet the last couple times I’ve talked to you, you’ve hurt me more than anyone else could.” I say, now I am crying. Tears falling out of my eyes and onto the the floor. “Phoenix I don’t think I want to hear it.”

“This isn’t a matter of want. It’s a matter of what you need. You need to hear this.” He said, pulling me even closer. I grab onto his sweat shirt, begging him not to talk. I remember when we were younger, I would hug tighter if I was scared, he would do his best to make it stop. But today, it worked the opposite. I more I squeezed, the closer he got to scaring me.

“I’m leaving for good.” He said. I shook my head.

“No.” I kept shaking my head as the rest of me trembled. “Phoenix why did you come back if you were just going to break me again?”

“Because I wasn’t sure if you would actually find the locker and I needed to give you this.” He murmured. He slipped a piece of paper in my hand. I didn’t look up. I just held him tighter.

“I can’t do this again.” I begged. He kissed the top of my head and worked my fingers off his jacket. I looked up at him. The pain in his face matched my feelings. “Don’t go.”

“I have to.” He cleared his throat and wiped his nose. My knees went weak and I collapsed to the floor. He walked out but I stayed. For a long time, blubbering and trembling. Because I couldn’t think of what was more important than his younger sister. I looked at the paper in my hands. I unfolded it slowly, shaking hands slowing the process. The paper held the one thing that would get me through, the note held a clue. A clue to find a piece of a puzzle that would fix everything. A clue to finding hope.

So, what do you think? Comment below!

Day Nine~

I told you guys the would happen. It was only a matter of time… Oh well. This weekend was kind crazy… Don’t even get me started on Halloween and school. But I’m here, that’s what matters.


ANYWAY, let’s get started. Shall we? The prompt is, to write a short story off a house hold item… Kay I changed it, you know me, always changing things… But this will be good I promise. Ok so recently, I wrote a short story of another short story. Kinda like fan fiction but not. You can find the link to the short story, here

This is what I wrote:


I Took Over


I walked through my new house. Explored my new rooms. Took inventory of my new property. Tried on my new clothes. Counted my new money. It was nice to have things. To actually own a house, to have clothes, a bed. It was nice to have these small comforts, even if they weren’t really mine. Even if I stole this large house with the oak doors. Even if I borrowed this knitted blue vest. Even if I found the pesos in the closet of the owner I scared away. But it’s acceptable. I needed it more than them.

I should explain myself. Describe who I am. What I do. I don’t truly have a name. Most people have picked names for me. The boogie man. Ghost. Wraith. Anything in that genre of nicknames. The names make sense. They make sense when you understand what I do.

I take over. Taking over is a delicate job. Something that I’ve worked my whole life to perfect. It’s an art. To take over a house. To scare people out of their own homes. To make people feel unsafe in the one safe spot in their lives. It takes some talent. Some determination. Mostly an eye for detail. All of which I have. Usually I live in a house until I become bored with it. Then I move on to a new one. Which is how we got to now. Me, in a new house with everything. Them, in the street with nothing.

The house is nice. Not as nice I’ve taken before but still nice. Velvet chairs, cherry wood tables, oil paintings, and an exceeding amount of framed trinkets. My favorite part of the house is the dust. So eloquent. So refined. I could tell if any one came in the house. If anything came in the house. It floats in the sun, giving the illusion of snow. The only downside of the house is the smell. It smells old. Not new. Old. It smells of old books and rotting trees. An echo of a soul and a creaky door. Of a weak ray of sun and a large pile of wet leaves. But the smell is not too strong and only reveals itself when a western breeze comes to confer with it.

I choose this house because of the people. They’re horrible people. If you think I’m horrible for stealing all they have, I promise they’re worse. The façade the people puts on is not to be trusted. The masquerade of human society is far more complicated than the mask. It goes far beyond the skin. The faces they put on in public are not only for the people around them, it’s also to convince themselves that they’re worthy of being alive. They convince themselves that the crimes them have committed are redeemable. These are the people I steal from. These are the people I push off their thrones.

Human beings are strange things. They put their faith in things like houses and weapons instead of each other. They believe they can keep themselves safe. I use this. I choose the people who don’t trust anyone. Not even the people they live with. I choose them because they are easy to scare. All I have to do is bring up reminders of their past sins. A certain word whispered through the house, a single object placed in various spots that seem out of place, it all gets the job done. The people always leave and I always take over. Once I move out, new people move in. These new people are often young, desperate enough to buy a haunted house. They usually don’t have such horrible pasts but, those mistakes will come soon enough. Then someone like me will take over. It’s a never ending loop, a symbiotic relationship. I get rid of people who have no place in society, they give me a place to live.

For now, I will live in the house with the oak doors and old smell. For now, I will watch the world go by as I stay warm and safe. For now, they will be on the street, surviving the real world. I took over.

I hope you liked that. Anyway, comment below what you think and I’ll see you tomorrow!



Day Seven~ 10 Day Challenge~

So the challenge today is to create a character off someone you know. I was way too excited about this. 🙂 SO let’s get started!!  


My Character: ((SO I realize none of you will really know this person but you should still read it and tell me what ya think.))

My name is Olivia Hampton. I believe in fact. Not faith. That’s the first thing you should know, I don’t control anything and neither does anyone else. We’re all mistakes. A spontaneous combustions of chemistry. I know a lot of people agree with me. And others don’t but that’s fine. People can believe what they want to believe. I don’t want to steps on their toes or push their buttons. Except. Except when it comes to politics. I get heated about that. Some people just nominate complete idiots. Honestly. What are they thinking?! Sorry, I promised myself I wouldn’t do this. I promised not to rant. I have trouble with that. There’s not much to know about me really. I’m no one interesting. No one special. But with a face to remember.

I did it! Yay! Sorry that was short, I know, but I’m about to fall asleep… And still have homework to… ((Just might save that for the weekend…)) SO have a good night and I’m sorry if that was late! 

Day Six~ 10 Day Challenge~

Hai! I’m kind of excited for today’s post so let’s get started. I’m really enjoying this to be honest. Maybe I’ll extend to 20 days…. We’ll see. Today’s challenge is to write a “blurb” of a book/story I’m working on. 

What I did with it:

Two people. Same accusations. Same verdicts. Same punishments. Same experiments. Different reactions. What happens when you lose two years of your life? What happens when you stay in one room with no light for two years? That’s what the government needs to know. And the have found their lab rats. Ellis, a girl with the perfect optimistic personality. Phoenix, the perfect person to see reality. But something goes wrong. They escape. And suddenly their not alone. Ellis and Phoenix join a gang of misfit teens, to hide. But when everything goes wrong and people get hurt. Ellis and Phoenix must figure out their place in their world, for better or worse. 

That’s basically it. I’m really excited on how it’s turning out and I’m hoping to publish it sometime next year. See you tomorrow! 

Day Four~ 10 day Challenge


Grandma, it’s me,


You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to start a post like that… That movie is so good. If you haven’t seen Anastasia, I recommend it 100%. Well, it’s late here. And I’m trying to think of a good narrative for today. While we’re thinking let’s thank the Lord that we made it to day four right? I pushed through all my bio assignments to write this, it was a rough journey. But anything you make you guys happy. 😉 Let’s get started hm? 

You walk slowly through the house. How strange it is to be the only one awake. It may happen every night but you’re always surprised how quiet it can be. How a single sound rings throughout the house. How any light is bright and harsh on the eyes. How you’re afraid if your dog won’t recognize you in the dark. You can barely make out a conversation from the house next door. As you fumble down the stairs, you’re careful not to turn on the light. Light would ruin the magic. Light would scare away the gentle night. Light would make your eyes water and squint as the shadows retreat into the corners. You try to prefect your quiet stepping, you try to lighten yourself as you ease yourself onto a step. You hope your parents don’t awake. That they don’t think your an intruder. You open the fridge quietly, reaching in and grabbing an apple. A red one. Doesn’t matter which one. As long as it’s red. You walk back through your kingdom of darkness, glancing at the neighbors house through your window. The moon is just above it, the soft light framing the house. You wish you had a decent camera to snap a picture. But apple phones don’t cut it so you mentally save it. Then you sit down at your desk and start to write your next blog post.

Yay! Hopefully you like that, it was honestly extremely fun to write. I’m a night owl, I don’t sleep very much so this felt natural to write. I love the night, if only every one was awake during the night instead of the day… Comment below what you think. See you tomorrow!