thoughts in one spot dont make much sense 1/21/19

You cloud my head but can you really get lost in heaven? can bliss be oh so toxic can happiness taste so bitter I lost control but its a straight road and the headlights aren’t doing such a bad job of lighting up this dark and dusty road. fake pretend will suffice for now so…

Dreamy I guess

He worked at the strawberry stand But his lips tasted more like tangerines He kept his eyes down and his voice soft But if he met your gaze or matched your tone You’d be caught off guard by the sun rays and honey that were trapped in both. Slender fingers and rough skin You wish…

do you think?

do you think? that for people with bad memories, saying goodbye is easier? that when they don’t remember the little things? they can let go and move on? easy and simple just like that

the idea thriving  or barely surviving

ill keep the notion alive the idea thriving or barely surviving either way. ill keep you bright in my mind by writing it on paper then i cant be lonely but you can still leave me like you wanted a win-win situation i think

am i dreaming

your yells causes my heart to freeze and the hands of the clock refuse to tick whenever you’re close by the wind falls to the floor, grounded by your presence and the birds long to sing to please you but are too afraid to disappoint am i dreaming or do you really call for me?

feelings i forgot were real 5/5

coffee or caramels too early or too late doesn’t really matter where or when or what the only aspect that matters is who with which is with you hopefully talking for a long while

sailor’s song 3/3

shes the kind of girl who drinks ice coffee even when its cold becuase she’s scared to burn her tongue. the kind of girl who would only dance in the rain or not at all the kind of girl who was a star on stage but a blown out candle in her class the kind…

sailor’s song 2/3

They stood so still the seabirds trusted them and the crabs saw them as home. They stood so still their feet sunk into the shoreline. They stood so still they merged with the sea. “Darn I’m out of Scooby snacks.” Everyone’s heads turned to find Colt, sitting on the floor, four packages of fruit snacks…