sailor’s song 1/3

His words are sharp but his apologies thick and sweet, painting over the ruts of the comb with honey. 

the mechanicals

i am a mechanic in the genre of prose and poetry i cannot make the words ebb and flow at my will i cannot weave a tapestry of rhyme and rhythm i cannot write a song so sweet or sonnet so smooth i cannot do very much at all. simply a mechanical trying to preform…

Feelings I Forgot Were Real- 4/5

I thought you would stop time or at the very least, slow it but instead, every time i see you, time lurches forward every time we talk everything starts speeding out of control but maybe i don’t mind the chaos because so far its been worth it.

Feeling I Forgot Were Real- 3/5

I love the colors and the shapes in your eyes The feelings and the dreams The memories and the possibilities The futures Futures I hope I can at least be there to watch and If I’m really lucky Be a part of.

feelings i forgot were real- part 2/5

the first time i met you, a thousand butterflies filled my stomach and every time i kiss you, one escapes from my lips to settle on your cheek or in your hair so i guess i’ll have to kiss you a thousand times to get rid of all these anxieties, and  watch as you slowly…

feelings i forgot were real- part 1/5

have you ever talked to someone, and felt compatible? like if you pressed your fingertips together, the indents of your fingerprints would slide together so not the same person as them but most definitely meant to be.  


I have zero new ideas for content that you’d want to read so for right now, till I figure out my life and this blog, you can read some ideas/snippets/thoughts from my current works in progress. I’m sorry I can’t give you more but I just have no clue what I want my blog to…

Another Opening- Those Who Stopped Saving the Sailors

Here’s another opening since I’ve been neglecting you all. Will be posting regularly once I get myself back together and stop traveling. Love you all and have a dreamy week!    A summer romance blossoming into a seemingly lifetime one. A girl and boy both believing beautiful lies that tied them together with a lovely…

to welcome me

I’m falling into a pit, pleading, screaming begging for someone to pull me up ignoring all the while that you are pushing me to the top I’m slipping so fast and there’s nothing to hold but maybe I don’t need something to hold maybe I need someone to fall with maybe I need to hold…


I’m bursting at the seams because all the things I want to tell you I’m not allowed to say My entirety is straining, do you notice how hard I’m trying to keep it in I’m exhausted from always watching myself But oh well Guess I’ll just have to wait Till you ask me for my opinion…