Small then Big

Everything is too small Until it gets too big I feel like I’m stuck in a loop A loop where I go from feeling so small and trapped and then so big and overwhelming either way. it’s too loud and too silent too bright and too dark not worth it worth too much and an…

I want to feel real

But what do you want? I want to feel real Real? Yes. I want to feel like I’m myself. Not a copy of those around me How are you going to do that? Not sure yet? Any ideas? No… but when you figure it out, can you tell me how to do it? You mean…


Please don’t tell me I’m talented. Because I’m not. I’m just sitting here. Typing what I wish I had Who I wish I could be. And I’m not talented. Just still learning to cope with all these raw feelings That won’t mean anything in a few months.  

I Know

I already know I already know I know I can’t compare I know I can’t be you But I want to still try I want to still try Because if I can just be a little bit of you It could be enough Because if I can mimic a fraction of you, I could help…

Same Page

  We’re not on the same page Because you’re a thick classic With gold rimmed pages and metaphors so beautiful that it causes weeping. We’re not on the same page Because I’m an old battered paper of no punctuation and half baked ideas that make people’s brows furrow and their eyes squint. We’re not on…


Does anyone else like how the ocean gets all foamy when it’s windy?

I just have a lot of feelings And I can’t exactly keep track of all them because one minute I’m very happy but the next I’m not so sure So I hope that you don’t mind me writing them down Because it’s little easier to deal with them. One by one.

Gosh Darn

Gosh darn. Why do I time to be jealous? But no time to Change myself? Maybe if I just closed my eyes for a second. Then I could get to the point Where I wouldn’t need to be jealous of others I could just be content with myself.    

Rainy Day

Let’s just pack up all these good memories And save them for a rainy day. Let’s keep all these warm feelings, And pull them out once it gets cold.

Little House

You left my heart Like an empty house Empty, dark, cold. And while I’m still hurting, I think maybe, Just maybe, This little house could be quite cute, With some curtains hung up over the broken windows And some table and chairs to match the thick rug This little house could very well soon, Be…