~As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~Chapter Five~

I continue to scowl at Koda as we walk in a direction I assume is towards our destination. How could he do this to his company? How can he follow a scribble on a peice of paper? It’s putting everyone in danger! He looks so embarressed that I amost feel bad. Almost being the key…

~As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~ Chapter Four~

  After crossing the river I haven’t been able to get warm. I continue to shiver and shake. Somehow Livy gets the meat cooked without a huge fire so I know a couple of children will eat tonight. The children always eay first, then the older women then the youger woman and finally the men….

As the Sun~Peeks Through the Trees~ Chapter 3~

  We started walking again, as we walked’ Livy talked. She told me of war, which I already knew about. And she told me about family, which I had barely knew about. She talked of how she knew her sister and her mother, her father was fighting when she was young. She told me about…

As the Sun Peeks Though the Trees~Chapter 2~

  When we wake up we start walking again. The sky is overcast and the air cold. All the trees have lost their leaves and they crunch beneath our feet. My feet are swollen and scabby. My hands are numb from the cold. My long ginger hair is a tangled mess. When I first came…

As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~Chapter One~

We have been walking forever it seems. Yet I feel as if these trees are familiar. Have we been walking in circles? I do not know. All I know is that my feet hurt, it’s cold and that my heart is holding on by a thin line. It’s breaking quickly and if it doesn’t mend I too will soon be broken.