The Mourning Dove

Currently just posting some poems  I wrote for an English class because I can. This one we had to write about birds that lived in my area. Enjoy : ) Who grieves those who die alone? Who remembers the life lived? The one that news of their loss brings no moan The one whose funeral…

One more box left unchecked

slipping into my sadness like an old coat too short on my arms, my wrists exposed too tight around my shoulders, my back aching who knew life compared to a worn out jacket who knew i could be constantly let down by something that isn’t even real maybe if i just fall far enough into…

10.20.19 -there was more to this

maybe i just wish for someone else to hurt me for once instead of me being my own version of a highschool bully instead of me scratching at the festering wounds my self-esteem sports  

dusk mother

she’s the dusk mother, the nighttime queen didn’t ya kno? look up at the stars, there’s a lot to behold. didn’t someone fit that all in their palm at one point? Why do children born at night only cry for themselves? didn’t they remember their mothers? she’s the dusk mother, the nighttime queen she only watches…

starry, starry night

a starry night wish i could see stars like that but what pain did you endure what traedgy occurred to have reality altered and your vision skewed to have something shattered to create something so beautiful yet so terrifying  

Three Bookish Things Tag!

ALRIGHTY HELLO! I’ve been tagged by the lovely Madeline J. Rose to do this tag and it’s pretty straight forward so enjoy!! Feel free to use the tag as you please (I highly suggest you use the lovely graphic pictured above) and I hope you enjoy!! Also, this is annoying but, please comment below I always wish to…

A Script and Some Stories

I’m not with who I want to be with I’m not saying the things I want to say Something inside me holds up the script I prepared hours before But what comes out my mouth is fire And my rehearsal was not fireproof I wanted to have a story Wanted to have a question All…

do you think?

do you think? that for people with bad memories, saying goodbye is easier? that when they don’t remember the little things? they can let go and move on? easy and simple just like that

Blank Master Mind Tour (also called the coolest thing to ever grace my blog)

OK, okay okay, don’t get too excited BUT I’ve been given the incredible honor of hosting a day of the Blank Mastermind Tour!! Which is so cooooool because Write Fury is just such a lovely blogger and I’m over the moon for her. Anyway, let’s jump in with all the things I have to tell you about the book and the author….