Part One- Trouble’s Out of Town

HEY! I’m back! And with a surprise to both you and I. I’m writing another story that I wanna post on here. It’s a little bit weird I would say BUT I would appreciate if you guys read it and let me know what you think in the comments! Love all you guys so much…

A Script and Some Stories

I’m not with who I want to be with I’m not saying the things I want to say Something inside me holds up the script I prepared hours before But what comes out my mouth is fire And my rehearsal was not fireproof I wanted to have a story Wanted to have a question All…

thoughts in one spot dont make much sense 1/21/19

You cloud my head but can you really get lost in heaven? can bliss be oh so toxic can happiness taste so bitter I lost control but its a straight road and the headlights aren’t doing such a bad job of lighting up this dark and dusty road. fake pretend will suffice for now so…

Dreamy I guess

He worked at the strawberry stand But his lips tasted more like tangerines He kept his eyes down and his voice soft But if he met your gaze or matched your tone You’d be caught off guard by the sun rays and honey that were trapped in both. Slender fingers and rough skin You wish…

do you think?

do you think? that for people with bad memories, saying goodbye is easier? that when they don’t remember the little things? they can let go and move on? easy and simple just like that

*Part 30* *When We Met* (its finally over oh my goodness)

OKAY HI. Here’s the last part. The entire work comes out to a total of 80 pages, 30 parts and 16,400 and I’m not really proud of it but I do have some sense of accomplishment. Idk why this took soooo long to post but that’s fine. Here’s the wrap-up and I hope you enjoy….

Blank Master Mind Tour (also called the coolest thing to ever grace my blog)

OK, okay okay, don’t get too excited BUT I’ve been given the incredible honor of hosting a day of the Blank Mastermind Tour!! Which is so cooooool because Write Fury is just such a lovely blogger and I’m over the moon for her. Anyway, let’s jump in with all the things I have to tell you about the book and the author….

the idea thriving  or barely surviving

ill keep the notion alive the idea thriving or barely surviving either way. ill keep you bright in my mind by writing it on paper then i cant be lonely but you can still leave me like you wanted a win-win situation i think

am i dreaming

your yells causes my heart to freeze and the hands of the clock refuse to tick whenever you’re close by the wind falls to the floor, grounded by your presence and the birds long to sing to please you but are too afraid to disappoint am i dreaming or do you really call for me?