*Part Four* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

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Hey guys! Part Four is here!! For all of you guys actually waiting for it haha. I hope you enjoy!!


For you new people, read part onetwo and three before reading this.


He hadn’t been at the coffee shop all week. He hadn’t been anywhere all week. It was driving me insane. I had asked everyone I knew and no one seemed to know exactly who I was talking about. I was beginning to think I had made it all up. Maybe it had been a dream. No, no, it couldn’t have been a dream. He was… too real. I couldn’t have dreamed up the little imperfections of his face. I couldn’t dream up the slope of his nose or the dark circles under his eyes. I wasn’t smart enough to dream up something like that.

Gosh, I sounded like romance book.

I didn’t know where else to look for him. My town was small, there was really nowhere to hide.

I decided a walk was in order. To think of somewhere that I hadn’t checked yet. I left my house early in the morning, slipping on sandals and making sure the creaky back door didn’t wake up my mother. Then I ran all the way to the forest, which was across the street. No one else liked the forest, say it’s haunted. They’re right, there’s something about it that’s not right. The lighting was always too bright and the birds always singing too loud. The whole forest always stands still, as if waiting. Waiting for what I’m still not sure.

Despite all this, the forest drew me to it. There’s something about the millions of over saturated flowers that makes me walk in the fields of it’s too soft grass. It’s also completely private, not another soul dared to wander out here. It was my own little world.

My feet crunched on old leaves and small twigs and I pulled my shoes off, one by one. My hair hung down to my waist, gathering heat at the base of my neck. I took a deep breath and let the feeling of the too perfect forest spill onto me. I sat on a log and watched a squirrel run across a meadow, its little legs jumping high to clear the grass.

I sat there for a long while, then stood up quickly. I felt the need to walk again, my bare toes hyper aware of the small stones buried beneath the weeds. My fingers extended to pluck a flower and twirl it. I walked slowly, just wandering.

But I wandered for a long while.

And soon I had no clue where I was. The light seemed to be fading from the trees. The color from the flower in my hands seemed to have the color drained out of it. I frowned, my steps slowing until I was standing still. The grass seemed to have a sudden drop off, I walked over to it. My breath was coming in short bursts. What was I so scared of? Nothing was there, I wasn’t in danger.

The grass ended suddenly, just gone. Down below it, I wasn’t sure, I couldn’t see anything.  It was just black as far as I could tell. I crept a little closer to the edge, my toes curling around the edge. I couldn’t find my breath as I looked down, it was so deep, so endless. It reminded me of Erlik’s eyes. I licked my lips and leane forward just slightly, my hair hanging into the abyss.

I felt something to shift under my bare toes.

Before I realized what’s happening. I felt the soft earth drop from underneath me. I let out the beginning of a scream. It’s cut off by a yanking of my arm and tugging of my sweater.

My breath came back to my lungs as I turned to find what grabbed me. My brows furrowed when I see what it is. Who it is.

“You?” I murmured, he dropped my arm.

“Let’s not go down there alright?” Erlik grabed the corner of my sleeve and lead me further from the edge. I nod, frowning at him. There’s something different about him. His face hallower and his hair dishelved. His shoulders sagged and he looked like he was struggling to hold himself up. I frown. Where has he been?


*Part Three* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

Hey guys! So sorry I didn’t post yesterday, it was bit hectic. But, I’m here now and with a new part! Please enjoy!
For those who are new, please check out parts one and two


She left after a few minutes, murmuring an excuse as she stood up and pushed her chair in. She left quickly, each of her steps fluid and purposeful. It was hard to watch her leave. I needed her to stay, to let me gaze upon her sun-kissed skin and ocean eyes for but a few seconds longer. I wanted to follow her. To follow her to the ends of the earth and then further. But I didn’t, I stayed in my seat and stared at the spot where she had been.

Time passed like a car driving down the free way. There for a second then suddenly lost. I haven’t moved. My gaze never drifted from the spot, they held fast. As if my eyes were testifying that my interest for the girl could hold. I decided to not call her the name she gave me, Percy, it didn’t fit. It wasn’t her real name. I tried thinking of what it could be short for or what it could be replacing but what I came up with didn’t fit. So she was still the girl. The girl whose voice still echoed into my very bones.

Someone had to tell me to leave, twice. Their, who ever it is, hand left a mark on my back. Not a mark that you could see, just a tingle that stayed with me as I passed through the door and into the whispering night. A tingle that reminded me of what I was not.

The air was still, cold, waiting. Thin clouds stretched like feathers in the sky, over the blurry stars and inky night. I walked quickly through the street, my shoes barely making a sound on the smooth concrete. The sound of a dog barking wove throughout the streets. I glanced around, something is off. Something was looming near me, it was right next to me. The feeling of it was breathing down my neck. But, I didn’t see anything. The street was empty. A kind of empty that leaked from my head into my heart and made it beat faster.

The sound of the dog started up again and I could almost swear it was right next to me. I looked around once more, and again saw nothing. I shook my head and started walking faster, my feet slipping on the stained stone. I stuffed my hands in my pockets and hunched further into my jacket, the woolly lining tickling my jaw.

A single howl let loose across the street. Followed by another, then another. I whispered a few cuss words, praying the those three howls were an accident. That I was wrong. I took a huge breath, hoping those three bone chilling howls meant nothing.

But then. Then I felt a small pull at my hair-line and I knew what they meant. They meant everything I hoped them not to mean.


*Part Two* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

Alrighty!! Part Two!! Yay!! Well, hopefully yay, if you liked it. I dunno. ANYWAY, moving on, I’ve decided how often I’ll post. I’ll post every Monday and if I have time, I’ll post on Fridays too! Just to keep you greedy readers busy. Please read and I hope you enjoy! Also, the title is a working title, it’ll probably change once I figure out what I’m actually doing. 

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The first time I saw him, had to be fate. I really don’t know what else it could be. I had walked in to the coffee shop the same way I always had. I had seen the same people I always did… Except for him. He was new.

He was at the corner table I never paid much attention to, his dark eyes watching me. He was someone surprising and I took half a second to study him before ordering my drink. He caught me off guard, the way he was looking at me so intently. He had dark hair that needed a trim, faint curls running though-out it. His long face had two dark eyes that were surrounded by thick, thick lashes and pale skin. He looked tired, his jaw clenched and shoulders stiff. I turned to the barista and ask her about him. She just shrugged.

“No one really knows anything about him,” Her words came out sure and steady, like the question had been asked before. “He just appeared a few months ago and no one bothered to ask.”

I nodded, grabbing my drink from her. A bead of water seeped onto my finger as I continued to steal side long glances at him. I decided to talk to him, what would it hurt?

I walked over, sweating drink in hand and dangerous curiosity painted on my face.

“Hi,” My voice came out too much like a whisper, breathy. He blinked once, then twice before responding.

“Hello,” He had a sharp jaw line, sharp nose, sharp chin. Sharp everything. Except his eyes, his eyes were deep and swallowing, no definable end to them.

“Do you have a name?” I asked, the corner of my lip rising just slightly, my voice slowly growing more resolute, more playful.

“Many, I suppose,” His voice is deep and rich, the sound of when you’re about to fall asleep in your own bed after a long trip away from home. The sound of when your interest is completely wrapped up in a stranger.

“Well, would you be kind enough to give me one?” I scoffed, biting my lower lip, tasting the lip gloss I had put on this morning.

“You can call me Erlik,” He said, looking up at me, a single thick brow raised. It was the color of burnt candle wicks. The color of a deep night with no stars.

“Erlik?” I tried it on my tongue, it didn’t sound nearly as good when I said it. “Isn’t that-”

“No, you’re thinking of something else,” He said quickly, how did he know what I was going to ask? “What about you?”

“Me?” I went back to biting my lip, “What about me?”

“Well, I gave you my name so you might as well repay me by telling yours,” He motioned to the seat across the table and I sat down in it. I smoothed down my dress and took a sip of my coffee. It doesn’t taste as nearly as good as the sound of his words in my ears.

“Right well, if only to repay you,” I shrugged, a couple of strands of hair falling over my shoulder.  “I’m Percy.”

“That your real name?” He asked, his eyes peering back at me. His eyes made my heart tripped over itself. The simple process of beating becoming too hard for it.

“Well I suppose you can call me, Dazzling Brilliance if that pleases you too,” I let out a little giggle. He blinked again when the sound reached his ears, as if it surprised him. “Or maybe, the Iron Queen?”

“I suppose I could, it would be fitting.” He doesn’t laugh but part of his lip seems to bend in a smile, which is enough for me.

“Of course it would,” I reply, still watching him carefully, considering him carefully.

The first time I met him had to be fate. If it was an accident, how could have it been so smooth? How could it have been a movie scene? Yes, it was fate. It was fate, because nothing else would’ve made it so perfect.


*Part One* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

Hello!! This is a story idea that I’ve been working on for a little bit now. I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting but I will at least once a week if not more. I hope you enjoy!!

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The first time I saw her, it was unplanned, an accident. But it was not an accident I regretted. It was probably the best accident that has happened in a long while.

It had been a good day. A blissfully quiet day, one that whispers to you to stop and partake in its silence. I had listened to the day’s murmurings, I had sat down in the corner table that was the epitome of a watcher’s hiding place. I had sat in the corner and had done exactly what the table was for, watching. Letting the world pass by as I took notes on people’s conversations or movements. The place was submerged in a cafe, one that had the smell of stress relief and killing time.

The girl had walked in the wrong moment but in the right way. The wrong moment because when she came in she interrupted the quiet whisperings of everyone there. The right way because she came in as if she was the queen of this small kingdom. As she entered her gentle chin was defiant and her clear blue eyes open to new ideas. As she came in her lips were pursed with a greeting and shoulders relaxed with authority. The second I saw her the world slowed, not her though. The rest of the world stopped and she walked in at a normal speed, her hair dusted with small flowers and cheeks dusted with sun.

She glanced quickly around the room, inviting eyes matching her encouraging smile that transformed her face into something else entirely. But no matter what expression she wore, she was still the queen of this cafe. Still the queen of the corner table of where I sat. Still the queen of my thoughts.

Her eyes met mine, for a split second and something registered on her face. Something I could not place. The fact that I could not name it, the fact that I did not know what is was, made my upper lip twitch with curiosity.

The girl went to the counter and ordered, sun set streaming from the window and onto her face. The way it outlined her delicate nose and smooth forehead made it look like as if sun set was invented for her. As if it was made to accentuate her prominent jaw line. She seemed to know everyone, offering a smile or nod to anyone that did the same.

As her drink was handed to her, a hand full of rings and small insignificant scars accepted it. She turned, to look me in the eye, to fully comprehend me. Then, She starting moving toward me, her purpose unknown.

She offered a hello as she approached me. Everything about it was a picture of perfection. Her full lips overflowing with a perfect tone of voice. A gentle persuasive tone that made my upper lip twitch just barely again. Her face staring into mine with another expression buried under the easy friendly one.

The world had stopped when she had walked into the coffee shop.

But my heart stopped when her lips parted to greet me.


Little House

You left my heart

Like an empty house

Empty, dark, cold.

And while I’m still hurting,

I think maybe,

Just maybe,

This little house could be quite cute,

With some curtains hung up over the broken windows

And some table and chairs to match the thick rug

This little house could very well soon,

Be something someone could live in

Maybe even two people

This little house,

Will not just hold my heart

But another’s too.

Once I do some dusting.

*Some New Ideas*

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Heheheheh, sorry, I haven’t been here all week, still trying to think of stuff to put on here. ANNNNNND since I’m lazy and don’t like to choose, I’m asking you too.

It’s simple.

It’s easy.

All you have to do, is read this post. ((Which is super short.))

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Okay here are your choices….


More short clips of my characters and more posts about the novel I’m currently writing. I’ve done a whole ton of these and you can find a couple of them here or here. I’ve had a ton of fun with them and you guys seemed to have enjoyed reading them. 


Lots and lots of poetry. I can’t say exactly what type of poetry but some examples of the kind of things I would be posting are probably things like, this and this


Narratives. I’ve done a few of these way back when. They’ll probably be short and simple but I’ll do my best to make them interesting and fun to read! 


OK. I have this idea for a story about Greek gods and putting them in the modern world, it’s only an inkling though. So if we were to do this idea, then I would have to take a little while to plan and what not and while you were waiting on my while I plotted, we could do any of the above ideas. I really like this idea and I think it could be super fun!

Anyway, please, please, please, comment below what you would like to see and I will do what the majority of you want! Hope you guys have a great week and can’t wait to see your answers!!


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