Part Seven- Trouble’s Out of Town

 Will there ever be a day when I post consistently? I think not. Here’s this post things get w i l d. Kinda. Anyway. Have @ it. Catch up, here: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six TERRA- She was familiar with loops. More than familiar, more like intimate with…

Graduated high school so now I’m panicking

We sprint to the ice cream truck, Reaching for some sense of nostalgia We race through the streets, our bare feet burning on hot asfault, salt water dripping off our soaked swimsuits We grab at time, hoping it will slow Hoping we can take it by the collar, Look it in the eye and command,…

attempted murder

a single crow a lonely whistle blows and blows and blows no one says a word except the old man with fingerless gloves and all he whispers is, Attempted murder

Part Six- Trouble’s Out of Town

Did this take forever to type out for no apparent reason? Yes? Has this scene been living in my head for months now? Also yes. Anyway, here it is and let me know what you think below in the comments!  Catch up here   TERRA- She’s seen strange things. Mysterious things. Impossible things. Wildly beautiful things….

Still Frames from Her Room

I always wonder what he sees, what version of the story the room tells him. What I see is a basket of Miles Davis CDs and my Kello Kitty player next to my bed, what I see is the only thing that lets me sleep at night. But I think the only ballad the still sings…

Shiver and Shake

hold your breath count your change something’s coming coming this way if you light a candle and blow out the dark then maybe you’ll dream of somewhere less stark a penny hits the floor your hands grope for the door there are snakes at the love feast i told you so, someone whispers i love…

Checkers and Chess

every option open every space available Rome wasn’t built in a day Neither were her strategies Someone forgot to have a son Someone forgot to tell her no Now they need a ruler and she likes how the crown frames her face is playing the damsel and act or her lifestyle?   * * *  She has…

the essay i want to write 20 pages on

i think people only like impressionistic art because it’s easy to understand @ first glance,  you can tell what it is and move on unless you look, peer, stare and squint you don’t really get the point @ all in this essay, i will explain why every 16-year-old girl falls in love with Van Gogh’s…

starry, starry night

a starry night wish i could see stars like that but what pain did you endure what traedgy occurred to have reality altered and your vision skewed to have something shattered to create something so beautiful yet so terrifying  


tears of honeysuckle clog your pores and trickle down your cheeks tendrils of dark lashes blink wearily and blearily someone hold you close someone hold you tight your eyes are watering cans but why do your tears always reap something different then what they sow