Chapter 39~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

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“Hey, did you see my brother?” Jethen asks me as soon as I appear in the dining room.

“Yea. Update, he’s still a jerk.” I say trying to not sound to mad.

“Oh ok.” Jethen smiles a little then starts to talk about something to Solstice. I smile at them, they’re really cute together. Solstice’s calculating personality would usually seem to clash with Jethen’s sloppy one but instead they are perfect together.

“Hey Flower.” A voice whispers in my eye. I turn quickly and Koda kisses me.

“Hey. We should get a room.” I say, pulling away a little.

“Yea, that wouldn’t be terrible.” I roll my eyes and walk over to get food. “You know your sister’s pretty cute with Jethen.”

“Yea. A match made in heaven. I would say the same about us.”

“Ugh go away. You need to get a hobby.” I mock annoyance.

“Hmm, so helping save the world doesn’t count?” He says with a raised eyebrow.

“No. Not at all. Now go find something to do.” I kiss him one more time and he walks away, probably saving the world like he said. I sigh, slightly sad to see him go but I need to think.

“Hey Poppy.” Remi says as I set my tray on the table. Why is it when I need to be alone is when every one wants to be besties with me?

“Hello.” I say, masking my annoyance. She sits next to me, playing with her food. “You ok?”

“Um. Yes. Totally. I am totally fine.” She’s lying.

“I wasn’t born yesterday. What’s wrong?” I say, throwing my annoyance into my mashed potatoes.

“Soon what would you do if Koda fell in love with someone else? And they were like perfect for each other? And you still loved him? What would you do?” She pause the adds quickly, “Not that, that’s happening me or anything.”

“Um. I don’t know.” I pause, losing Koda to someone else, knowing that he doesn’t love me anymore, that would tear me apart. “Probably die.”

“Yea that’s real helpful.” She says sighing. She starts to get up but I stop her.

“Sorry. Do you want to tell me what’s going on, then I might understand more.” I bite my lip, what can I do to help?

“I falling in love with…” She pauses, “Swear you won’t jude me or anything?”

“No. You have to remember I fell in love with someone who was going to kill everyone I knew. Although in my defense he was lying to me.” I smile a little, “No, I won’t”

“Ok. I’m falling in love with- with Jethen.” She runs her hands through her hair, spiking it.

“What?” The word slips out. “Sorry.”

“Yea. You have any advice?” She looks so worried.

“Well, you might want to just not… get attached… until… ok yea, I have nothing. You just might want to stop loving him. Is that possible?”

“You suck at this.” She laughs a little.

“I’ll work on it. But him and Solstice are kinda perfect together… No offense.” I give her a helpless work and she looks so heart broken that I want to take it back.

“Poppy! Poppy! I have the greatest news!” And suddenly Koda’s back with news that may or may not be the greatest.

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Chapter 38~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I blink, then realize what’s this woman is saying.

“You want me to come?” Koda asks.

“No, I’m good.” I say, acting casual and calm, covering up my fear.”I’ll be right back.”

“Ok. Give him punch for me.” I nod and follow the woman back out.

“So did you figure out what was wrong with him?” I ask. The woman walks quickly and everything she does seems filled with purpose.

“Yes. He had something in him that made him ‘dead’ in a sense, anyway, he was going to stay like that until someone said a certain word. We figured out the word was and said it. And now he’s awake and he wanted to talk to you. Maybe you can get something out of him.”

“Oh. Alright.” I bite my lip, thinking. Why is he asking for me? We walk until we get to the jail cells. It’s really similar to the ones me and Koda were locked in.There are many other prisoners other than Chase, most of them young boys, caught and now POWs. They all glare at us with hatred and I understand. Half of them probably didn’t want to fight in this awful war and now, they have to stay in these cells. Chase is in the very last cell. When he sees me he smirks.

“Ah. Poppy, we meet again.” His voice is amused and I feel an anger flare inside me.

“Unfortunately so.” I murmur, trying to not let my anger show.

“Tell me, how’s my horse?” Chase acts like actually cares about that amazing animal.

“He’s not yours.” I say, loudly.

“I’m sure.” He winks, making me even more angry. He walks up to the front of the cell and I watch his every move.

“Why’d you ask for me?” I say, wanting to leave.

“Well, I just wanted to let you know. You may think you’re safe now. You may think that you and your lover can ride off into the sunset. And you may live happily ever for a little bit. But soon your going to forget about me. And then I’ll come back and burn everything you’ve ever cared about. That includes anyone you’ve ever though of as a friend. You will never be safe after that. Keep that in mind as you go marry your super hero.” He smiles as my temper breaks. I grab him my his throat.

“You, are never going to hurt Koda. Or anybody else. OK? I will make sure you killed before you can hurt anyone else. I will make sure.” It starts out as a scream then ends in a growl. His face doesn’t show any fear or lack of air. I squeeze harder and harder, letting my anger out. A hand on my shoulder makes me jump and I let go of Chase’s throat, he falls on the floor gasping. I turn and I find Solstice looking at me with pity.

“You ready for dinner?” She asks. She acts so much different from the girl I knew. She’s not Livy in any way. She’s a different person.

“Um. Yea, let’s go.” I say, panting a little bit.

“Don’t worry, my brother can take of himself.” She says as she leads me back to the dining room hall.

“I guess I’ll just have to be his insurance then.”

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Chapter 35~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I feel the grass under my hands, its soft and it smells of bread. And it’s not cold, which is almost strange. I check myself and make sure nothing’s broken. Only a few cuts and bruises, nothing horrible. I get up and walk towards Koda and Jethen. Koda’s leading all three horses down (including Gold who’s having trouble with Chase on her back), trying not to fall and Jethen’s practically running ahead, doing nothing.

“Oh man, this better be it!” Jethen smiles, excitement spreading on his face. “I can’t want to have some real food, sorry Flower the squirrel you made doesn’t cut it. Oh and shower, and it’ll be nice to you, talk to people who aren’t too busy kissing.”

“My name isn’t Flower, and we’re not always kissing.” I remind him for the millionth time. He waves me off and runs ahead. I grab one of the horses from Koda nd look at Chase, he still looks dead. Whatever, I like him better that way. We walk further and further into the sunny canyon. “Is this it?”

“Yep. We’re here.” Koda smiles with relief. I grab his hand and lean in and kiss him on the cheek, ok maybe we are always kissing. “They have a shield that keeps out the snow and lets the sun in. That’s how you find it, you have to look for the right things though.

“Good job, super hero.” He looks over and we kinda just look at each other a moment.

“Thanks Flower.” He winks as I elbow him and roll my eyes. We walk for a while and Jethen starts to get grumpy.

“I thought you said we were here.” He pouts.

“No, you’re the one who said that.” Koda says, “And why are you acting like a two-year old?”

“I am not!” Jethen scowls.

“You really are, now help us with the horses.” I give him his horse’s reigns and he slows down. After walking for another thirty minutes we run into the door. Literally. It’s transparent. Koda finds something on the door and presses it. A wall appears in front of us with a door on it. Koda knocks on it loudly. Then he murmurs something and the door opens, just like that. I nod, pleased and we walk in. There’s someone there in an instant. A girl with spiky brown hair and hazel eyes is standing in front of us.

“State your name.” She says, almost sounding bored.

“Um, Koda, this Poppy and Jethen and the dead looking guy is Chase. What’s your name?”

“Uh, I ask questions.” She rolls her eyes, “War numbers? My name’s Remi.”

“I’m 202, and Poppy’s 509, I don’t know what Jethen is?” He looks at Jethen, who is frowning at the girl.

“I’m 304.” The girls grabs Gold’s reigns and starts walking down the hall.

“304 and the dead looking one will come with me and Solstice will show you two where to go.”

“What?” Koda’s eyes widen. “What. Did. You. Just. Say?”

“Um. I said Solstice will show you to where you need to go.” Then Livy appears almost out of no where and Koda almost collapses in my arms.


Chapter 34~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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“Is he still alive?” I ask Koda, glancing at Chase. He hangs limp in the saddle and is only staying on because on the ropes tied to the saddle.

“Hm?” He looks so handsome, even with the bruises and scars all over his face. “Oh you mean Chase?”

“Yeah. He hasn’t moved since we put him on Gold.” I play with Champ’s mane and watch as Jethen clears a trail through the forest. It’s been harder to get the horses over the fallen trees, through the snow and between the rocks. The forest is getting denser but Koda tells me that this is the right way to go.

“Who’s Gold?” Koda gives me a look of amusement.

“You named that old nag?” Jethen calls out.

“Jethen, stop ease dropping!” I smile and speed Champ up until he’s standing next to Jethen. As the white horse trots past Jethen I grab his beanie then hand it to Koda.

“You know, it says not to steal.” He rolls his eyes, giving us the you’re-so-imature look.

“Yea it also says to mind your own business.” Gold stamps her hoof in the crunchy snow and sighs, I smile. The loose snow tumbles down the steep cliff edge that we have been walking on for some time. “And she wants to go.”

“Whatever. And I don’t really care about my brother right now, let’s just get to this stupid camp. They better have good food. Can I have my hat back?”

“Oh. Koda, guess what?” My smile is way too big for any of this but I feel so happy.

“What?” I turn and find Koda’s smile is just as big.

“WE have a grumpy pants in our midst. Wanna know what we do to people who are grumpy?”

“Oh yes very much so.” Koda laughs a little. I reach up and grab a pine cone, then I throw it at Jethen, barely missing him. His horse spooks a little and starts walking quickly.

“Oh my gosh stop!” Jethen says as we pelt him with pinecones.

“You know for such a trained soldier you aren’t very good at protecting your self.” I say as Jethen ducks to avoid a well thrown pine cone.

“You know what? Fine.” Jethen grabs a pine cone and pitches at me. I duck and suddenly Champ steps sideways. Which would’ve been fine except, we’re on a cliff and I wasn’t really holding on. I tumble down the cliff face as Koda yells after me. I roll and roll and hit the bottom.

“Poppy!” I hear Koda’s frantic voice. “Poppy can you hear me? Don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.”

“Yea. I can hear you. I’m not dead!” I can’t see his face from down here.

“What’s it like down there?” He yells.

“Ummm…” I look around and realize something. “There’s no snow, none at all. Just grasses.”

“Ok we’re coming down.” Koda yells.

Chapter 32~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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“Where’s the map?” I whisper to Koda. We’re resting for the night, the horses tied to a tree, tightly. We’re tied together, also tightly. Chase and Jethen sleep further away, not tied at all.

“I tore it apart, I have it memorized.” His eyes stare at me, I wonder if he’s looking at my eyes. My amberish eyes that are nothing close to his amazing chocolate ones. I wonder what he thinks of them.

“That’s good. Now they’ll just be wandering aimlessly. We need to figure something out.” I pause, thinking, “Are you’re cuts ok?”

“We do. My cuts are fine, just annoying scabs.” His face changes in the slightest, something someone would usually not notice. But I notice, his face changes from worry to anger.

“What?” I ask.

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” He shakes his head then closes his eyes as if to shut out an image.

“It does to me.” My voice is softer than I could have ever imagined, I care too much. If Koda were to ever be taken away from me I wouldn’t be able to cope.

“I’m just mad. First my sister was taken and soon, you will be too. I can’t let that happen, I just can’t.” His voice is soft too but it’s a different kind of soft. It is a dangerous soft, he is going to snap soon, his anger was going to be let out. And he’s going to hurt himself.

“Hey, remember when you told me to chill?” I murmur with a small smile.

“Yea, that was what? An hour ago?” He strokes his hands through my hair, my matted ginger hair.

“Exactly. We’ll figure it out AND we’ll stick together in the process. It’ll be like a win, win.” I reach in to kiss him. He doesn’t kiss be back at first, I pause watching his furrowed brows. Then he closes the gap and kisses me back. And all the happiness in the world swarms in my heart.

“Wakey, Wakey.” Chase says, I blink my eyes open. I don’t remember falling asleep. “We have work to do.”

“Do we have to do this now Chase?” Jethen asks, he voice filled with desperation.

“Shut up and watch how it’s done little brother.” He winks at Jethen.

“If everyone winked as much as you did, the world would be a scary place.” Koda states, Chase just grunts.

“If everyone made as many comments as you the world would be an awful place.” Chase rolls his eyes, “Where’s the map?”

“The world already sucks. The map to what?” Koda gives him a bored look, his anger covered beneath a thick mask.

“Oh please.” Chase scowls. “Fine. If you don’t want to talk. I can make you.”

“NO- Don’t Chase. Please!” I beg him, already knowing what he’s going to do.

“Oh my word! Just shut up!” Chase gives Jethen a look and the blue eyed boy sighs. He grabs me and unties me from Koda. I lunge at him, he pushes me into the snow and while I’m down he ties me down. I feel like an animal, trapped. Just wanting to be free. Chase and Jethen tie Koda to a tree. His face still maksed, except for his eyes. His eyes show pure hatred.

Chapter 31~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

“You guys are ridicluos.” Chase smiles at Koda and I. Our hands are tied and we’re on top of a horse, of course we look dumb, you try balencing on a barrel shaped stomach whithout using your hands. Chase has switched out Champ for a old, slow mare. She has scars all over her and she stumbles every two steps. We ride the mare and he rides his war horse. The horse is terrifyed of him, I realize this now. Champion of Troy, the best horse I’ve ever ridden (OK well, I haven’t ridden very many horse but he’s a great horse) is horrible working with Chase. I think the horse is used to my gentle urging but now he has to readjust himself to the harsh cues given by Chase. Chase told me the horse is named Methuselah. For some reason I doubt that. In my head, her name is Blossoming Gold. In my head, I need to figure out a way to escape.

“At least we still-” I get cut off as Gold trips again and I fall on top of Koda. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry. Just don’t fall off or we both will.” He’s right, we’re tied together. I almost start growling at Chase, I’m just so angry. “You need to chill a little.”

“I’m sorry what? Chill? I was thinking a lot of things just then and chilling was not even close.” My voice is an angry whisper. Koda smiles at little at my frustation.  “Why are you smiling? He’s going to kill you.”

“We can’t let him get to us. Pretend we’re having fun, pretend we don’t care. Then he’ll get angry and we can use it against him.”

“Oh, ok, that makes sense.” I plaster an amused smile on my face, “We’ll beat him at his own game.”

“Right. You can do it. I believe in you.”

“Do you know why Jethen is following Chase blindly? It’s doesn’t look like he wants to.” Koda glances at Jethen realizing what I mean. Jethen looks sad, scared and most of all angry. And I’m not sure why.

“Chase is bribing him. I might know what.” I furrow my brows at this, how does he know?

“What?” I pretend like I’m having fun, I nudge him and laugh a little. “Tell me!”

“I think it my be my sister. At the training base, Jethen and her were really close.” He bites his lip, “I think Chase knows where she is, or has her somewhere.”

“Solstice? What was she like?” I ask, my voice soft. I’m not pretending anymore.

“She was beautiful, but not a pretty as you. I swear.” He blushes slightly there and I love him for it. “She had these blue eyes and long black hair. She was an amazing soldier and spent a while hating me because I wasn’t a good student there. But we made up, right before I went to war. I thought she died. I loved her.”

“Sorry. For making you bring up memories.” I remember Zellie, how she was taken from me. My only friend was stolen. I hug Koda a little tighter. I hold him tighter because, war rips everything apart and I want us to stay together.

Chapter 30~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

My breath catches as Chase smiles. The scars from Tesla’s teeth are horrid, I’m glad I’m not good at sewing. Jethen’s face turns into horror and fear when he realizes who I am.

“Poppy.” Chase’s voice cruls around my name like a snake. “It’s been a while. But I’m glad we can meet again.”

“If only the feeling was mutal.” I mutter, “What do you want Chase?”

“I need a map.” He smiles, his lips turning in a sick way. “One that you have.”

“I don’t have it anymore.” I’m not lying, I gave the scrap of paper to Koda. I feel a jolt of fear when I remember Koda, still sleeping, still unaware. I don’t call out to him, Chase may not know about him. I never told Chase about him. I remember the knife tucked into my belt, Jethen had a couple extras and I stole one from him. I slowly reach back to grab it but Chase notices. He’s on me in a second and pulls the knife rom my belt.

“Jethen, hold her for me.” Chase commands, Jethen doesn’t move, “Do it! You know what’s at stake.”

“Jethen, don’t we can beat him, if we both go against he won’t stand a chance.” I whisper as Jethen grabs me. He holds my arms behind me loosely,as if he’s scared of touching me.

“I’m sorry Poppy. But you don’t understand.” His voice is filled with such pain that I barely recongize it.

“You’re right,” I go with a often used line, “I don’t.”

“I’ll be right back.” Chase flips the knife in his hand then disappears in the trees. I feel panic swarm me.

“Koda! Koda wake up. He’s coming for you! Wake-” Jethen clamps his hand over my mouth. I clamp my teeth down on his skin and try to tear it away, blood fills my mouth. He doesn’t even flinch. I struggle, trying to escape his grip. But it tightens and I can’t get away. I wait, the silence defeaning. I strain my ears, listening for anything. All I find is a head ache. Then, a sound, boots tramping on the snow. My hopes soar when I hear two sets of feet, Koda’s ok. Most likley. Chase appears a second later and my hopes crash when I see what he has. Koda, his throat at the end of a knife. A thin line of blood trailing from the point of the knife. His brown eyes are strangly calm, his shoulders relaxed but his jaw is slightly clenched. I’ve only known him for a short time andyet I know him so well. I can read him like a book. I try to tell him everything with just my eyes, I try to explain everything I can with just my two eyes. If he understands, he doesn’t show it. Jethen takes his hand off my mouth and shakes the blood off it, as if it was nothing. It makes me angrier than anything.

“So now that I have a chips to bargain I hope you’ll reconsider.” Chase winks at me as if we’re sharing a joke. I spit directly into his open eye, I have very good aim. His face twitches then he wipes it away. Koda gives me a look, a look that tells me to tred carefully. “You’ll show me the way or I kill your lover. Clear?”

“Fine.” I mutter.

“Ah, come on. Give me a little more engery.” He pushes the knife deeper into Koda’s neck.

“OK! OK! I’ll do it!” My voice fills with desperation that I didn’t mean in put there. I hate Chase, so much I’m choking on it. He knows how to make me do thing, he knows my pressure points. “Just don’t hurt him. Please.”

“Thought so.” Chase smirks as Koda gives me an angry look. He wanted me to not say anything. But I know I would say anything for him. I will always choose him.