My Randomness In One Post

Hey friends! You’re beloved rambler is here. Yes, tis I, the one who never posts anything. *Tries to look innocent and fails*  


Homework is harddd ok?? But any who, I’m here now so stop complaining. (Yes, I know I was the one complaint but details are just boring) This post is basically just some random stuff. I have some narratives and some writing prompts and fun stuff like that. SO basically I’m making you happy so I don’t have to post more this week. Let’s get started! 


I stood on the top of the building. My feet hanging off the edge. I hear the roar of the cars and trucks beneath me. A bird soars by, a pigeon maybe. I stay still, listening to my breath travel in and out of my lungs. I stay still, almost falling. But not quite yet. I stay still, feeling the breeze in my face. Suddenly there’s a jerk, a feel of a hand on my back, a wave of panic. I fall, mouth screaming, arms flailing, tears flying from my eyes. I plummet, the wind yanking my eyes back. I plummet, the cars getting closer.  I plummet, my breath gone, heart beating, thoughts fleeing. All I can think about is the dirty pavement that will be covered by my body. I fall. Then. I jerk upward. Like a parachute deploying. A hand has caught me. A gentle loving hand. A hand that holds me with such care that I feel safe. A hand that has a hole in it. A scar so ugly it’s beautiful. A scar that testifies his love. A scar of the cross.  My God has saved me. My God has caught me in his palm. He has save me. He lowers me to the ground slowly, careful that I don’t fall. His movements graceful and planned out. Like he had know this would happen ever since time began. I don’t want to step out if his palm but I know I have to. I have to go do his work. I have to go and show others his hand. I have to show others his scars of love. I have to show others his gentle loving hands that save us from falling. From falling into sin.

Hopefully y’all enjoyed that. It made me really happy while writing it. Comment below what you think. Next thing, a narrative for how my auditions for the Wizard of OZ workshop I was doing.

Narrative- Theater-

Heart pounds, knees shake, voice wobbles. Get control of you nerves. Otherwise you won’t get the part. You’ve done this before. You’ve gone through auditions before but you’re just as nervous. The first person goes up on the stage when their name is called. You pray a silent prayer that you weren’t the first person be called. You thank the heavens you don’t have a last name that starts with A. But of course the first person that goes has been doing theater since she was 7. She’s been doing dance since she was 4. And don’t forget she came out of the womb taking voice lessons. So as she sings your confidence shrivels up and dies.

You know you’re gonna get a smaller part by the time your name is called. You’ve been doing theater for a year. And even if it’s a workshop where everyone HAS to get a part, you worry you’ll be banned from the theater if you go up and show off the skill you lack. You take a few deep breaths then walk up the steps the the stage. You’re friend gives you a worried look, remembering the last year’s audition. The one were you tried to sing while you were sick.

You sing. You dance. You act. The singing was fine. At least you didn’t break anyone’s ears. The dancing sucked. Like a lot. The acting was actually… It was actually good. But you’re trying out for Glinda and the Wicked Witch who need they’re singing voices…

Two days later. You get an email. As you pour over it you find your parts. Mostly background stuff. You’re eyes finally find your larger part. Auntie Em. That’s cool, it’s a bigger part than last year at least. And you have a solo singing part… Hopefully you don’t botch that.


Well fellow people of earth, maybe that held your attention? Maybe not? I would love to hear what you think! If you want to know a secret I will tell you something about bloggers, Bloggers love it when you comment. (It wasn’t me who told you though) Now, you’re welcome to stay but I have to go take over the world I’l see you all later! Remember to comment below. ⇓⇓



I shouldn’t feel alone.

I have God with me.

But why is it when I’m with people do I feel like I’m choking on loneliness?

I’m lost in a sea of people.

People who don’t know me.

People who think they know me but when I act like myself, they get scared.

Because I’m different.

Because people are afraid of what they don’t understand.

And they don’t understand me.

I’m Back!

Hey, did you guys miss me? Maybe a little? Ok, now for what you’ve been waiting for… What am I going to do next? And the answer, a narrative. SO this is kinda a new thing for me, so cut me some slack. If I screw up, I’m sorry. What this is going to be is a basic story from my life with some exaggeration or made up parts. I know that’s not how you usually do narratives but my life’s kinda boring so you wouldn’t want to hear about it all by itself.  😉 So, let’s begin…


The girl gripped the animal’s barrel with her calves, making sure she didn’t squeeze too tightly with her knees. When you squeezed too much with your knees, you were in more danger of falling off. She massaged the reigns with her fingers, keeping the horse at a consistent pace, feeling it’s powerful legs hit the ground. She watched it’s ears, ready for anything that the ears would portray. Horses told mostly everything with their ears. Almost everything anyway.

The horse she was riding didn’t see her as it’s boss. Which was what she was looking for. The horse also wasn’t seeing itself in charge. Which what also what she was looking for. She was looking for a connection with the horse, in which it respond to her but told her what she was doing wrong. They weren’t there yet but that was to be expected since she had only had the met the horse this week. The horse trotted on the newly raked sand, it extended it’s stride as she pushed her heels in every other stride. She felt the horse beneath her. Skin on fur. No saddle. No bridle. Just a piece of rope that directed where the horse should go. She pushed the horse into a canter and they went toward a barrel. She bent the horse around it, leaving a pocket that was almost as large as the shadow the barrel cast. The girl urged the horse home and broke into a gallop. It’s mane whipping her face and it’s ears letting her know that the animal was enjoying this. When they slowed the horse tossed it’s head a bit and the girl smiled. This was one of God”s greatest ideas. The idea of a connection through a horse and human. Two completely different life beings. Becoming one.



So, how did you like it? I know not everyone is a horse person but I hope you enjoyed that for the most part. Anyway, comment below and tell me if I should continue or not.  


Interveiw~ Holly Bush

I know, I know, you were all expecting an As the Sun Peeks Through Trees character but… I couldn’t resist. SO I hope you forgive me and you like this post. If you don’t know Holly’s story click here for the first part of it, Part One. This is told my my POV.

I tap my desk nervously, I mean… I drum my fingers really professionally against my desk as I bounce my foot and bite my lip. You get the idea, I’m slightly worried about this interveiw. I just don’t know how she’ll take it. Amanda pops and gives me that, calm down look. I stop tapping my foot and let go of my lip, my leg keeps bouncing. She’s so pretty, it’s not fair. She’s wearing this dress that’s not very busniess like but I let her wear it anyway. I mean most days I wear sweat pants to work. another girl comes in, a teenager, another pretty girl.

“Hi,” I do my best to smile but honestly, my smiles a little crooked. Always has been. I open up my computer and get ready to take some notes. “Do you want anything to drink?”

“Uh, yea, hot chocalate would be cool.” She’s wearing a hoodie, a marvel hoodie (Which I totally approve of) and a pair of jeans. Her long hair, hangs in ringlets that almost seems unatural but I know they are. Her blue eyes study me intently.

“Um, Amanda? Can you get Holly and I two hot choclates? Mine with extra whip?” I always get a ton of whipped cream. Don’t ask why, I just really like whip.

“I’m you’re secritary not your maid.” She scowls.

“Please?” I roll my eyes, we spend so much time we eachother that we act like sisters. She’s been working with me for about two or three years now, helping me with all my stuff.

“Fine, one sec.” She walks out the room and a few minutes later, she returns with glorirous cups of creamy hot chocalate.

“So Holly…” I pause and flip though some notes until I find the questions I wrote down. “It’s cool that I ask you questions right?”

“Well, I’m pretty sure that’s why you ask me to come but… If it was just for the hot chocalate then that’s fine too.” She has a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. She can tell I’m nervous.

“Right. Ok first question, anything going on with you and Jason?” She arches her eyebrows, her perfect eyebrows.

“Are you kidding me? He’s just some dork that follows me around. We’re just friends,” She says dork with another one of her small smiles, she does like him. But as a friend, nothing more. At least not yet.

“Ok, umm,” I look down at my notes, “Are you a Christan?”

“Well, that honestly depends on your defnition. I do believe in God and I believe that Jesus died on the cross for us but…” She shrugs, “I don’t go to church every week or anything. But I might start.”

“Cool. Ok, um how ’bout: What’s your favorite color?” I go with an easy question.

“Um, green. Or maybe a french blue,” She shrugs again.

“Ok, what’s your favorite drink at Starbucks?” Another easy one, I’ve gotten use to her. I’m not nervous anymore.

“Oh, that’s a hard one. Probably a carmel frapp. Those are really good.” She takes a sip of hot choclate. “What about you?”

“Oh, white mocha all the way.” I’m starting to enjoy myself. “Last question, do you know what happened to your parents?”

“No, I hope they rot in jail. And if they get out, they I hope they realize what they did and feel sorry.” She suddenly looks ready to go.

“Alright, I hope you enjoyed the hot chocalate and thanks so much for coming. Amanda will walk you out.” I smile. And she nods.

“Can I keep the hot chocalate?” She looks at me, hopeful, “And the cup?”

“Of course.” I give her another smile and with a toss of her dark hair, she’s gone.

Missing Piece~

We are all half solved puzzles

looking for our missing piece.

We lie to ourselves that we have already found it.

But really,

We are still looking.

Looking for that piece.

The piece that will complete us.

And until we see what is

right under our noses,

We will never find that piece.

And what is right in front of our noses is the one who will complete us.


The Everlasting Father.