Journals and Stationery, Whispers, Feeling Sleepy, Browsing Wikipedia for 2 Hours, Streets in Foreign Cities, Sculptures

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“Okay, so,” I take a deep breath. Roan watches me carefully, his long lashes blinking and a small smile of his plump lips. “We have to get either cards or journals from each country we visit.”

“We’re not visiting very many,” He says, his words are slow and soft. I hang on every word and can’t stop looking at his face. A website glares from my computer screen and light part of my face in an eerie way. I’ve been doing research for the past two hours, Roan watching me. My eyes are watery and red from staring at the screen for too long. But I want this trip to be perfect. The room is dark, it’s three in the morning. We leave at four to go to the air port. Roan and I will be visiting Europe for two weeks. I can hardly breathe, I’m so excited. “Only like five.”

“New plan,” I say suddenly and with a smile. “We get two journals and two different sets of stationery from each country.”

“Sounds perfect,” He yawns, “As long as you’re there, I’m happy.”

“Yea, that line is getting old, you could at least have an opinion on something,” I sigh, “Like, I know you love me but… You didn’t even care what continent we going too.”

He lays down on my bed and stretches out, a lazy smirk sprawled on his lips. He shrugs delicately.

“I’m going to take a nap until we have to go,” He blows a kiss and rolls over. I ditch my glasses on the table and I lay next to him, my arms pressed against his back. He’s warm and I can feel his muscles  contract as he breathes deeply. My eyelids are heavy and I let them fall. My mind wanders and I feel so happy in that moment.

Roan is right, it really doesn’t matter where we are.


My alarm clock blares and we get out of bed. My eyes and mouth are filled with sleep and everything is hazy. I let out a sigh and grab my glasses. Everything clears and I suddenly realize where we’re going. I grin.

“Legend?” Roan smiles again. He’s always smiling.

“Mhm?” I think for once, I’m smiling larger than him.

“You’re really adorable.” He murmurs. Then grabs his bags and walks out of my room.

“You too!” I call after him. I grab my bags and meet him out by the taxi we called. We get in and I’m bouncing from excitement.

“Calm down, by the time we get there, you’ll be out of energy and need another nap.” He rolls his eyes and kisses the top of my head. My scalp tingles where his lips brushed my hair.

“I’ll sleep on the plane,” I kiss his cheek, he licks his lips and leans back against the seat.

“This is going to be quite the trip now isn’t it?” He sighs.

“Definitely, but you won’t care because…” I wait for in to fill in the blanks.

“Because I have my little Legend,” He shakes his head and starts to double-check the paper work and passports.

“I’m not a little Legend, I’m a fricking big one,” I say, “Don’t forget that my little Roan.”

“Mmk, I won’t.” He says, pretending to not pay attention. I play with my hair and watch the world go by.


When we get to the airport, everything is insane. People everywhere, planes everywhere, food everywhere. I’ve never flown before and everything is surprising and new and… absolutely perfect. I’m still bouncing and Roan is a little more excited too.

He’s hard to read. Took me forever but I can finally tell when he’s excited. His smirk is stretched in the slightest and his fingers tap on anything and everything. Right now it’s my palm as he holds my hand. I lean into his shoulder, he’s solid and warm. Are airports always this cold?


The plane ride is terrifying. I hate it so much. I spend the whole time with my eyes squeezed shut because one glance out the window and I feel like I need to puke. Landing squeezing a lot of squeaks and squeals out of me and Roan lets me hide in the crook of his arm.

We get there. And we drive to our hotel. And I can barely believe it. We had been planning this trip forever. For two years we had been trying to come to this place. Now, we’re finally here.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Roan, I can’t breathe, oh my gosh.” I’m bouncing again.

“This is pretty cool, it’s worth not breathing over,” He murmurs, his head tilted so he coud look at everything.

“I can’t believe this, we’re finally here,” I squeal, this time from excitement.

“Let’s check in first,” He says, pulling my arm in the direction of the hotel. “So we can ditch our stuff?”

“Yea, yea okay.” I nod vigorously.

I get stuck on the steps.

“Woah…” There are statues on our hotel steps and I can’t believe how pretty they are. “Let’s take a picture.”

“They’ll be there in five minutes, let’s put this away and this we can take a picture,” He says, ever patient. I blink, then nod. This trip will be perfect, as long as he comes with.


9. Cinnamon, a welcome sign, a well-worn leather jacket

Ahh, we’re getting to the end of this!! What is this witch craft, prompts ending? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Anyway, enjoy today’s post because apparently they don’t last for ever. Ridiculous.

9. Cinnamon, a welcome sign, a well-worn leather jacket


I tug my leather jacket on and slam the door of my car. It creaks back open. I let out a groan. I really do not have time for this. I slam it shut again, cussing when it open again. Does the door really need to shut on a car? Not like I own anything important to leave in there. I position the door so it looks kinda closed and call it good. I grab my backpack by the one remaining strap and jog into the coffee shop. 

My sister is working on the welcome sign. She always does some crazy intense drawing on it, this time it’s a man climbing a snowy mountain. I don’t know how she puts so much detail in it because it’s pretty small. 

“You could be doing a lot more than welcome signs Legend,” I say, walking next to her. She adds another white streak. 

“We’re so not doing this again,” She rolls her eyes, picking up the blue piece of chalk. She adds color to the man’s parka. “I’m actually entirely happy right now.”

“C’mon, just one semester,” I say, walking behind the counter. Her wire rimmed glasses catch the light of the Edison bulbs hanging over head. I grab a cup and pour myself coffee. “Think about what you could learn in one semester.”

“I could learn everything that you’ve already taught me,” I cock my head, what does that mean? “I could learn that I would rather be working at a coffee shop, sharing an apartment with my best friend than be drowning in student loans and driving a car whose door that does not close just so I could learn to use a pencil. Which, by the way, is something I already know how to do.” 

“Alright, geez,” I sigh, “I’m just confused, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?”

“Don’t know, don’t care,” She shrugs, “I’m fine with this being my whole life honestly.” 

She takes the cup from me and frowns at it. She grabs the cinnamon from the counter and the white cream from the fridge. Then she grabs some other flavorings and milk. She mixes everything together and steps back when she’s done. I grab my new and improved drink and take a sip. It’s way better now. 

“Thanks,” I nod.

“If I went to college would I be able to that?” She asks, her face too cocky for my taste. 

“Probably, you would work part-time here either way,” I murmur. She rolls her eyes. 

“I’ll make you pay for that,” She raises a brow. 



“Okay fine, I’ll drop it,” I sigh, taking another sip. She’s ridiculous. 

8. French Pastries, a blue suit, a record player

“Oh my gosh,” I stifle a laugh. It comes out as a snort, “You look like Willy Wonka.”

“Shut up,” He hisses.

“But… you’re blue.” I wipe tears from my eyes. I put on a high pitched distressed voice, “Violet you’re turning violet!”

“Look, this was the only thing they had,” He sighed, rubbing his temples.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop. If,” I take a deep breath, “If you call me Steve.”

“Steve?” He raises a brow. His face contorts with realization when he gets it, “No. I’m not calling you that. You’re name is Legend, nothing else.”

“C’mon, it’ll be hilarious. I can call you blue like from-“

He shakes his head. “Let’s just go.”

“Blue is very becoming on you,” I straighten his tie and we go out. I wear a nice simple dress. It’s loose and black and flows around me. I kinda look like a queen while he… he looks like a berry.

“Yea well at least my clothes don’t reflect the color of my soul,” He mutters as he locks the door of the house.

“One must not treat a lady like so,” I say with dramatic hand gesture.

“One must be open to hearing the truth, even if it hurts,” He winks in my direction. I huff in mock anger.

We walk to the mall. People look at us. We pretend to be movie stars. We were gonna have friends be our body guards but for some crazy reason, it was lame excuse day.

“Oh Roan, look at all these petty people, I haven’t been among the common man in so long,” I sigh dramatically and looks out at the imaginary crowd. There’s like only 10 people within sight.

“Neither have I love, so strange, oh look,” He points out someone at the ice cream store, “That one’s using cash. How quaint.”

“Thank god you wore this suit, otherwise no one would know who you are.” I poke him in the ribs. He bumps me with his elbow.

My apologies, I did not see you there,” He says, poking me back. It goes on for a while, us making fun of everyone.

We finally get tired and go to a coffee store. We order croissants and pay with cash. He sits down at the table and I join him. The lady walks the pastries over and does a double take when she sees Roan. It takes a lot for me not to laugh. He looks awful. A light blue suit and his long curls going everywhere. He’s still handsome but not anyone I would want to be seen with. Well, if I wasn’t dating him.

“We need music,” I murmur. The lady hands us our drinks and points to an old record player.

“You can play something on that if you want, it’s mostly for decoration but it still works,” She smiles sweetly, “For you two, I’ll let it play. I assume you know how to work one?”

“Um yea, yea of course,” I almost break my disguise and start laughing again. She feel for it, sorta. She’s letting us do things because we look famous. We walk over to the record player. Roan picks out a record. It’s for West Side Story. “Nerd.”

“Shut up,” He mutters as he sticks on the player. Then messes with it for a few minutes. He finally gets it to work and the sound of snapping fills the room. “Would you like to dance, ma’am?”

“Yes sir, I would love to,” I smile at him. We dance like it’s a waltz. Which makes no sense but it’s still fun. I’m dancing with Roan. Roan who can kinda rock a baby blue suit and Roan who loves old musicals and Roan who is a complete dork. I grin up at him.

“What?” He smiles back.

“You’re really cute,” I sigh.

“You too,” He laughs. It’s perfect.

Why Am I Here? ~ Part Four ~


Look! I’m not dead. Funny how that works out isn’t it? Anyway, if you don’t know what this is, read the parts below. If you do know what this is… You should probably still read the parts below because I haven’t posted in so long, you’ve probably forgotten. Enjoy!


Part One

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“So um, how are we doing this?” I ask, I hand my laptop to Ellis and she rubs her finger tips over the keys. Her thin brows twist together and I stare at them for a second. I blink a couple times and rub my hands through my hair. I shouldn’t have called her. I knew I’d get distracted. I knew I’d start missing her all over again. All though… I never really stopped. I take a sip of the coffee that’s been cold for a while now. It makes me frown, I lick my lips.

“I’ll need to hack the cameras first. Usually a place like this is a easier than a government network but it depends on the place.” She shrugs, “I can do it but only hold it for an hour or so. Which should be plenty of time for you guys. At least I hope so.”

“Should be good,” Legend nods, three cups of coffee sit next to her. All triple shot. She shouldn’t be alive right now. I’m jittery and I’ve only had half a cup. “We can’t let this girl see my face. I’ll grab some stuff from the nearest Walmart for all of us. Just make up and what not. I wish Camo was here…”

“Yea right,” Ellis scoffs, “Camo always made us look really bad. Totally different. But really ugly.”

“Ha! Remember that one time she made me look like a girl,” I shake my head, “That girl is crazy.”

“Oh yea, we had to pretend to be besties and we we’re talking about our boyfriends and…” Ellis trails off, then shakes her head, “We should get to work.”

“Yea,” I murmur. I understand why she trials off. That night didn’t end well. A couple laughs sure. But a whole lot more tears. A couple people in jail. And too many risks. “Go out and get your stuff, Legend. I’ll see what I can find out about the basic locks and what not.”

“Alright,” She waves goodbye, “I’ll just get another coffee to go.”

“It stunts your growth you know!” I call after her.

“Yea well then I can be a gymnast or jockey or something,” She laughs, “See you two in an hour. Meet back here?”

“See you,” Ellis waves slightly. Then goes back to the lap top, all her concentration on it. I wonder for a few seconds if I should say something. I play with the cardboard sleeve on my cup. After a couple minutes Ellis glances up at me. “Thought you were going to check on security?”

“Right. Right,” I nod slowly. my brows furrowing ever so slightly. “I guess I’ll go do that.”

“Be careful,” She mumbles and starts typing again. I walk outside and heave an epic sigh.  My hands tie themselves in my hair and I lick my lips again. She’s been able to get over me. Why can’t I get over her? I walk to the hotel. There’s not much I can check on without looking suspicious. I end up just circling the building for an hour. Reconsidering my whole life. I’m 18 and already have no more future ahead of me. I head back to the coffee stop. Saying a prayer of thanks when I see Legend already there. I would probably make a fool of myself if it was just Ellis and I again.

“Get the stuff?” I ask, Legend holds up a giant bag. “How do you have the money for that?”

“My boyfriend was dating a super model and has a Ferrari, ya think he might just be rich?” She takes a sip of what I assume to be her fifth coffee. “Just used his credit card. He most likely won’t mind.”

“Alright. Well. I guess we go into the bath room and become new people?” Ellis says. Legend and I nod. We sneak into the bathroom and Legend starts with me first. She dies my hair black and makes it look like I have sharper cheek bones and longer lashes. She gives me contacts that change my eyes to green. I don’t look bad. But I do look weird. She dies Ellis hair blonde and changes her eyes to blue. She adds a whole ton of freckles to her cheeks and makes her hair into tight curls. It helps a lot. With her looking different, I can almost convince myself that she’s not Ellis. That she’s some other girl. But then she laughs when she sees herself and I can’t ignore that smile or the small snort she always lets out when she giggles. “I look so ridiculous. Thanks Legend.”

“No problem girl. I think you look hot,” She starts to die her own hair.

“You always say that,” She laughs. “Come on Phoenix, let’s wait outside.”

I follow her. She grabs the laptop and starts to put it in her bag. I just watch her.

“You seriously need to stop staring,” She mutters. Giving my a look.

“Why does it make you uncomfortable?” I scoff, a small smirk creeping onto my lips, “And I wasn’t staring, I was admiring.”

“Oh please,” She rolls her eyes. “There’s nothing to admire.”

“Depends on your perspective,” I shrug. I sit down, grabbing all of Legend’s coffee cups. I stack them then throw them away.

“Phoenix,” She sighs, “I’m not doing this again.”

“Doing what?” I ask, although I know exactly what she’s talking about. “What are you doing?”

“We already did the sappy dating thing once…” She picks at the paint on the arm of the chair. “It didn’t work out. I don’t want to do it again.”

“I wasn’t trying to-” She cuts me off.

“You were still doing it. Let’s just get the job done and we’ll part ways, no broken hearts alright?” She licks her lips and gets up.

“Alright,” I murmur. But I know that’s not going to work. I won’t be able to go any other way unless it was hers.

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~Why Am I Here?~ Part Three~


Meh sorry, I disappeared. I back now! And with another post! I hope you all like it. If not… Have some free waffles. Compliments to the toaster. 


My hands stumble across the key pad on my phone.

“You have her number?” Legend asks, she pops a piece of gum in her mouth. She always chews gum when she’s thinking.

“Of course I have her number,” I snap. She holds her hands up in defense. I type in her number, the one I memorized so long ago. I press call, my breath is shaky. It rings a couple times then she picks up.

“Hey, you’ve reached Ellis Carter,” Her voice is exactly the same. Perky and happy.

“It’s Phoenix,” I say, clearing my throat. Oh she’s going to be so mad, I haven’t called in months. I practically abandoned her.

“Oh…” She takes a deep breath, her voice isn’t as perky but it isn’t angry, “Hi. How are you? Are you in the hositpal or something?”

“Um, not that I know of,”I frown, “Why would you-”

“You just never called,” I suddenly felt my stomach clench with guilt, “So um, everything’s alright?”

“Everything’s fine… I just…” I feel really bad for asking this. I bit my lip and turn in the large hotel room slowly. Everything is white and it makes my head hurt.”I just…”

“You just need my help,” I can almost see her nodding and I can hear her sigh. I frown, now she’s really gonna be mad.

“Alright. Where do you need me?” She says after a couple moneys of silence. I pull the phone away from my ear to stare at it for a second. Is she for real?

“Ellis, you’re amazing,” I scoff with a smile on my face.

“I know, where are you? We need to meet up,” She replies.

“Right, right,” I nod, Legend gives me a thumbs up. “Legend and I are in this fancy hotel thingy… I’ll text you the address.”

“Okay, I’ll pick up coffee too. What do you like?” I cannot believe her. She doesn’t even sound mad that I haven’t called her. And she’s buying coffee. I could marry her.

“Um whatever,” I shrug, “Legend likes a white mocha though.”

“Alright, I’ll be there in a bit.” She says, I can hear a car in the background. “Maybe go into the place next door? I doubt you’re dressed to hang around the lobby of a million star hotel.”

“Good point,” I start to walk out. A couple are already staring. We park ourselves in the bookstore next door. I grab book that looks remotely interesting and Legend starts to talk to the cashier about something. She doesn’t really do the whole reading thing, well not optionally anyway. I have to pick out six or seven books before I find the right one, nothing seems all that good at the moment. My brain keeps wandering to the hotel. Maybe I could look it up. Do they have computers I could use here? I look around but I don’t see any.

“Legend!” Ellis comes in, bearing coffee. Legend looks over and grins.

“Hey girl!” She walks over, her heels tapping ever so slightly on the tile. The cashier she was talking to goes back to work. “Get me coffee?”

“Of course, white mocha for you,” Ellis hands her the coffee. I walk up, a small smile on my lips and the book in my hand, “And a iced coffee for,” She hesitates for half a second when she sees me. Then she puts on a glittering smile and hands me the coffee. A bead of water rolls down the side, “You.”

“Thanks,” Legend grins, “It’s good to see you.”

“Yea, we need to hang out when we aren’t stealing things. Well, that’s what I assume we’re doing. I don’t really know, Phoenix didn’t tell me over the phone,” She gives me a pointed look an shrugs.

“Sorry I didn’t want to say it over the phone.” I shrug back and try to smile a little bit more. It’s good to see her. She’s changed quite a bit. Same wild mess of brown hair and same amber eyes but she holds herself with a confidence she never had before. She used to  be a skittish little mouse but now she’s a… a lioness. She reminds me a lot of Legend. Also, she’s wearing makeup. Which is new. A small smudge of mascara is under each eye, like she’s been rubbing them. I can probably guess why.

“You never do,” She mutters, then shakes her head slightly, “Let’s get started, explain.”

“Um, well,” I tell her about the car and the hotel and everything and she nods with furrowed brows.

“Okay, so we just need to smuggle a car out of a highly secured area without anyone seeing our faces?” Ellis asks, “We’ve done harder missions right?”

“I guess,” I shrug, “But we need you to do it.”

“Of course you do, I’m the only one who can hack the cameras. And you can break into the car like you did when we first met and,” Funny story, I’ll tell you about that later, “And Legend can sweet talk her way out in case of any problems.”

“Just like old times,” Legends laughs a little.

“Yea, just like that,” I murmur. Except last time we had a whole time, not just 3 people. Last time we had a whole family helping us out.