Rainy Day

Let’s just pack up all these good memories

And save them for a rainy day.

Let’s keep all these warm feelings,

And pull them out once it gets cold.


Little House

You left my heart

Like an empty house

Empty, dark, cold.

And while I’m still hurting,

I think maybe,

Just maybe,

This little house could be quite cute,

With some curtains hung up over the broken windows

And some table and chairs to match the thick rug

This little house could very well soon,

Be something someone could live in

Maybe even two people

This little house,

Will not just hold my heart

But another’s too.

Once I do some dusting.

This Heart

My heart is a little tender

Becuase it’s been touched too many times

My heart is a little stretched

Too many feelings at one time

My heart is a little broken

Just a few cracks going down the middle

From when I thought I was losing you

But my heart is still here

And you can take it,

If you want a tender, stretched, cracked heart.

I really hope you do.

Lies that are needed

The end of a moive

The theater dark

Tears bubbling from my eyes

Falling over my cheeks

Tumbling until they hit the red chairs

You turning to me

Eyes wide


We weren’t watching a sad movie,

Were we?

No, no

Something else, I murmur, the movie was nice

What, you ask, what’s wrong

I lie

I use another one of my problems to calm your worries

A small problem

You probably think I’m stupid,

You’ve been through so much worse.

But the real reason I’m crying,

Is something I could never tell you.

It’s the fact

That you will go home

to where you live,

So far away

And you will have a friend

Who will get to love you as much as I

And you will make her feel whole

Make her feel wanted.

And I will be here,

Holding onto to the happy memories you gave me.

While you still could.

With Enough Tape

Everyone has told me

So many times

That I will be able to get over love

That with enough tape

I will be able to clean up this broken heart.

But I think it’s the opposite

I think with enough tape

You can pretend to be normal

With enough tape

You can paint over the holes in the wall

With enough tape

Someone else can love you

But loving them back is impossible

Because you always have cracks where the loves leaks out

And disappears