Mental Noise~

My mind screamed at its self.

Why was I being such a drama queen?

No one cared.

No one wanted to hear me ramble about how hard I had.

Why couldn’t I get that through my thick head?

Why couldn’t  I understand the fact that no one is here to listen?

‘No one cares. Be quiet.’ My brain told me, ‘Keep your head down. Write it on paper. The paper will listen.’

I fight the urge to yell at people. For one reason I want someone to hear.

And there is someone. But he seems far away. Distant.

For some reason I didn’t feel as close as I used too.

But now, now things are different.

I don’t tell people what they don’t care about hearing.

I know where to find him when I need to talk.

I know how to control the mental noise.

Man’s Red Flower

Man’s Red Flower, inspired by Rudyard Kipling:

Man’s Red Flower,

Fills you with power.

Man’s Red Fire,

Fills you with desire.

Man’s Red Weapon,

Beautiful, deadly, thrust upon,

Those who protect themselves,

And those who are greedy.

While the red flower is captivating,

It is fatal.

Luring it’s victims with it’s flame

Then using that same flame to burn everything in it’s path.

~Winter Woods




Sometimes I feel stupid…

Stupid for liking you.

Stupid for thinking about you.

Stupid for thinking you would think about me.

I have made a decision.

A decision that’ll save me time.

A decision that I’ll forget about you.

But still…

I break my resolve and feel like I should go back to you

I feel like it wouldn’t be so bad to be stupid.

I wonder if you were actually think about me,

Then maybe I wouldn’t feel stupid.

Maybe I would feel good

Feel better.

But I know that won’t happen.

It just won’t

And I think everyone knows that.

~ Winter Woods

Missing Piece~

We are all half solved puzzles

looking for our missing piece.

We lie to ourselves that we have already found it.

But really,

We are still looking.

Looking for that piece.

The piece that will complete us.

And until we see what is

right under our noses,

We will never find that piece.

And what is right in front of our noses is the one who will complete us.


The Everlasting Father.



Do it often

Do it always

Wonder about motives

Wonder about nature

Wonder about youth

Wonder about age

Wonder about good

Wonder about evil

Wonder always

Wonder about everything

For if you do not wonder you except things as they appear

And things are almost never as they appear.

~Winter Woods



They are tricky

They are confusing and often

They throw you off the real trail

They distract you from you real purpose

People use them for good

For bad

For just about everything

And yet some people tell you to not ask questions

But you should never stop because

They get you one step to understanding

~Winter Woods



Something no one has mastered.

Something no one has completely figured out

Something that is so comlex that even the smartest person in the world hasn’t been able to even begin to break down

No one can make it a science

Because  people’s actions are so random and they almost always have a reason

But the reasons are mixed up and jumbled together that they don’t make sense

Therefore, you will never be able to unerstand completely.

~Winter Woods