Chapter 45~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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“So what happened with you and Jethen?” I ask quietly. Remi bites her lower lip. I’m just trying to get my mind off Koda. And the war. And all the stuff.

“Nothing. It wasn’t anything in the first place. I mean-” She thought about her words. “I mean, I really liked him. But he’s occupied. Which I get, Solstice is like a goddess. She’s insanely pretty and like a super amazing fighter… Also, she has this awesome personality so you know. I’m no competition with that.”

“Aww, it’s ok.” I wrap my arm around her shoulder. “You’ll find someone amazing. Trust me.”

“So, what exactly is wrong with Koda?” She asked. In about half a second I feel like crying.

“I dunno.” I mumble. “Something happened in the battlefield and it seriously messed with his brain. It’s almost like his brain is stuck on one memory or something.”

“And we can’t help him?” She says.

“The nurse says there’s a slight chance his brain will get off the loop but it’s small and- and.” My bottom lip starts to tremble so I clamp my teeth down on it to make it stop. I make my voice stronger. “It’ll all work out… I think.”

At that very moment Jethen came in Solstice woke up and Koda said something. It wasn’t the fact that Koda said anything, he did that all the time. It was what he said. His words were strange. But totally relevant to what was going on. The sentence he had mumbled was: Don’t worry Flower, I won’t rip your petals. I swallowed hard.

“Koda?” I said, half of me hoping, the other half trying to kill the hope.

“Don’t worry Flower.” He said, making eye contact with me. Staring into my eyes. Something he hasn’t done since I found him here. “I’m right here.”

“You sure?” I asked, my voice breathy. “You’ve been gone for a while.”

“Flower…” He whispered. He was off still but maybe not as off. He reached up a hand and touched my hair. It was just a poof of orange, a wild nest. His was touch so soft that I barely felt it. But he gaze I felt. It was intense. Something else.

“Koda,” I said, suddenly wary. “What’s my name?”

“Flower.” He said. I bit my lip.

“No. No, it’s Poppy. Can you call me that?” I asked. But the second the words came out of my mouth. Koda’s mind had moved far away from here. He was back in his own world. I had lost him. I walked out of the room. I kicked myself. I shouldn’t have reprimanded him. I should’ve just went with it. I wanted to scream but I was already getting weird looks from the nurses. I half smiled at them then walked quickly outside. People watched me as I fumed outside so I decided to go somewhere else. I ran into the forest. I found a study tree and I starting punching the trunk. I threw all my anger at it. Screaming at it, telling it that it was unfair and unkind. I yelled until I started crying. I broke down and soon I was sitting in the roots of the tree, begging it for comfort. My knuckles were bloody and my hands hurt like heck. But I welcomed the pain. I deserved it. I hadn’t stopped Koda from going to war and now he was- He was so broken. Remi came up and sat with me. She did’t say anything. She just sat. Solstice came too. And finally Jethen. And we just sat. And the silence was welcomed.



Chapter 44~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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Koda, has changed. Something’s off about him. Every time he wakes up, he wakes up screaming. Then he becomes distant, asking me not to talk, asking me to leave the room. I always obey, hoping it’ll help. I just don’t know how to deal with this. I send a message to Jethen. Maybe he’ll know how to fix this. I get a reply a couple days later, he’s going to come over. When Koda sleeps, it’s restless. He tosses and turns. Then he’ll yell out warnings to people. People I can’t see. He’s been able to get up and walk around, if he uses crutches, but he often stops and stares off into space and doesn’t realize I’m still there until hours later. I try to help him but everything has fallen apart. I’m starting to fall apart too.


“Hello? Flower?” Jethen walks in, I smile when I see him. It’s good to see a similar face. “I’m here.”

“Thank you.” I walk up to him and he wraps me in a hug.

“No problem. Just hang in there, ok?” He pats me on the shoulder. I’m honestly surprised with Jethen, he’s taking something seriously. “Oh, and I brought you some presents.”

“Really?” I ask, doubtful. Two people walk in the room. Remi and Solstice. They wave. I smile. Solstice looks over at Koda, her face falls.

“What happened?” She asks, voice a whisper.

“I don’t know. But it was something bad. He’s a different person.” I rub my arms, trying to create some warmth in them. Koda’s asleep right now, I’m not sure when he’ll awake, probably soon though. This is the longest he’s slept peacefully. Remi walks up and gives my hand a squeeze. She gives me a sad smile. “He doesn’t even talk to me anymore.”

“Oh. Well. We’ll figure how to fix him.” Solstice’s bottom lip quivers, I walk up to her. She grabs my hand. She squeezes it, not a comforting squeeze but a ‘help me’ strangle. She’s trying not to cry. “I just got him back.”

Her words are raw, her voice cracking, she’s breaking on the inside. On the outside, her face doesn’t show any emotion, only the smallest quiver of her bottom lip. I look at Jethen, he’s in pain to. Remi hangs in the back, she never got to know Koda very well. Jethen wraps Solstice up in a hug, his strong arms covering her.

This is going to be hard on us. We’re going to suffer together.

Chapter 41~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I help Remi with her job, guarding the door, to get my mind off Koda. Not that it works or anything. He’s still on my mind every second that I’m awake and while I’m asleep. If I do sleep, usually I’m up all night thinking about how stupid I am. I stop coming out of my room. I don’t eat, I just think about how I could’ve just said sorry and he would’ve forgiven me in less than two seconds.
“Hey. Poppy?” It’s Remi, “I have food for you. You’ve been in here a while, you coming out any time soon?”

“No.” I say, my voice hoarse from not using it,

“Gosh, I’m never going to fall in love. It seems way too risky. Good thing I took your advice.” I hear the relief in her voice, “Oh. I mean, anything I can do to help?”

“No.” I answer.

“Is that all your saying now?” She sighs.

“No.” I reply.

“Can you at least let me in?” She sounds exasperated so I open the door. “Thanks. Here’s your dinner. So, you at least want to try to be helpful around here. You could help with cooking, it would make these mashed potatoes way better. Why is it always mashed potatoes? That’s what we have every meal!”

“I’m no good at cooking.” I say sitting on my bed, playing with the blue pencil in my hand. Rubbing the dented spots, trying to wish a genie out of it.

“And she can talk!” Remi sits next to me, “Sorry, I kinda suck at this friend thing.”

“Nah, you just picked the wrong person to be friends with. And the wrong time.” I sigh.

“Well, tell me if I can help. I’ll still bring you food, whether you like it or not.” She walks out and I half heartedly say goodbye.


I sit up in my bed with an idea. I need to go to the front. I fling open the door and run down the hall, my boot clamping on the floor. I know exactly where I’m going. I walk down the halls until I find the Captain’s quarters, at least that’s what they’re called. Of course it’s not an actual captain, I guess you could call her the President of the Revolution but I dunno. I rap on the door quickly. I hear rustling then the door opens, here stand Miss Lilling, the person who basically runs the revolution. She looks at me with interest, not annoyance like I expected.

“Can I help you Poppy?” Her voice is smooth and her words carefully chosen.

“Send me to the front. Where Koda is.” My voice is firm and my words stern.

“No.” She says.

“Why not? I’ll fight. I just need to make up with Koda, it’s important.” Her mouth is in a thin line.

“Poppy, you’re going to die out there. You’re not built for war, you’ll be of more use here. Good night.” She closes the door before I can protest. I lick my lips and start to knock again but I pause. I know something better I can do. I go to that room Koda showed me, the armory. I grab a dart gun and a bunch of knives, avoiding the gaurds. Then I grab my clothes and shove them in a bag. Then I steal some food from the kitchen, then I creep into the stables. I sigh, the stable is one of the most guarded areas because it has a escape route. I grab the dart gun and blow it at the two front guards before they see me. They crumle to the floor and I smile in victory. The darts only knock them out for a few minutes. I need to move. I take out a few more as I go, never missing, never stopping. I work my way to Champ’s stall. He perks his ears when he sees me. I kiss him on the nose then we escape through the small tunnel that leads outwards. The truck that Koda was on left tracks in the snow and they are still there. I make The Champion of Troy goes his fastest and he does. We cover ground quickly. I’m getting closer to getting my world back.


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Chapter 39~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees

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“Hey, did you see my brother?” Jethen asks me as soon as I appear in the dining room.

“Yea. Update, he’s still a jerk.” I say trying to not sound to mad.

“Oh ok.” Jethen smiles a little then starts to talk about something to Solstice. I smile at them, they’re really cute together. Solstice’s calculating personality would usually seem to clash with Jethen’s sloppy one but instead they are perfect together.

“Hey Flower.” A voice whispers in my eye. I turn quickly and Koda kisses me.

“Hey. We should get a room.” I say, pulling away a little.

“Yea, that wouldn’t be terrible.” I roll my eyes and walk over to get food. “You know your sister’s pretty cute with Jethen.”

“Yea. A match made in heaven. I would say the same about us.”

“Ugh go away. You need to get a hobby.” I mock annoyance.

“Hmm, so helping save the world doesn’t count?” He says with a raised eyebrow.

“No. Not at all. Now go find something to do.” I kiss him one more time and he walks away, probably saving the world like he said. I sigh, slightly sad to see him go but I need to think.

“Hey Poppy.” Remi says as I set my tray on the table. Why is it when I need to be alone is when every one wants to be besties with me?

“Hello.” I say, masking my annoyance. She sits next to me, playing with her food. “You ok?”

“Um. Yes. Totally. I am totally fine.” She’s lying.

“I wasn’t born yesterday. What’s wrong?” I say, throwing my annoyance into my mashed potatoes.

“Soon what would you do if Koda fell in love with someone else? And they were like perfect for each other? And you still loved him? What would you do?” She pause the adds quickly, “Not that, that’s happening me or anything.”

“Um. I don’t know.” I pause, losing Koda to someone else, knowing that he doesn’t love me anymore, that would tear me apart. “Probably die.”

“Yea that’s real helpful.” She says sighing. She starts to get up but I stop her.

“Sorry. Do you want to tell me what’s going on, then I might understand more.” I bite my lip, what can I do to help?

“I falling in love with…” She pauses, “Swear you won’t jude me or anything?”

“No. You have to remember I fell in love with someone who was going to kill everyone I knew. Although in my defense he was lying to me.” I smile a little, “No, I won’t”

“Ok. I’m falling in love with- with Jethen.” She runs her hands through her hair, spiking it.

“What?” The word slips out. “Sorry.”

“Yea. You have any advice?” She looks so worried.

“Well, you might want to just not… get attached… until… ok yea, I have nothing. You just might want to stop loving him. Is that possible?”

“You suck at this.” She laughs a little.

“I’ll work on it. But him and Solstice are kinda perfect together… No offense.” I give her a helpless work and she looks so heart broken that I want to take it back.

“Poppy! Poppy! I have the greatest news!” And suddenly Koda’s back with news that may or may not be the greatest.

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Remi~ Character

So you guys have met Remi and will be getting to know her a little bit, I’ve decided to do a thing on her, hope you like it!

M:  Hi Remi, right?

R: Yup, look I have time but not a lot. I mean, I can’t waste all my time on little wanna be writers who ask too many questions. I’m a very busy woman.

M: Ouch, I’ll make it fast.

R: Good.

M: OOOkay, what’s your job at the fox base.

R: I’m a guard, I watch the door.

M: OH! *Mocks surprise* Really? So when you mean your busy, you really meant that your job is just sitting on your butt all day?

R: I’m leaving. *Starts to get up*

M: Sorry, that was out of hand. Just a few questions please?

R: Fine. But drop the attitude.

M: Um sure, do you have a family?

R: Yes. Two sisters who probably became army doctors because of how nice they were. And a brother, who was my twin.

M: So they weren’t like you?

R: Nope, they weren’t. But my brother was.

M: Can you tell me about them?

R: Um, there was my older sister whose name was Lily. She was super bossy and really her only purpose was to please other people. Then there was my younger sister, Misty, she was strange, pretty much a doormat, worse than Lily. And my brother, we were super close, once I cut my hair, no one could tell us apart, I loved him, my sisters not so much. *shrugs*

M: Wow, you hold them very high in your mind.

R: Can I ask you a question?

M: Um. Yes.

R: Have you ever been in love with someone who is falling for someone else?

M: *blinks in surprise* Um, well, in a sense yes. Why?

R: Should I tell the person how I feel? Or wait? Or just get over it?

M: You should tell him! *Starts to fangirl a tiny tiny bit*

R: Sorry, weird question. Any more questions? *shifts in seat*

M: Um, yes, what’s your favorite food and color?

R: Food, chocolate, I love chocolate. And color? Probably purple or something.

M: Ok have a nice day! And MAKE SURE YOU TELL HIM!


Chapter 35~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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I feel the grass under my hands, its soft and it smells of bread. And it’s not cold, which is almost strange. I check myself and make sure nothing’s broken. Only a few cuts and bruises, nothing horrible. I get up and walk towards Koda and Jethen. Koda’s leading all three horses down (including Gold who’s having trouble with Chase on her back), trying not to fall and Jethen’s practically running ahead, doing nothing.

“Oh man, this better be it!” Jethen smiles, excitement spreading on his face. “I can’t want to have some real food, sorry Flower the squirrel you made doesn’t cut it. Oh and shower, and it’ll be nice to you, talk to people who aren’t too busy kissing.”

“My name isn’t Flower, and we’re not always kissing.” I remind him for the millionth time. He waves me off and runs ahead. I grab one of the horses from Koda nd look at Chase, he still looks dead. Whatever, I like him better that way. We walk further and further into the sunny canyon. “Is this it?”

“Yep. We’re here.” Koda smiles with relief. I grab his hand and lean in and kiss him on the cheek, ok maybe we are always kissing. “They have a shield that keeps out the snow and lets the sun in. That’s how you find it, you have to look for the right things though.

“Good job, super hero.” He looks over and we kinda just look at each other a moment.

“Thanks Flower.” He winks as I elbow him and roll my eyes. We walk for a while and Jethen starts to get grumpy.

“I thought you said we were here.” He pouts.

“No, you’re the one who said that.” Koda says, “And why are you acting like a two-year old?”

“I am not!” Jethen scowls.

“You really are, now help us with the horses.” I give him his horse’s reigns and he slows down. After walking for another thirty minutes we run into the door. Literally. It’s transparent. Koda finds something on the door and presses it. A wall appears in front of us with a door on it. Koda knocks on it loudly. Then he murmurs something and the door opens, just like that. I nod, pleased and we walk in. There’s someone there in an instant. A girl with spiky brown hair and hazel eyes is standing in front of us.

“State your name.” She says, almost sounding bored.

“Um, Koda, this Poppy and Jethen and the dead looking guy is Chase. What’s your name?”

“Uh, I ask questions.” She rolls her eyes, “War numbers? My name’s Remi.”

“I’m 202, and Poppy’s 509, I don’t know what Jethen is?” He looks at Jethen, who is frowning at the girl.

“I’m 304.” The girls grabs Gold’s reigns and starts walking down the hall.

“304 and the dead looking one will come with me and Solstice will show you two where to go.”

“What?” Koda’s eyes widen. “What. Did. You. Just. Say?”

“Um. I said Solstice will show you to where you need to go.” Then Livy appears almost out of no where and Koda almost collapses in my arms.