*Part 11* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

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I sat against the door for a while. My arms around my head. Angry tears leaking onto my jeans, creating little lakes in the denim. My shoulders shaking. I wasn’t crying for him, I told myself. I was crying because I knew I was an idiot for falling for him. When all I knew was his name. I fell for a stranger. And I was pissed.

I cried for a while. Hot angry tears that kept coming from who knows where. After a while though, whatever hidden reservoir they came from emptied and I got up from my spot. My back ached and my nose was running. I blew my nose on a paper towel and went into the bathroom to look at myself.

My eyes were red and puffy, my cheeks wet, my hair plastered to my face. I washed my face and dried myself. I sat on the bathroom counter for a moment, I needed something to do. Something to think about. Besides him. If I thought about him, I would break again. I hear my mother come in. She calls out a greeting but I don’t answer. I just wiped my nose and rinsed off my face.

“Honey!” My mom yelled, her gentle voice a song. “Are you home?”

I didn’t answer. I just opened the door slightly and walked out to the hall. I stepped lightly on my toes and started to walk out the front day.

“Persephone!” My mother called out. She sounded excited about something.

“Mom, I have to go!” I started to leave again, but she stopped me.

“I’m making your favorite for dinner, be back in time?” Her eyes were wide and open. And so, so excited. I nodded slowly.

“Yea, yea I’ll be here, what time?” I smiled, plastering it on painfully. There was a gaping hole in my chest and I was covering it up with a band-aid.

“Around seven, it’s going to take a while to make,” Her smile was so big and genuine, I tried to match and nod.

“I’ll be there, for sure,” I grabbed my sweater and slipped out the door, leaving her there smiling. I went into the woods. I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  But I didn’t know how to get there.

I entered the thick of the forest. Something was different about it, something was off. And not off in the way it used to be, off in a different way. I pauses and stares for a few minutes. Oh… oh. It was like a regular forest. It’s pretty but not too pretty. The sun shined through the trees but not to the point where it’s painful to look at. It’s dulled. Drastically. I kept walking, hoping that the place I was going to hasn’t disappeared.

After an eternity, I found it. I found the gaping hole. The hole that led to Erlik, that had to lead to him. Because if it didn’t, I didn’t know where else to find him. It was funny. I came out here to stop thinking about him but… I was now here to find him. To talk to him.

I felt the pull almost immediately. The steady hum of promise causing me to creep towards the edge. I curled my hands into fist, my nails pressing into my palms. I had to jump.

If I jump I could find him.

If I jump I could say sorry.

I could be with him.

I took a huge breath. And I stepped off the edge, letting myself succumb to the darkness.

* * *


Daises, the Sound of Laughter, Press Flowers, Genuine Compliments, Oversized Sweaters

Hey!! Post number three!! It’s much shorter but it’s by far my favorite out of the three, I hope you enjoy!! 




I hold the flowers in my hand, a cup of soft skin and painted nails, filled with white petals and yellow middles. I let out a breathy laugh, my long lashes sweeping my cheeks. The sun is catching my fair skin, making the small freckles peek out from their hiding spots.

“We should press these,” I murmur.

“If you want to, here,” Kace hands me his text book, “Use this.”

“Are you sure, don’t you need this for school?” He shakes his head and I open the book to the middle. The flowers drop one by one into it, I place them so that they’re flat and then start to close the book.

“Wait,” He says quickly, he grabs one of the flowers and then nods, “Kay, go ahead and close it.”

I do, the crisp pages hiding the delicate blossoms. We’re in his car, driving home form the beach. My toes are still sandy and my hair still salty and wet, it hangs in limp waves. My feet are on the dash and his hands on the wheel and his blue sweater hanging loosely on my skinny frame. The sleeve go long past my arms, it’s big, even for him.

“What are you going to do with that?” I ask, nodding to the flower in his hand.

“Eat it,” He says sarcastically, he pretends to put it in his mouth.

“The heck?” I scoff, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Leave me alone,” He smirks. He slows the car to the side of the road and put his hand under my chin, turning it to him. He places the flower in my hair, behind my ear and grins. “You’re perfect Camo.”

I pull down the mirror and look at myself. Mascara creates little dark smears under my bottom lashes and my hair is sticky and gross, the flower tucked in it. I snort.

“I look awful.”

“Not from my perspective,” he shrugs.

“You’re so sappy,” I curl up in the seat, having the sweater fall over my knees.

“You could just say thank you,” He sighs, starting the car up again.

“Thank you,” I sigh back. His normal tame hair is a mess of curls that his blonde highlights weave through them in a way that makes me reach up my hand and wrap them around my fingers. He glances over at me, his hazel eyes not blinking for a long while. “Eyes on the road.”

“Right,” He shakes his head and looks back to the road, “Sorry.”

“So sappy,” I repeat, staring at him while he continues to glance back at me when the road is empty.

Journals and Stationery, Whispers, Feeling Sleepy, Browsing Wikipedia for 2 Hours, Streets in Foreign Cities, Sculptures

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“Okay, so,” I take a deep breath. Roan watches me carefully, his long lashes blinking and a small smile of his plump lips. “We have to get either cards or journals from each country we visit.”

“We’re not visiting very many,” He says, his words are slow and soft. I hang on every word and can’t stop looking at his face. A website glares from my computer screen and light part of my face in an eerie way. I’ve been doing research for the past two hours, Roan watching me. My eyes are watery and red from staring at the screen for too long. But I want this trip to be perfect. The room is dark, it’s three in the morning. We leave at four to go to the air port. Roan and I will be visiting Europe for two weeks. I can hardly breathe, I’m so excited. “Only like five.”

“New plan,” I say suddenly and with a smile. “We get two journals and two different sets of stationery from each country.”

“Sounds perfect,” He yawns, “As long as you’re there, I’m happy.”

“Yea, that line is getting old, you could at least have an opinion on something,” I sigh, “Like, I know you love me but… You didn’t even care what continent we going too.”

He lays down on my bed and stretches out, a lazy smirk sprawled on his lips. He shrugs delicately.

“I’m going to take a nap until we have to go,” He blows a kiss and rolls over. I ditch my glasses on the table and I lay next to him, my arms pressed against his back. He’s warm and I can feel his muscles  contract as he breathes deeply. My eyelids are heavy and I let them fall. My mind wanders and I feel so happy in that moment.

Roan is right, it really doesn’t matter where we are.


My alarm clock blares and we get out of bed. My eyes and mouth are filled with sleep and everything is hazy. I let out a sigh and grab my glasses. Everything clears and I suddenly realize where we’re going. I grin.

“Legend?” Roan smiles again. He’s always smiling.

“Mhm?” I think for once, I’m smiling larger than him.

“You’re really adorable.” He murmurs. Then grabs his bags and walks out of my room.

“You too!” I call after him. I grab my bags and meet him out by the taxi we called. We get in and I’m bouncing from excitement.

“Calm down, by the time we get there, you’ll be out of energy and need another nap.” He rolls his eyes and kisses the top of my head. My scalp tingles where his lips brushed my hair.

“I’ll sleep on the plane,” I kiss his cheek, he licks his lips and leans back against the seat.

“This is going to be quite the trip now isn’t it?” He sighs.

“Definitely, but you won’t care because…” I wait for in to fill in the blanks.

“Because I have my little Legend,” He shakes his head and starts to double-check the paper work and passports.

“I’m not a little Legend, I’m a fricking big one,” I say, “Don’t forget that my little Roan.”

“Mmk, I won’t.” He says, pretending to not pay attention. I play with my hair and watch the world go by.


When we get to the airport, everything is insane. People everywhere, planes everywhere, food everywhere. I’ve never flown before and everything is surprising and new and… absolutely perfect. I’m still bouncing and Roan is a little more excited too.

He’s hard to read. Took me forever but I can finally tell when he’s excited. His smirk is stretched in the slightest and his fingers tap on anything and everything. Right now it’s my palm as he holds my hand. I lean into his shoulder, he’s solid and warm. Are airports always this cold?


The plane ride is terrifying. I hate it so much. I spend the whole time with my eyes squeezed shut because one glance out the window and I feel like I need to puke. Landing squeezing a lot of squeaks and squeals out of me and Roan lets me hide in the crook of his arm.

We get there. And we drive to our hotel. And I can barely believe it. We had been planning this trip forever. For two years we had been trying to come to this place. Now, we’re finally here.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Roan, I can’t breathe, oh my gosh.” I’m bouncing again.

“This is pretty cool, it’s worth not breathing over,” He murmurs, his head tilted so he coud look at everything.

“I can’t believe this, we’re finally here,” I squeal, this time from excitement.

“Let’s check in first,” He says, pulling my arm in the direction of the hotel. “So we can ditch our stuff?”

“Yea, yea okay.” I nod vigorously.

I get stuck on the steps.

“Woah…” There are statues on our hotel steps and I can’t believe how pretty they are. “Let’s take a picture.”

“They’ll be there in five minutes, let’s put this away and this we can take a picture,” He says, ever patient. I blink, then nod. This trip will be perfect, as long as he comes with.

10. Interlocked hands, snow angels, a deck of cards

SO, we have come to a close, we are at the end. Actually no, I think I’ll continue this for the rest of the summer. So don’t freak out man. I’ll still be here. In the meantime enjoy…


“Okay so if I have like, these ones, do I win?” He asks, I arch a brow.

“You don’t know how to play poker?” I scoff. His face goes bright red. “Also, I can’t tell unless you show me your cards.”

“Not really,” He shrugs, “And honestly, I think one of these is an uno card but I haven’t said anything because I thought it was apart of the game…”

“Oh…. my… gosh,” I start laughing, doubling over. “You don’t know how to play poker, you idiot.”

“Okay, I feel like that’s a little harsh, I just never learned,” He looks at me, his lips pursed together.

“But you never told me that, how many games have we played, how much money have you lost?” I giggle. “You prideful little brat.”

“Shut up Ellis,” He sighs, rubbing his hands together, “Whose idea was it to play outside?”

“Yours?” I point out. He face falls.

“I hate you,” He gets up, “I’m done with poker.”

“Phoenix!” I yell, getting up. My shoes catching on the table leg. I trip and go sprawling into the snow. He runs over to me, his face full of concern.

“You okay?” He asks, grabbing my hand and pulling me up. I pull him down into the snow. He cusses me out. I giggle again and hold tight to his hand. They’re rough, like sandpaper. “I still hate you, you know that right?”

“No, you love me,” I sigh, “Do you not know how to do snow angels too?”

“No, I have no clue what that is,” He says dryly. I kiss his cheek and scoot a little bit father away from him. My hand still wrapped around his, I kick my legs out and my hands over my head. The snow soak through my jeans and soon I’m shivering but it’s worth it. Because Phoenix joins in after a while and we make a wonderful snow angel. And he has  wonderful smile.

9. Cinnamon, a welcome sign, a well-worn leather jacket

Ahh, we’re getting to the end of this!! What is this witch craft, prompts ending? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Anyway, enjoy today’s post because apparently they don’t last for ever. Ridiculous.

9. Cinnamon, a welcome sign, a well-worn leather jacket


I tug my leather jacket on and slam the door of my car. It creaks back open. I let out a groan. I really do not have time for this. I slam it shut again, cussing when it open again. Does the door really need to shut on a car? Not like I own anything important to leave in there. I position the door so it looks kinda closed and call it good. I grab my backpack by the one remaining strap and jog into the coffee shop. 

My sister is working on the welcome sign. She always does some crazy intense drawing on it, this time it’s a man climbing a snowy mountain. I don’t know how she puts so much detail in it because it’s pretty small. 

“You could be doing a lot more than welcome signs Legend,” I say, walking next to her. She adds another white streak. 

“We’re so not doing this again,” She rolls her eyes, picking up the blue piece of chalk. She adds color to the man’s parka. “I’m actually entirely happy right now.”

“C’mon, just one semester,” I say, walking behind the counter. Her wire rimmed glasses catch the light of the Edison bulbs hanging over head. I grab a cup and pour myself coffee. “Think about what you could learn in one semester.”

“I could learn everything that you’ve already taught me,” I cock my head, what does that mean? “I could learn that I would rather be working at a coffee shop, sharing an apartment with my best friend than be drowning in student loans and driving a car whose door that does not close just so I could learn to use a pencil. Which, by the way, is something I already know how to do.” 

“Alright, geez,” I sigh, “I’m just confused, what are you going to do with the rest of your life?”

“Don’t know, don’t care,” She shrugs, “I’m fine with this being my whole life honestly.” 

She takes the cup from me and frowns at it. She grabs the cinnamon from the counter and the white cream from the fridge. Then she grabs some other flavorings and milk. She mixes everything together and steps back when she’s done. I grab my new and improved drink and take a sip. It’s way better now. 

“Thanks,” I nod.

“If I went to college would I be able to that?” She asks, her face too cocky for my taste. 

“Probably, you would work part-time here either way,” I murmur. She rolls her eyes. 

“I’ll make you pay for that,” She raises a brow. 



“Okay fine, I’ll drop it,” I sigh, taking another sip. She’s ridiculous. 

7. Fire works, a lake after dark, shoe laces

Okay! Today’s post, enjoy!



“Shh!” I giggle, almost falling over from laughing. Phoenix steadies me.

“You’re the one being loud,” he hisses. I trip over my untied shoes and grab his arm, pulling him down with me. He lands on top on me. He raises a brow, slowly. I giggle again. He pulls himself off and lays down next to me. I can feel his heartbeat. Slow and steady, very different from mine. Mine’s about to explode out of my chest.

“So when are they gonna be here?” I ask, our hands wrap together. Little sparks exchange through our skin.

“The fireworks?”

“Mhm,” I nod.

“Tomorrow,” He smirks a little, I sigh, “Should be here in a few minutes.”

“Why are you always so sarcastic?” I roll my eyes.

“Why are you so easy to mess with?” The lake laps at the shore, reflecting the sky  above it.

“Touche,” I bury my face in him for a few seconds, he smells like grease and mint. Weird combination, but it’s him. And I love him for it. “This is a good spot.”

“Yea good thing you didn’t tie your shoes,” He scoffs.

“Can you tie them for me?” I give him big eyes and pouty lips.

“Why?” He looks so done. Like he’s wondering why he ever dated me. I’m still kinda wondering myself.

“Because I’m gonna take a picture of all my friends tying my shoes, put them into a album and when my kids ask me what I was like when I was younger, I’ll tell them that everyone did my bidding and show them the pictures,” I say in one breath.

“Well in that case,” He nods sarcastically and gets up to tie my shoes. While he’s tying them, the first firework goes off. I jump at the noise. But my eyes widen when it explodes.

“Did you see that!” My mouth is wide open, I bounce a little with excitement. “Did you see that? Oh my fish, tell me you saw-“


“Yea Phoenix?” I don’t take my eyes off the sky as the next one goes off.

“Have you never seen fireworks?” He sits back down next to me. I point out the blue one.

“Umm… no,” I look at him after a second, feeling guilty for some reason.

“You’ve never seen them?” I shake my head, “Dang, okay, well, watch carefully.”

“They just did three! Oh my gosh they just did three at a time,” I bite my lip and he shakes his head.

“Dork,” He murmurs. I lay my head on his chest and watch the fireworks, my eyes reflecting their color.

6. Roots, a haunting love song, a stolen kiss

Okay hey guys! Here’s today’s post. And I based it off the triplets (Minus Roan) because I suddenly love them a lot. I made them up on the spot a couple days ago but they’re like my new favorites so yea. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!!


I sit, nestled in the roots of a tree. My breath shallow and quick. My heartbeat echoing around the trees. I cover my ears for a second, so I can focus on the pulse. Better than focusing on everything else. I bang my head against the rough bark of the tree. I can barely feel it with all my hair. It’s all bundled into a kinda pony tail in the back. You could probably shoot a bullet through it and it would only get halfway through before being slowed by the massive ball of curls and afro. I close my eyes, humming a little.

“I remember that song,” I snap open my eyes and move my hands from my ears, one of the corners of my lips lifting. I can’t help it, I love this kid too much. It’s Asher, hands in his pockets, eyes down. He looks up, for the briefest of moments, to look me in the eye. His eyes are so full. A book is sticking out of his back pocket. His hands are covered in faded reminders and doodles that have been drawn in marker.  “I always thought it was a little creepy though.”

“I guess, I just always liked it because-” He cuts me off. 

“Because Dane always sang it? Gosh Kell, you’ve got to get over him,” Asher sits next to me, his hands moving to his lap. They wrap around each other. His wrists sharp and angular.

“Why?” I let out a small mirthless laugh. “Not like I’m going to find anyone else.”

“Because it’s not healthy, that’s why.” He sighs, “You’re sitting here, in a tree, singing some weirdo song that you’re ex, who you dated like three years ago, sung to you,” He rests his head on my shoulder, “I’m just saying, you could at least get a dog or something.”

“Well when you put it that way,” I roll my eyes. “We can’t afford a dog.”

“Yea well, maybe a gold fish,” He shrugs. 

“Who needs a goldfish when you have an Asher,” I ask, wrapping my fingers in a loose curl and pull at it.

“Did you even kiss the guy?” He scoffs. He gets up and brushes himself off.

“That’s private,” I slap him a little.

“You never kissed him,” Asher shook his head, “You’re still hung up on a guy that you didn’t even-“

“I did kiss him!” I say quickly, my face heating, “Once. And it’s none of your business.”

“Once?” He raises a brow. “When?”

“Right before he left. He just kissed me, left me standing there like an idiot and disappeared,” I say it too fast, I barely understand it myself.

“Huh,” Asher peers at me for half a second, nods, then starts to walk back towards the house. I watch him a leave. He’s a good brother. Even if he’s a little strange.