Chapter 46~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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Eventually everyone left. It was only me and Solstice sitting, still silent.

“I just got him back.” Solstice said, her voice was hoarse from not using it. “I had finally found him. I got him back… And he’s gone again. It’s like he’s trying to avoid me.”

“I doubt that. He talked about you a couple times. He loved you a lot.” I smile sadly, picking at the few blades of grass around me.

“He talked about you too. Gosh he talked about you.” I look over her with a confused look. “He thought you were an angel or something. It was gross.”

“Really, he talked about me?” My lip twitches upward. “You and Jethen probably talk about each other like that.”

“I dunno. Probably.” She shrugs, “I think me and Jethen as a survival strategy. We watch each other’s backs and protect each other. We just get each other, we make decisions together, nice and simple. That probably makes no sense.”

“Kinda.” I say, talking to Solstice is like talking to a best friend. Which I guess she is because, she’s Livy. But it’s different talking to her, like I’m talking to a different person. I get up, brushing off soil from my palms. “We should probably go.”

“Are you going to be ok?” Solstice asks, looking at me with such worry.

“Yup, he’ll get better soon.” I say, trying to give myself some confidence. I walk back to the medical building. As I walk back I see someone go into the Koda’s room. I run the rest of the way, who is this person. I burst into the room. The man turns to me.

“Hello, I was looking for you.” There’s nothing special about him, soldiers uniform, kind eyes. Who is he?

“Oh, ok.” I bite my lip, “Who are you?”

“That doesn’t matter.” I frown at this, “I’m just carrying a message. You’re wanted on the front. We need you.”

“Um, no thank you.” I try a smile but I know it’s not even close to convincing. My heart pounds and my fear builds in my throat. “I have to take care of Koda and stuff…”

“We took care of that. He has a nurse assigned to him. You’re truck leaves in twenty minutes.” The man’s voice was different than his eyes. His eyes showed sympathy, his voice had no emotion.

“I- I-” I have no words. I’m going to war. And I can’t stay here with Koda. My lip trembles slightly. I strengthen myself slightly, “Ok. Let me get my things.”

Solstice grabs my shoulder, squeezing it slightly.

“I’ll be back.”








Chapter 45~ As the Sun Peeks Through the Trees~

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“So what happened with you and Jethen?” I ask quietly. Remi bites her lower lip. I’m just trying to get my mind off Koda. And the war. And all the stuff.

“Nothing. It wasn’t anything in the first place. I mean-” She thought about her words. “I mean, I really liked him. But he’s occupied. Which I get, Solstice is like a goddess. She’s insanely pretty and like a super amazing fighter… Also, she has this awesome personality so you know. I’m no competition with that.”

“Aww, it’s ok.” I wrap my arm around her shoulder. “You’ll find someone amazing. Trust me.”

“So, what exactly is wrong with Koda?” She asked. In about half a second I feel like crying.

“I dunno.” I mumble. “Something happened in the battlefield and it seriously messed with his brain. It’s almost like his brain is stuck on one memory or something.”

“And we can’t help him?” She says.

“The nurse says there’s a slight chance his brain will get off the loop but it’s small and- and.” My bottom lip starts to tremble so I clamp my teeth down on it to make it stop. I make my voice stronger. “It’ll all work out… I think.”

At that very moment Jethen came in Solstice woke up and Koda said something. It wasn’t the fact that Koda said anything, he did that all the time. It was what he said. His words were strange. But totally relevant to what was going on. The sentence he had mumbled was: Don’t worry Flower, I won’t rip your petals. I swallowed hard.

“Koda?” I said, half of me hoping, the other half trying to kill the hope.

“Don’t worry Flower.” He said, making eye contact with me. Staring into my eyes. Something he hasn’t done since I found him here. “I’m right here.”

“You sure?” I asked, my voice breathy. “You’ve been gone for a while.”

“Flower…” He whispered. He was off still but maybe not as off. He reached up a hand and touched my hair. It was just a poof of orange, a wild nest. His was touch so soft that I barely felt it. But he gaze I felt. It was intense. Something else.

“Koda,” I said, suddenly wary. “What’s my name?”

“Flower.” He said. I bit my lip.

“No. No, it’s Poppy. Can you call me that?” I asked. But the second the words came out of my mouth. Koda’s mind had moved far away from here. He was back in his own world. I had lost him. I walked out of the room. I kicked myself. I shouldn’t have reprimanded him. I should’ve just went with it. I wanted to scream but I was already getting weird looks from the nurses. I half smiled at them then walked quickly outside. People watched me as I fumed outside so I decided to go somewhere else. I ran into the forest. I found a study tree and I starting punching the trunk. I threw all my anger at it. Screaming at it, telling it that it was unfair and unkind. I yelled until I started crying. I broke down and soon I was sitting in the roots of the tree, begging it for comfort. My knuckles were bloody and my hands hurt like heck. But I welcomed the pain. I deserved it. I hadn’t stopped Koda from going to war and now he was- He was so broken. Remi came up and sat with me. She did’t say anything. She just sat. Solstice came too. And finally Jethen. And we just sat. And the silence was welcomed.


Koda~ Part Three~

Hey guys, story finale! I hoped you enjoyed it, even with all the delays… :\ Anyways, I hope you like it and I made it extra long for y’all. 

I find Jethen that night. Shuffling cards and sorting them in certain groups, besides him and I, no one else is in the room.

“Ok man, what you’re going to do, is cheat.” I keep myself alert, after curfew is not the best time to be out of your room. “It’s pretty simple. You’re going to just give me a discreet sign if the cards are good or bad and then I’ll use it to my advantage. A ton of others guys are going to come line up and play with me so you can look like part of the crowd. Got it?”

“Yeah, sure. One question, why does everyone want to play with you?”

“Because no one ever sees me cheat.” Jethen smirks and fans out the cards with expertise. I nod. “Therefore I’m the reigning champion.”

“I’ll be right back.” He starts to protest but shrugs and lets me go. I jog towards the higher-ranking bunks. There I find children sitting in their bunks, even in the evening, they look stiff and dangerous. Most of them are still up, sharpening weapons, reading books with horrid titles (How to Impale People Correctly, In the Trench, etc.) or brawling with each other. (Practicing complicated maneuvers that I’m not even close to learning.) I know I don’t belong here but I keep walking. There are kids of all ages, all glaring at me as I pass. When I get to the end of the long room, I find Solstice. She’s sharpening a long ugly knife. She glances up and scowls. Her small lips twisted in annoyance, blue eyes flashing.

“Can I help you 202?” That hurts, when she doesn’t use my real name, when she uses a number instead. She blows on the knife and tests it on a wall; a scratch joins the hundreds of others. To her, I’m just another one of those scratches. I don’t matter. She looks so strong, so smart, and so cold. Like a monster. But she’s my sister, she’s not a monster, I know inside her somewhere, she cares what happens to me. She’ll care if I live or die. Then I’m reminded of my mother, how I always thought she’d care. How I was so wrong.

“Just wanted to see how you’re doing.” She sits on a top bunk and I have to look up to her, it feels appropriate.

“Why would you care? Why do I have to tell you?” She continues to slice the knife on the sharpener, over and over again.

“Solstice,” I moan, sadness overwhelming me.

“That’s not my name.” She snaps, pain filling her face. “That’s never going to be my name. My name’s now 203.”

“Do you really want me to call you that?” I shake my head. “I can’t call you that.”

“What. Do. You. Want?” She grits her teeth and slides the knife quicker. Back and forth, back and forth.

“I have something for you.” I hand her the blue pencil. It’s dull now, I used it once. To write her name on the wall, it was washed away the next day. By the unknown cleaning unit that takes care of the place.  I set it on her bed and turn away, I feel like I’m walking away from her. I feel like I’m giving up on her. But maybe that’s what she needs to realize she’s alone, then she’ll realize I’m family. She’ll realize I love her. I walk back to the dining hall where the poker games have already started. Jethen’s already doing well. He gives me an annoyed look and I mouth an apology. For the next couple of hours I send Jethen the signals that he needs. For the next couple hours I feel the pain as if I lost a family member.


If training was hard when I first helped Jethen cheat, it’s gruesome now. And now that I’m up late every night, I can barely stay awake in class. Everything speeds up; we fly through books and most training exercises we spend five minutes on. I know why, they’re preparing for war, for us to go fight. They tell us that it’s an honor, to go out and be killed. That it’s better to die than to be a coward. Most of the others agree, I do not.  I do not agree with their methods,  some things I would die for. Not this.

They will send us off in a week, even if we’re not ready. The ones who are in the lower classes will have more dangerous jobs since we are expendable. It feels weird to not matter to anyone, I don’t matter to this war, to my sister, there’s only one person that cares if I live or die. Jethen. And that’s only because he wouldn’t win as much money without me. He gives me a lot of information about Solstice. She seems to be struggling a little now; she acts like she’s starting to care. At first,I’m happy about this, my sister isn’t a monster. But Jethen explains that she’ll die if she cares. If she goes into battle and starts to care about people, she won’t be able to fend for herself. It troubles me, that you either have to listen to the government or die; there is no other option.

In two days, they start to  send out half of the group. The lower half. Me. They give us three things, a new uniform, a gun, and a canteen. This is all. We load onto pickup trucks, cramming in best we can. I sit with my feet dangling off the end. People say their farewells, not many goodbyes happen. We are trained to be cold and uncaring, the full effect is in play now. I don’t expect anyone to say goodbye but someone does.

“Hey man. I’ll watch her.” Jethen says holding out his hand. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t die, ok?”

“Thanks. Maybe I’ll see you later, maybe not.” I shrug and shake his hand.

“You’re so depressing. You should use me as a role model sometime, it would do you some good.” He smirks that smirks of his. The car starts to move and he waves goodbye.

“Wait!” A voice screams out. I recognize it, Solstice. She sprints after the driving car, we’re going slowly and she catches up quickly. “I’m sorry Koda. I really am, I didn’t realize how much I cared. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.”

“I do, Solstice. I always will.” I feel tears well up in my eyes. Solstice is already sobbing, tears sticking to her long lashes. “You’re family, I’ll always forgive you.”

“I have something for you. Here,” She hands me the pencil, that blue pencil that connects her to home. That connects me to her. “Keep it. And don’t die ok?”

“I won’t. You don’t die either and we’ll figure out how to make it out, promise?” The cars speeds up.

“Yes, I promise,” She screams after the car. The last I see of her is Jethen hugging her as she sobs into his shirt. I grip the pencil so tightly that it starts to snap. Why does war ruin everything? Why can’t we just be a family, why do we have to keep getting ripped apart? I loosen my grip. I need to get out of this alive; I need to get back to her.


I run away. Away from the war, away from the government. The voices of my tutors tell me I’m a coward, how I should die. I run away form the blood and the terror; I’m done with it all. I find a runaway group. A group against the war. I join it and realize that I can be a leader, that I am a leader. They put me in charge at age 14. They all respect me; it’s so different from what I’m used to.


“Koda.” Solstice says my name with such joy that I break into a smile. A big dopey smile. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” This is all I can come up with. I finally get my sister back and the only thing I can say is ‘I missed you.’ I wrap her in a hug, squeezing her tight. It’s been five years since I’ve seen her. Five years since I was able to see her blue eyes. She steps back, eyes shining and lips smiling.

“You remember Jethen right?” Jethen steps forward, his smirk ever present. He looks older, so does Solstice. But something’s off with her face, I can’t place it.

“Yes. How could I forget?” I shake Jethen’s hand and hug him too. Solstice, Jethen and I start to walk away when I jerk awake.

It was all a dream, Solstice is still gone and I’m still alone. The war is still going on. But I’m on the right side now; I’m fighting for freedom, for justice. I’m fighting for something I wouldn’t mind dying for.

Koda~ Part 2

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My parents are rich, so rich that my father lives in another house where he takes care of business. Most children are taken when they are babies; we are being taken late only because my father supplied a tutor. So that we learned war but didn’t have to go to a base.

The three of us step into the plane and find three other children sitting there. But these children already look like soldiers; they are already stiff and uncaring. Solstice takes her seat and she becomes a soldier, becomes stone. I do not; I keep my normal posture. I roll the pencil over and over in my hand. I look at its color, a brilliant light blue. It’s my only connection to my home. I feel a tear drip onto my cheek and wipe it away quickly before anyone can see. Or at least I think no one sees.

“Stop embarrassing me.” Solstice hisses, I nod. I have to be strong, for her. So that she does not look weak.


It is now the third week of training. I am not doing well; my stomach is not upset at the idea of killing anymore. But my grades are slipping; a couple points here and there start to drop off. I start not understanding the strategies, and the weapons they have me using are foreign objects, only lumps of twisted metal that I don’t know how to use. I’m beaten by the better students when I fail and when I do well they leave me alone. Solstice does just fine; she is in the top three in the whole base. Everyone else treats her with respect. I do everything I can for her, looking for ways to make sure she’s taken care of. She doesn’t thank me and I understand. I’m her brother, her brother who’s failing and she doesn’t want to look pathetic. She’s playing the teacher’s game; she’s learning how to survive this slice of hell. You aren’t allowed to be human; you aren’t allowed to care. You have to be distant. I do not how to do this, therefore I’m slipping through the ranks and soon I will only be someone that everyone else spits upon. And this is only the third week.

My 10-year-old sister moves ahead of me. She moves into a higher class than I. At first I panic, how will I make sure she’s ok? How will I watch over her? But then I realize what I can do. During meals is the only time the students are allowed to talk to each other. I find a boy in Solstice’s class and I approach him. He has hair that is yellow like sunshine and blue eyes that look like little droplets of rain. He’s handsome, but he looks cocky and rude.

“Jethen, I’m Koda.” I say, holding out my hand. He doesn’t take it. His posture is sloppy and he looks carefree. I’m not sure how he’s in the higher class; someone like this would likely be in the lowest rank.

“Yes, you’re like the omega. Aren’t you?” He twirls his fork in his hand and then lets it clatter to the table.

“I guess you could say that. You could say that.” I bite my lip and reach into my uniform pocket. I find the dull blue pencil and squeeze it tightly. “You know of my sister right? Solstice? Her number is 203?”

War numbers are given to everyone. You aren’t supposed to use real names but most everyone still does. The numbers keep us organized. The names keep us human.

“Uh yes. She’s pretty, but I’m sure you know that already. Why do you ask?”  He leans back on the table; I wish I could stay as relaxed as him.

“Do you think you could watch for her for me? Could you just tell me if she needs help or anything?” He squints at me. I pray for him to say yes.

“Yes. I could, but only if I’m paid.” I pause, thinking. How could I pay this boy? I have nothing to give. Nothing to offer.

“I could give you some of my food?” This is the only thing I can think of.

“Pssh. No, food’s overrated. You can help me with my gambling. I play card games, mostly poker. And while I’m extremely good at it. I could use some insurance. The insurance being you.” He smirks. I nod.

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it.”

“Ok. Meet me tonight, after curfew. This table, I’ll show you how it’s done.” Then he cocks his head, “Why are you doing this for her? All she ever does for you is talk trash about you.”

“Because she’s family. I can’t abandoned her, even if she doesn’t love me.” Then Jethen gets up and walks away, he looks slightly angry and I can’t imagine why.

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Koda~ Part one

Hey guys, so I said I would make it up to you and I will, by giving you Koda’s back story, I’ve already written it all out and will post it every couple days for a while, hope you enjoy it!

I play with my 10-year-old sister. I feel too old for this, too old for drawing pictures on the floor but I’m bored of learning war strategies. My tutor has spent hours upon hours on teaching me them. Showing me how to murder multiple enemies at a time, the best way to use men against a larger enemy. I hate it. The idea of killing someone makes my stomach churn as if a war is going on in there. My sister is better at her lessons; she always distributes her men in the best way while my main goal is keeping them safe. I never kill many people in the training games the tutor has made me play.

A loud knock disrupts my thoughts. It’s not the knock of one of my mother’s friends; it’s the knock of an army man. You can tell by the way he quickly raps on the grand oak doors. You can tell by the way it echoes around the house in an eerie way.  I get up and beckon for my sister to follow. I realize I still have a pencil clutched in my palm. I keep it there, for whatever reason.

My sister has long dark hair and cold blue eyes; her name is Solstice. I have big dark eyes and brown hair. While my sister looks intelligent, I look kind. I look weak. We trot down the large stairs and walk to the door. My mother stands there, talking to the man that knocked on the door. She wears an elaborate gown, a light shade of pink. Her long hair hangs elegantly down her back. She turns and sees Solstice and I standing there, then shows us with pride to the man.

“This is my son, Koda and my daughter, Solstice.” She gives us both a look and I hold out my hand to shake the man’s hands, his brawny hands that feel like leather. He resembles a tree with his broad shoulders and dark skin. Solstice curtsies with exceptional grace.

“I am here to take your children to training base.” His voice is deep and his words are practiced. Like he’s done this a million times before. I freeze, my joints turning to ice and my heart filling with cold water. He’s here to take us away, to take us to a camp where we learn to kill. All children are taken at certain ages, whatever the government deems proper. When we are taken then we are expected to become soldiers. I once learned of the Second World War with my tutor; he showed me Germany’s army. While Germany didn’t win, they were the smartest, or so my tutor believes. There have been two other world wars since then and we are in the middle of the fifth. I feel like we are Germany and we are training to fight America. But Germany will win this time. Of course there aren’t really countries anymore, just one big one. We are in the middle of a civil war.

“Oh yes. Just let me get someone to pack their-“ My mother is cut off by the man.

“No need. We will provide everything they’ll need.” His stone face betrays nothing but indifference. I tremble as my mother pushes me forward. I grip the pencil so tight that my knuckles grow white. My sister steps forward, her bright eyes gleaming. She’s been waiting for this. She’s been dreaming of this day while I’ve been dreading it. I walk out the door, one step at a time. Counting each time my feet hit the paved groud. I feel tears welling up in my eyes but blink them away; I cannot look weak. I cannot show fear; I have to be strong. I continue to count. My mother waves at us as we go. My lip trembles, she is not sad, she does not care. I always thought maybe once I was taken, then she would care. That would be the only time she would care. But she doesn’t, she doesn’t even shed a tear. It’s understandable; all mothers try not to get attached to their children. They do not get attached because they know it’ll make it harder to say goodbye. But it still feels like I’ve been stabbed in the heart.

The man walks us to a small plane parked outside our large house. 50 steps since I was at the door. 50 steps since I’ve been stolen.

Remi~ Character

So you guys have met Remi and will be getting to know her a little bit, I’ve decided to do a thing on her, hope you like it!

M:  Hi Remi, right?

R: Yup, look I have time but not a lot. I mean, I can’t waste all my time on little wanna be writers who ask too many questions. I’m a very busy woman.

M: Ouch, I’ll make it fast.

R: Good.

M: OOOkay, what’s your job at the fox base.

R: I’m a guard, I watch the door.

M: OH! *Mocks surprise* Really? So when you mean your busy, you really meant that your job is just sitting on your butt all day?

R: I’m leaving. *Starts to get up*

M: Sorry, that was out of hand. Just a few questions please?

R: Fine. But drop the attitude.

M: Um sure, do you have a family?

R: Yes. Two sisters who probably became army doctors because of how nice they were. And a brother, who was my twin.

M: So they weren’t like you?

R: Nope, they weren’t. But my brother was.

M: Can you tell me about them?

R: Um, there was my older sister whose name was Lily. She was super bossy and really her only purpose was to please other people. Then there was my younger sister, Misty, she was strange, pretty much a doormat, worse than Lily. And my brother, we were super close, once I cut my hair, no one could tell us apart, I loved him, my sisters not so much. *shrugs*

M: Wow, you hold them very high in your mind.

R: Can I ask you a question?

M: Um. Yes.

R: Have you ever been in love with someone who is falling for someone else?

M: *blinks in surprise* Um, well, in a sense yes. Why?

R: Should I tell the person how I feel? Or wait? Or just get over it?

M: You should tell him! *Starts to fangirl a tiny tiny bit*

R: Sorry, weird question. Any more questions? *shifts in seat*

M: Um, yes, what’s your favorite food and color?

R: Food, chocolate, I love chocolate. And color? Probably purple or something.

M: Ok have a nice day! And MAKE SURE YOU TELL HIM!