The Outsiders~ Book Review

Ok guys, from the post title, you will be able to deduct that I’m doing a book review!



Yay! I really only be doing this on a book that really interests me or that I really loved. Today, I’m doing a book called The Outsiders. I really liked this book (I might have stayed up way too late reading it ;)) Anyway, I really liked this book because it was real, it was believable. It didn’t nessiscarily have this amazing happy ending with rainbows and whatnot but it left me with a lesson. I learned something from it, lots of things actually. And I also loved the style of the writing, it was casual and I pretty much melted to the character by the first sentence. The was S. E. Hinton wrote this book is really great, I felt like I was there which doesn’t always happen in books. Anyway, I don’t want to give any spoilers by telling you the plot but you guys should read it and comment below on what you think of it. Or if you’ve already read it, then you can comment there also. 🙂

See ya later~ Winter Woods~