*Part 11* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

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I sat against the door for a while. My arms around my head. Angry tears leaking onto my jeans, creating little lakes in the denim. My shoulders shaking. I wasn’t crying for him, I told myself. I was crying because I knew I was an idiot for falling for him. When all I knew was his name. I fell for a stranger. And I was pissed.

I cried for a while. Hot angry tears that kept coming from who knows where. After a while though, whatever hidden reservoir they came from emptied and I got up from my spot. My back ached and my nose was running. I blew my nose on a paper towel and went into the bathroom to look at myself.

My eyes were red and puffy, my cheeks wet, my hair plastered to my face. I washed my face and dried myself. I sat on the bathroom counter for a moment, I needed something to do. Something to think about. Besides him. If I thought about him, I would break again. I hear my mother come in. She calls out a greeting but I don’t answer. I just wiped my nose and rinsed off my face.

“Honey!” My mom yelled, her gentle voice a song. “Are you home?”

I didn’t answer. I just opened the door slightly and walked out to the hall. I stepped lightly on my toes and started to walk out the front day.

“Persephone!” My mother called out. She sounded excited about something.

“Mom, I have to go!” I started to leave again, but she stopped me.

“I’m making your favorite for dinner, be back in time?” Her eyes were wide and open. And so, so excited. I nodded slowly.

“Yea, yea I’ll be here, what time?” I smiled, plastering it on painfully. There was a gaping hole in my chest and I was covering it up with a band-aid.

“Around seven, it’s going to take a while to make,” Her smile was so big and genuine, I tried to match and nod.

“I’ll be there, for sure,” I grabbed my sweater and slipped out the door, leaving her there smiling. I went into the woods. I knew exactly where I wanted to go.  But I didn’t know how to get there.

I entered the thick of the forest. Something was different about it, something was off. And not off in the way it used to be, off in a different way. I pauses and stares for a few minutes. Oh… oh. It was like a regular forest. It’s pretty but not too pretty. The sun shined through the trees but not to the point where it’s painful to look at. It’s dulled. Drastically. I kept walking, hoping that the place I was going to hasn’t disappeared.

After an eternity, I found it. I found the gaping hole. The hole that led to Erlik, that had to lead to him. Because if it didn’t, I didn’t know where else to find him. It was funny. I came out here to stop thinking about him but… I was now here to find him. To talk to him.

I felt the pull almost immediately. The steady hum of promise causing me to creep towards the edge. I curled my hands into fist, my nails pressing into my palms. I had to jump.

If I jump I could find him.

If I jump I could say sorry.

I could be with him.

I took a huge breath. And I stepped off the edge, letting myself succumb to the darkness.

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*Part Nine* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

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I tried to follow him. That day when he disappeared. But I wasn’t fast enough. I wasn’t able to find him. He seemed so scared when he left, his face had gone completely white. And it wasn’t just because of how pale he was. It was because he was scared. I had been scared too, but I’m not sure why.

We had been sitting in the roots of that tree for so long and he had left right when I had asked the question. The question that was eating me alive. Where are you from? What did they do to you there? Why are you so scared? Should I be scared of you?

I had almost reached for his hand. I had almost laced our fingers together as he wove his through the grass. But I didn’t and now I’m regretting it. Maybe if I had just held him there for a little longer, he would’ve stayed. Maybe he would’ve answered my questions. I should’ve just held his callused and scarred hands. If I had held him there, he would’ve stayed.

But I didn’t and now he’s gone. He’s probably going to be gone for a while. Like last time. No use looking for him. I start walking home, the clouds roll with thunder, reflecting my mood. I bite my lip and try to calm my heart. It’s beating wildly, still recovering from when I saw Erlik last. Every time I saw him, it took a while for my heart to recover.

By the time I got home, it was almost dark. My mother greeted me with a tight hug. I didn’t hug her back, I don’t understand why she holds me so tight. I haven’t been gone long.

“Peresphone,” She murmured hugging me tighter, “Where have you been?”

“Just around mama,” I sighed, she was still hugging. Her arms wrapped around me like serpents and her breath in my ear, “Don’t worry, I haven’t been getting into trouble.”

“I’ve heard rumors about a boy, is this true?” She pulled out of the hug and held me at arm’s length, her green eyes holding mine.

“I’m sure there’s a boy somewhere in this town mama, there’s probably a lot more than one,” I shrugged, her fingers clenched around my shoulders. She wanted straight answers, no jokes.

“But is there one you’ve been spending time with?” She asked, a golden eye brow arched. The fine hairs match her waist length locks.

“Yea,” I said very plainly. I knew what’s coming next, might as well get it over with.

“You know I don’t want you making stupid mistakes?” Her voice is soft and rhythmic. I wished so much that I was seven again and she was whispering lullabies that made no sense in my ear. Not telling me how to live.

“Yes mama,” I nodded, just to play along. I knew the next line.

“And you know boys are usually stupid mistakes?”


“Okay, I want you to be careful. No stupid mistakes.” She said, her voice firm and solid.

“No stupid mistakes.” I said, turning to go to my room.

“So no boy.” She added, “Please, don’t talk to the boy.”

“No.” I said. My voice came out harsh, “I will still talk to him. But I won’t make any stupid mistakes.”

“Persehpone…” Her voice is warning me.

“It’ll be fine mama. I don’t think he’s coming back anyway.” And I truly didn’t. I thought he was gone. I thought I had pushed it too far with asking him about his past, that I had driven him away.

*Part Eight* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

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“So,” She asked, running a finger through her hair, it caught on a tangle. She teared  through it, making me wince. Doesn’t that hurt?

“So what?” I repeated, watching her hair closely. Gosh, it was gorgeous. Varying hues and lengths and millions of petals in it. Small braids were nestled in the long locks, gentle waves consistent until the very end, where it was straight. It caught the sunlight so perfectly that I almost didn’t mind sitting in the forest.

She had asked to come here instead the coffee shop, said she had gotten bored of people watching. I had agreed, but it had been reluctant. I hated beginning so close to the opening. It was an ugly reminder. An ugly reminder of what I hadn’t quite escaped. Wet I never would escape.

“So, you never told me where you’re from,” She shrugged, she tore through another knot and I winced again.

“Why would today be any different?” I asked, studying the sky. There were large clouds in the sky, framing small pieces of blue that looked like sapphire jewels. The clouds were dark and brooding, looming over us with a promise. A promise that made the hair on my arms stand on end.

“Cause we’re not in the coffee shop,” she teared more aggressively through her hair as she talked. “And I don’t know… You know me now. Like really well. And I want to know you. So I think it’s only fair.”

“I can’t tell you,” I mumbled, my fingers buried themselves in the long grass. The blades tickled my knuckles. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

“Can’t or won’t Erlik?” She leaned against the tree, her small frame pushed in-between the roots. I watched her for a few seconds longer than I should’ve. She was a goddess. It was that simple. I could stare at her profile for hours. The reason I didn’t let her see my notes was because half of them were sketches or sentences about her. Well, one of the reasons. About her lips and how they had teeth imprints on them because she bit them when she was feeling the least bit confused or nervous. About the freckles on her upper arm. About the veins on her hands. About every detail I could capture. I wrote them because I knew. I knew that I would have to go back soon and I wouldn’t have her at all. Just her memory.

“Aren’t they the same thing?” I asked. She shook her head.

“No, they’re-“

A single howl cut her off. A bone chilling howl that made my hands reach up for my ears. I took a deep breath and got up.

“I have to go.” I said suddenly. She looked at me with a scowl.

“Just cause we’re talking about something you don’t like-“ A second howl cut her off. I shuddered. Didn’t she hear them?

“I really have to go,” I mumbled. I walked away faster, my collar up around my ears, hand in pockets. I start running, I had to get away from her before-

The third howl rang throughout the trees. I looked behind me and my breath left me when I realized I was hidden from view. The pull at the back of my neck yanks my spine hard. And I know I’m gone again. I know I’m over there.

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*Part Seven* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

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Many days were spent in the coffee shop. People were starting to talk about us, what we did in that corner. I don’t think they ever guessed correctly.  She would point out someone. I would explain them, what they were up to, how it was different from what I knew. Never explaining where I had learned first. Then, we would both take notes. She would show hers to me but mine always stayed on my side of the table, hidden by my arm. She always was annoyed by this, but never said anything.

I slipped many times. Almost giving my secret away. Almost ruining everything. One time she actually caught me, called me out on it. We had been sitting in the same corner table. She had just drawn some absurd sketch of the man sitting at the table next to the door. It had made us both laugh. Then I almost went and ruined it.

“I haven’t heard you laugh in a long… Actually, have you ever laughed?” She asked, sipping on her iced tea.

“In my country, we don’t laugh,” I put on a thick unidentifiable accent, the way I had heard others do it. For some reason, people loved these kinds of jokes.

“Oh my gosh, that was actually funny,” She was giggling and wiping under her eyes with her pinkies. She cried from laughing so hard very easily.

“Look,” I pointed to the man who had just came in. He was tall, dressed in a suit and checking his watch.

“He looks normal to me,” She shrugged, her slender shoulders sprinkled with freckles, like her cheeks.

“That’s your mistake,” I murmured, “You assume to quickly.”

“Whatever, I’m not good at this,” She rolled her eyes, “Tell me what I missed.”

“Everything?” I scoffed, “Um, he’s not a good man.”

“How can you tell that?” She asked, cocking her head. “He’s been in here for a couple of seconds.”

“I just can,” I shrugged. I didn’t tell her that I could just sense it. That I was made to sense it. That I was a deciding factor when it came to the end. I didn’t tell her any of these things because then I would have to explain everything else. And then she wouldn’t talk to me ever again. I would her need her to talk to me if I want her to stay in the end.

“I bet, you’ve been lying to be this whole time,” Her voice was only halfway joking. She was annoyed. I think she was being

“Maybe I have,” I wrote a note on my paper, a name, date and cause. She leans over to look and I hide it with my hand.

“Ugh, you’re insufferable,” She sets her elbows on the table and leans on her hands in an overly dramatic way.

“At least I’m not annoying,” I glanced at her, her profile outlined by the setting sun. Her eyes flicked to the window and frowned.

“I have to go,” She gets up, her chair dragging along the white tiles.

“Look, I’m sorry…” I start, my brain throws cuss words at itself, “I didn’t mean-“

“No it’s fine, it’s whatever. It’s just my mom is gonna kill me if I don’t get home by dark.” She smiled weakly, “Bye Erlik.”

“Bye,” I offered a small smirk in return and watched her leave. Her silhouette contrasting with the golden rays of a star.

*Part Five* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings


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I had just gotten back. I had started thinking about her again. I hadn’t been thinking about her when I was over there. Well, I had, but in a different way. Over there had a way of making everything seem different and darker. Thinking of her in that place would make her seem much different than she was. She wouldn’t like it over there. At least, I don’t think so, no one liked it over there. But that is where I lived.

I had just gotten back when I had heard her scream. I was still partly over there when I had grabbed her sleeve and pulled her from harm. She turned quickly and her brows rose as she recognized me.

“You?” She panted, her breath still returning to her.

“Let’s not go down there alright?” I said, my voice hushed. I looked around the forest, it felt like something was lurking nearby.

“Where have you been?” She asked. I grabbed her sleeve again and started walking away from the gaping hole of the earth. It’s darkness was leaking from itself and spilling into the forest. It’s intoxicating promise was hanging in the air. I wanted to wave it away, to cut through the thickness of its poison. But I knew that wouldn’t help.

“Been looking for me have you?” I murmured, smirking a little.

“No. Maybe. Well. Yea, maybe I have been.” She huffed, her jaw setting.

“Probably shouldn’t be doing that,” I shrugged, still holding her sleeve as we walked through the forest. My chest felt tight as the trees loomed over me.

“Why not?” She yanks her arm away. She looks offended, or maybe, hurt.

“Because it’s not safe to be looking for me,” We were almost to the end of the forest but she stopped. She crossed her arms as she raised her nose defiantly.

“You know what?” Her voice was harsh and my upper lip twitched with annoyance.

“What?” I asked, I had stopped too. The forest was definitely growing smaller, compressing itself upon me.

“I thought you were different,” She sighed.

“I thought you were too,” I retorted, a little too sharply. She just stands there for a second, her brow furrowed.

“I thought you wouldn’t be one of those dark and moody guys. I thought you were…” She grasped for the word and didn’t find it. I answered before she could say anything else.

“And I thought you weren’t the kind’ve girl who would get angry about every little thing. I thought you wouldn’t be a petty little…” I just waved the sentence away as I matched her tone and she bit her lip at my words. “First impressions are never correct.”

“Yea well, yours was amazing, I thought you were perfect.” She didn’t look mad anymore, just disappointed.

“Yours was lovely as well,” I shrugged, “I thought you were the…”

I didn’t say anything else, she was walking closer to me. She didn’t need to hear that sentence finished anyway. I had thought she was the answer to my problem. She edged closer and looked up at me. She was barely half a foot away, closer than needed. I could see every freckle that perched upon her sun kissed cheeks. I could see every flower petal had was lost in her long hair.

“Do you think I could make a second impression?” She said softly, thick brows still twisted with confusion, lips in a similar form.

“Sure,” I answered, taking half a step away from her, it’s too close for comfort. “If I’m allowed to do the same?”

*Part Four* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

Roses and Writings

Hey guys! Part Four is here!! For all of you guys actually waiting for it haha. I hope you enjoy!!


For you new people, read part onetwo and three before reading this.


He hadn’t been at the coffee shop all week. He hadn’t been anywhere all week. It was driving me insane. I had asked everyone I knew and no one seemed to know exactly who I was talking about. I was beginning to think I had made it all up. Maybe it had been a dream. No, no, it couldn’t have been a dream. He was… too real. I couldn’t have dreamed up the little imperfections of his face. I couldn’t dream up the slope of his nose or the dark circles under his eyes. I wasn’t smart enough to dream up something like that.

Gosh, I sounded like romance book.

I didn’t know where else to look for him. My town was small, there was really nowhere to hide.

I decided a walk was in order. To think of somewhere that I hadn’t checked yet. I left my house early in the morning, slipping on sandals and making sure the creaky back door didn’t wake up my mother. Then I ran all the way to the forest, which was across the street. No one else liked the forest, say it’s haunted. They’re right, there’s something about it that’s not right. The lighting was always too bright and the birds always singing too loud. The whole forest always stands still, as if waiting. Waiting for what I’m still not sure.

Despite all this, the forest drew me to it. There’s something about the millions of over saturated flowers that makes me walk in the fields of it’s too soft grass. It’s also completely private, not another soul dared to wander out here. It was my own little world.

My feet crunched on old leaves and small twigs and I pulled my shoes off, one by one. My hair hung down to my waist, gathering heat at the base of my neck. I took a deep breath and let the feeling of the too perfect forest spill onto me. I sat on a log and watched a squirrel run across a meadow, its little legs jumping high to clear the grass.

I sat there for a long while, then stood up quickly. I felt the need to walk again, my bare toes hyper aware of the small stones buried beneath the weeds. My fingers extended to pluck a flower and twirl it. I walked slowly, just wandering.

But I wandered for a long while.

And soon I had no clue where I was. The light seemed to be fading from the trees. The color from the flower in my hands seemed to have the color drained out of it. I frowned, my steps slowing until I was standing still. The grass seemed to have a sudden drop off, I walked over to it. My breath was coming in short bursts. What was I so scared of? Nothing was there, I wasn’t in danger.

The grass ended suddenly, just gone. Down below it, I wasn’t sure, I couldn’t see anything.  It was just black as far as I could tell. I crept a little closer to the edge, my toes curling around the edge. I couldn’t find my breath as I looked down, it was so deep, so endless. It reminded me of Erlik’s eyes. I licked my lips and leane forward just slightly, my hair hanging into the abyss.

I felt something to shift under my bare toes.

Before I realized what’s happening. I felt the soft earth drop from underneath me. I let out the beginning of a scream. It’s cut off by a yanking of my arm and tugging of my sweater.

My breath came back to my lungs as I turned to find what grabbed me. My brows furrowed when I see what it is. Who it is.

“You?” I murmured, he dropped my arm.

“Let’s not go down there alright?” Erlik grabed the corner of my sleeve and lead me further from the edge. I nod, frowning at him. There’s something different about him. His face hallower and his hair dishelved. His shoulders sagged and he looked like he was struggling to hold himself up. I frown. Where has he been?