I want to feel real

But what do you want? I want to feel real Real? Yes. I want to feel like I’m myself. Not a copy of those around me How are you going to do that? Not sure yet? Any ideas? No… but when you figure it out, can you tell me how to do it? You mean…


Please don’t tell me I’m talented. Because I’m not. I’m just sitting here. Typing what I wish I had Who I wish I could be. And I’m not talented. Just still learning to cope with all these raw feelings That won’t mean anything in a few months.  

*Part 13* *When We Met, Hell and Heaven Collided*

  * * * Alright guys, so, I have an announcement. This year I’m doing NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month) and for those of you who know what that entails, you’ll understand how I will actually die and will not have the energy to rise from the dead. So… Not sure how I’ll often I’ll be…

*Part Eight* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

  Hey guys! Sorry, I missed Friday’s post but I was crazy busy school and what not. I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!!  If you haven’t read any of the other parts, please read parts, one, two, three, four, five, six and seven.  Please enjoy and comment below on your thoughts!! * * *  “So,” She asked, running a finger through her hair, it…

*Part Five* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

This is so late I’m so sorry guys. But here it is and please enjoy!!! *** If you’re new, please read parts, One, Two, Three, and Four, Otherwise, this will probably make no sense by itself. Hope you guys like it!!   *** I had just gotten back. I had started thinking about her again….

Rainy Day

Let’s just pack up all these good memories And save them for a rainy day. Let’s keep all these warm feelings, And pull them out once it gets cold.

*Part Four* *Soft Petals and Furious Scribblings*

  Hey guys! Part Four is here!! For all of you guys actually waiting for it haha. I hope you enjoy!! ~~~ For you new people, read part one, two and three before reading this. ~~~ He hadn’t been at the coffee shop all week. He hadn’t been anywhere all week. It was driving me insane. I had asked…

New Favorite

My new favorite thing, is the fact that my phone autocorrects your name to all caps because I’m always excited with I talk about you.

This Heart

My heart is a little tender Becuase it’s been touched too many times My heart is a little stretched Too many feelings at one time My heart is a little broken Just a few cracks going down the middle From when I thought I was losing you But my heart is still here And you…

For Some Reason

For some reason You keep changing For some reason You are not the same person That I first met And For some unfathomable reason I still love you