Liebster Award

Hello dear friends, gather around my fake fire and thank god that I don’t have any more finals and can actually catch up on sleep. (Hopefully you can too) Anyway, I got tagged for a thing and it was pretty great and I feel v v special anndddd I’m doing it. It’s called the liebster award nomination.((My computer kept trying to tell me it was lobster and it was very annoying, in case you were wondering.))

and it’s gonna be so fun so read on my dudes and we’ll ask all the super lit questions that Writeowl wanted to ask me. Here are the rules: 

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you (thank you so much, WriteOwl!)

  2. Answer their eleven questions

  3. Ask eleven questions of your own

  4. Nominate eleven bloggers and let them know they’ve been tagged


Okay, so let’s get on with the questions and we shall see if I can even come up with my own questions. (The odds are stacked pretty high against me)


1. do you enjoy classics or do you think they’re boring and overrated? (I’ll try not to judge you if the latter is the case :P)

I mean… I do enjoy classics but I have to like, be very committed to read them. I usually never make it through a whole classic because my brain is actually a cleverly degassed piece of cauliflower. I have a couple favorites that I sped through and enjoyed but otherwise… I’m kinda lame and only read current books. (You can sue, my lawyer is ready)

2. do you prefer to write/read in first- or third-person?

Okay, funny story actually. I have written pretty much everything ever in first person present tense and it’s be great but all of a sudden my vegetable brain wanted to mix things up and decided to do third person for my current story and… I’m not sure how I feel about it. So for now, I’m gonna say I prefer first but that might all change and we might have to have an existential crisis about it because that’s what I do best.

3. how often do you use personal experiences to make your writing more authentic? do you actively seek out new experiences to heighten your stories?

Well I mean, I just always used #doitforthegram excuse but… I think I’m going to have to just say #doitforthenovel cause it’s ten times better. I don’t like ever write from experience. I just make things up and hopefully that’s what normal people do or feel or say things, right?

4. do you listen to music when you write? if so, is there a specific genre that you prefer?

Heck yea, music is a blessing when it comes to writing. Who doesn’t want to dance while making reader’s suffer with sassy characters? (Yes, it’s hard to dance while typing. Yes, I make it work.) I listen to broadway for the most part because, Dear Evan Hansen is literally my life at the moment. (Also Hamilton, which I just saw two days ago. You should ask me about it, I’ll talk about it v v calmly, I swear.)

5. where is the strangest place that you have ever found inspiration?

Ooh. This is a good question… I don’t even know man. Maybe at school? That’s not a weird place but the people there are super weird sometimes and so that fuels a lot of the banter I write.

6. what are your top three favorite quotes from any book that you have ever read?

“If you never saw the stars, candles would be enough.”
-Maggie Stiefvater

“The water hears and understands. The ice does not forgive.”
― Leigh Bardugo, Six of Crows

“There are moments that you’ll remember for the rest of your life and there are moments that you think you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and it’s not often they turn out to be the same moment.”
― Maggie Stiefvater, The Scorpio Races

7. do you generally like your characters? have you ever written one that you didn’t like?

I think if I met a lot of my characters in real life I’d be very annoyed but like. They’re all so fun to write so I don’t think i’ve ever disliked a character strongly.

8. what is your favorite movie from a story-telling point of view?

Umm… These are my favorite, favorite but story telling wise. I think maybe the Village and then maybe Dunkirk? I really enjoyed the way they were filmed.

9. do you let anyone read your work(s)-in-progress, or do they have to prove themselves worthy before they can get a peek?

I have on friend and I ever write any banter at all, she demands to read it. And I don’t mind sharing snippets because some of the stuff I write I actually like. And then there’s scenes like this,

“Let’s just turn on a movie.”

“Oh! We should watch Harry Potter!” Bryn says, “I like it when Aero narrates.”

“Yer a wizard,” Aero says, tapping her nose, she tries to bite him, “Geez, calm your butt.”

“You’re cute when you’re exasperated,” She says throwing more popcorn at him.

“Mmk, I vote double no on Harry Potter because I’m better than that,” Callum says with a frown.

“No it’s cause he cries when he watches,” Elle says, she eats another gummy bear,

“Oh yea, when Dobby dies right?” Liam asks.

“Okay, that part is really sad.” Callum says defensively.

“Called it,” Elle says.

that make no sense and do nothing to add to the story except make me laugh a little.

10. who is your favorite author that not many people have heard of?

Ummmm Laura Ruby is a blessing to this world cause she wrote Bone Gap which is my all time favorite right now. I haven’t read much of her other stuff but that one was so good and you should read it a million times.

Also, Kendare Blake is a blessing because ahem, have you read Three Dark Crowns? It’s basically the best thing ever, Arsinoe is my role model for life. (Plus, I just got One Dark Throne and I think I’m gonna die, I already love it and I haven’t even opened the book.)

11. on average, how many books do you read in one year?

I try to read like 50? I’m low key failing that right now because I’m in the biggest reading slump of my life but, I’m working on it. Pray for me, life is hard.

So yea, those are my answers and if you give me 48 years or so, I can think of some new ones, give me a second haha. 

  1. Should food be written into stories or is that mean because it makes people hungry? (Yes, this is a very important question.)
  2. When in the middle of writing a novel, do you read other books? Or are you scared you’ll copy whatever you’re reading by accident?
  3. What is your favorite genre to write? Do you stick only to that genre?
  4. Do you believe in the whole ‘write what you know’ idea or do you think author’s should just write whatever they want?
  5. What is your favorite book that turned into a movie that you actually liked?
  6. Should people who don’t like reading be forced to read or should they be forced to read? (A third answer is, forced to read, just by the way.) ((No, this is not cruel, it’s necessary.))
  7. Do you share your ideas of further novels or do you keep it a secret?
  8. What is your favorite writing snack?
  9. When writing, what form do you mainly achieve? (For example, I am actually a puddle with arms while some people are actually dragons.)
  10. What’s your least favorite genre, have you ever written anything in that genre?
  11. What is the aethestic for the writing project you’re working on right now? 

Okay wow, if you’re still here, bless your soul, you will do well in life. Either you have a lot of paitence or a lot of free time. Either way, thanks for reading. Here’s the 11 bloggers I tag. 

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11. And anyone wearing yellow cause that’s my favorite color at the moment.

Have a good week everyone, enjoy break if you’re on it and gets lots of sleep if you can. See you in the next post!


Character Sketches- Emotions-

Character Sketches.png

Hey guys! Look at me, posting and stuff. I’m impressed. (You should be too.) So as you can tell from the picture above is that I’m doing something new because When We Met is slowly coming to an end. So this isn’t a story but it’s a look at some of my characters for my new novel that I’m planning on writing in January/February. I spend a lot (a lot, a lot) of time on character work and I usually don’t plot because characters are enough for me.

Anyway my new book is about (don’t steal my ideas that’s #rude) this group of teenagers that have been forgotten by the world and have no where to go. This government run alb takes them and feeds them lies to build trust between them. The lab then uses the kids as lab rats for their experiments. The kids soon develop certain powers that are based off much of their personality. Each kid can control a certain emotion in other people. But the only downside is that they often apply that power to themselves without realizing. So the story is kinda just about these teenagers figuring out what to do with the powers.

It’s a half baked idea and still in progress but the characters are dialed in and I thought I would share. So let’s get started.



She’s tough. And she knows it. And she’ll make sure you know it. She’s kinda the leader of the six teenagers that the novel focuses on. She is commanding and powerful and completely stubborn. Her emotion is anger and she loves using it, loves watching the chaos that ensues afterward. For her, living is your heart racing and people obeying you. her motives are often questionable but they all trust her. Because she’s had reason to be trusted.
She likes to box or just fight in general. She’s usually always bruised or cut or broken somewhere if not multiple places.
She’s also the get away driver for the group and her road rage is like nothing else. And she tends to see the road signs as helpful suggestions.
She spends a lot of times reading conspiracy theories on the internet and everyone makes fun of her for it but she refuses to not believe them.



Liam’s Thoughts on Her: (Her and Liam have been dating for a while but neither of them ever really acknowledge the fact that they’re dating) ((He’s another teenager in the group of six))

She is made of sunlight that hurts your eyes and wind that blows papers out of your hand. She is made of poisonous berries with bright red juice and thunderstorms that shake the house.

But. She is also made of new beginnings and promises you can keep. She is made of the gentle murmurings of twilight and an owls ominous hoot. She is made of so made things it is impossible to name them all. She is a contridiciton to herself. But a beautiful one. 

A contradiction that painters could spend centuries trying to capture and poets trying to express. But they never would be able to. Because I’ve spent years trying. And I haven’t even come close And I most likely never will. 

So that’s about it. It’s super short and I apologize about that but I hope you enjoyed. I’m going to try and post one of these every Monday if I can. Have a nice night and stay tuned for more characters. Love you guys!

*Part 14* *When We Met*

Roses and Writings

* * * 

Heyyyyyy it’s your girl, back from the dead and avoiding her word count. No but for real, i’m slightly embarrassed about how little of NaNoWriMo I did. BUT I had two weeks of performances and another week where I was out of town with no computer so… I have a good bundle of half baked excuses to feed you. I will do a post on Nano in a bit when I have the time (So probably never, let’s be honest lol.) Anyway, part 14 of this lovely story that I know you all missed terribly. 

* * * 

Since you all probably forgot what happened or just love this story so much you need to read it again, you can find links to the post here

* * * 

“Okay. Okay, okay,” I try to organize my thoughts, but it’s hard when she’s right there. And I thought she was gone forever. Gosh, I can’t focus, “Okay, okay, so, to get you out we’ll have to… No wait, we can’t do that. That got closed off. So then that must mean we have to-“

“Who said anything about me leaving?” She blinks, I look at her. The dog is rubbing up against her. She’s starching their ears and they look so happy. So content. They’ve never looked like that with me. Never so peaceful. I lick my lip and bite the inside of my cheek.

“You don’t want to leave?” I ask, cautious, my hopes soaring, my heart beat slowing.

“I… Don’t think so,” She murmurs, looking around. She looks a lot like the dog… dogs, whatever. Happy. Peaceful. Content. “I mean, what’s not to like?”

“You don’t want to leave…” I let myself smile a little, then make it go away. I can’t smile. Can’t even entertain that idea. It’s not possible. It’ll end badly. “You have to leave.”

“Why?” She scoffs, “There’s nothing for me up there. Bu down here… Here I have you and… and this, whatever this is.” She says gesturing around her. The dark rolling hills of nothingness and the red sky.

“I’m nothing. This is nothing.” I hear my voice crack. With panic. With franticness, “You’re mom, oh gosh, your mom. She’s gonna be so worried… I-“

“Will you just shut up?” She sighs, “It’s no big deal, we just send a message up to her, to let her know I’m alright. Then I can chill out here for a while.”

“You don’t understand. It’s not for just like a month or two,” I run a hand through my hair, tugging at the ends, “It’s forever. Like forever, forever.”

“You make it seem like such a bad thing,” She shrugs, “Let’s go tell my mom.”

“Wait.” I grab her arm as she starts to turn away. “Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.”

“What?” She looks are her arm. My bare hands on her bare shoulder. I stare at it for a second to. I’ve dreamed of this. Of touching her. Just skin to skin. Just to be able to feel her warmth. But there is no warmth. There’s just a lingering heat of life. A dying ember of her entirety.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” I say quickly, removing my hand. Her absence of her jump starting my heart. My mind. “We have to move fast to get this to work.”

“What to work?” She asks, cocking her head at me.

“I remember something about pomegranates,” I say grabbing her hand and pulling her with me as I start to run.

“Slow down!” She groans, “And what about pomegranates?”

“I don’t remember, we have to find out, before it’s too late,” I say, dragging her with me. My heart roaring in my ears because as I grip her hand. I can already feel it getting lighter. I can already feel it disappearing. She wasn’t completely gone yet. There was still a little bit of earth left in her. A little bit of life. And if I just figure out how to keep that inside her. Maybe I can save her.

* * * 

Same Page


We’re not on the same page

Because you’re a thick classic

With gold rimmed pages and

metaphors so beautiful

that it causes weeping.

We’re not on the same page

Because I’m an old battered paper

of no punctuation

and half baked ideas

that make people’s brows furrow

and their eyes squint.

We’re not on the same page.

Because you’re a revolution

And I’m wave a of confusion.