Spider, Thrid Eye- 10.1-2.19


Lol, so I love love love the idea of Inktober. Like its so cool to me. But I really cannot draw to save a life. So I figured I would tailor this a little bit and for my writing self. So every day I’ll write a little poem and post it here. Can’t guarantee they’ll be good but hopefully you’ll like them.  Here’s two for today! I think that’s all I’ll be posting for a little while (And a Trouble’s Out of Town every now and then) And then I’ll probably post my NANOWRIMO prep work during November. We shall see. Stay tuned and enjoy. 


The steam of the shower envelopes you
The creature in the corner finds it rude that you
Never grasped the fact that he’s the true proprietor
of this establishment

The smell of chlorine from your pool infiltrates your lungs
You wipe out the cobwebs from the patio chairs
The creatures grumble as you steal their winnings from the day
You’re probably not even going to enjoy the flies they caught

The fog of the forest shallows you
The creatures in the trees laugh as you make yet
another wrong turn
They try to guide you to the exit
Weaving their homes in front of paths you don’t want to go down
But you seem to ignore,
pushing through their webs and ducking under their silk

Too many legs and too many eyes
to be likable
But they serve their own purpose
In and Of themselves

Third Eye-

I have three eyes.
Two for staring
One for dreaming.

Two for watching you dance,
watching you fly through time and space
One for imagining what it would be like to fly with you

We walk side by side every day but you only have two eyes
So we do not share dreams.
We do dance the waltz together but it’s not the one I wish for
It’s one that I will look back on,
All three eyes dripping with hindsight, with regret

A dangerous dance
One where my bones ache
And your mouth has no words to fill the void of observation

I try to mumble what my eye sees
What future I wish for

You place a finger on my mouth and dip me deeper into cold waters of
Chances not taken

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